Scorpios! Love Them Or Hate Them, Libra Looks For Balance

Libra t shirt vintageSelkie writes on the What’s The Deal With Scorpio Freezing You Out:

“I wasn’t tryin to vilify Scorpios, just balance out what I’d been reading for several months!”

This post was written in 2007 in response the the passionate discussion the original piece provoked. With Saturn in Virgo I felt pressured to make a statement so I did….

On the balance regarding Scorpio, I do favor them probably because by and large they are the only people who can actually stand me.

I am also quick to turn the bastard version inside out and oddly enough about 6 weeks ago (maybe a little more) there was a rash of Scorpio bashing here. It took place on an old blog. Someone left a nasty comment and others followed. I had never really seen that on my blog before and just let it be…

But a week later I wrote some pro-Scorpio blogs. I have Mars in Libra, see? Mercury too, so I can only have things go so far out of whack and I really didn’t want people coming here and thinking this was the SCORPIO HATE blog.

As to the way I tend to write about Scorpio in a positive way in general, this is also a “balance” thing. I read so much slithering stuff about Scorpio it bores me.

Same with Capricorn. I write nice about them too for the same reason. The whole upside of Venus in aspect with Saturn series I did awhile back is an example. Mars in aspect with Saturn and the soldier… same thing.

capricorn vintage cardI sort of have no choice but to try to balance what is already out there however I can see both sides ALWAYS. And to me, mentioning that Scorpio can be deadly in every post would be as silly as mentioning Gemini can be flaky. I try to keep my posts as short as possible and just can’t cover every base like that.

I can however, stand on the 3000 (then, 6000 now) or so blogs that make up this site and the other thousands of pages I wrote on my original blog and at this point this is what I am going to do. Capricorn, see? There is a mountain of work under me at this point and by and large it is pretty good. Even when it’s not good it’s generally entertaining, so what the hell?

I think am sort of like astrology at this point (and this is not directed at you, Selkie, it is just a statement). I think a person ought to do a little research before they dismiss me as bogus because I am pretty sure if they do… well, they will start to study astrology at the very least.

11 thoughts on “Scorpios! Love Them Or Hate Them, Libra Looks For Balance”

  1. At the VERY least! I totally understand what you mean by Scorps being the only ones who understand you. I am Capricorn too. But it seems to me I’m always the one amputating the relationship with Scorpios. I have had 3 serious relationships including one marriage to scorpio and every one of them I severed the ties. But you are right, even with all the villanous traits, I could still relate to them. I must be here to learn about this energy, because I kept jumping into it and then severing myself from them. My Jupiter is in Scorpio in the 8th (elimination) Opposing Saturn. Hmmmm?!? Maybe I should make a career out of getting rid of Scorpios!! Scorpio Assassin for hire!! Just kidding of course. HA HA HA! (PS from one Cap to another, I love your mountain of work!!!)

  2. Understand me? You mean “can stand me”! I don’t know if Scorpio understands me or not but I do think they are entertained beyond belief.
    I am an excellent study and specimen. 😉

  3. Oh, and someone told me reading one of my blogs and complaining was like looking through the a’s and b’s of the dictionary and getting all pissed off because you didn’t find gorgon. I laughed my ass off.

  4. “Understand me? You mean “can stand me”! I don’t know if Scorpio understands me or not but I do think they are entertained beyond belief.
    I am an excellent study and specimen”

    That you are Elsa, that you are. 🙂

  5. Why don’t we have a poll of the interested-in-astrology crowd on whether they’d like Hillary the Scorpio as president?

    I’ve decided .. why not. It’d be interesting if nothing else. And I think anyone would admit .. she radiates more power than others in the running. When I saw recent pictures the word ‘megalomaniac’ came to mind. 🙂

  6. “Someone left a nasty comment and others followed. I had never really seen that on my blog before and just let it be…
    But a week later I wrote some pro-Scorp blogs.”

    How could one comment possibly leave such a mark?
    Afterall, it was just one of many, and there were plenty of opposing viewpoints to balance it. Of all the comments posted, I can’t imagine that this particular one hit the spot so deeply that it is now labeled “nasty” and is still remembered. How could one individual’s experience and opinion be labeled nasty if it is true for them? And apparently for a few others too. Just as the pro-scorp comments ring true for some…the opposite holds true for others! everyone has their own opinion i guess 🙂

  7. …because some people know what buttons will get us all talking, and they should be thanked for that. Then again I’ve never believed that because something feels ‘right’ for someone, it’s right–myself included.

  8. Ana, it’s like the many, many advice posts from about a year and a half ago with women asking how to keep their men away from porn. It brought out the porn-bashing crowd with a few people (like me) trying to argue the other side. (In my case, mostly for the sake of balance. I’ve got three planets in Libra! *lol*)
    Now, whether you think porn is evil, neutral, or good is irrelevent to my point here, which is some posts just bring out certain responses. And in some of those the debates get heated and some rather virulent things are said. Elsa’s definition of nasty and mine are vastly different, but, eh… Like kashmiri points out, it’s all relative anyway.
    And, especially in astrology, I think, one needs to avoid the wholesale “Scorpios are evil and manipulative,” “Capricorn is responsible and wise,” “Geminis are flaky and intelligent” stereotypes that characterize pure Sun-sign descriptions, which is what I think Elsa is trying to combat here.

  9. I left a comment here a couple days ago and I don’t see it….it was about my grandmother…she is a scorpio and how I was intimidated by her most of my young life, but came to appreciate her strenght and fortitude and true tenaciousness. I now have 2 very good Scorpio friends that I depend on to tell me the truth when I can’t see it…I love that about them.

  10. denamaria, I am sorry. It might have been on another blog, or it might have got caught in filter? I am pretty good at fishing them out but it is possible I miss a comment, sometimes there are several hundred to scroll through so I go right by the needle in the haystack, I’m sorry!

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