Are Their Similarities In The Lives Of Astro Twins?

gemini twin dollsA reader asks:

“How similar would I be to another woman born the same year,
date, time, time zone that I was born in? Would we just express our same
blueprints differently based on our families and the different people
we interacted with?”

I have consulted with probably ten of my own astro-twins, over the years. There’s no denying the similarities between us. This is true, despite the differences in the details of our life stories.

Specifically, we seem to see things the same way, have the same sensitivities or peculiarities of some type.

I’ve never met an exact astro-twin, down to the second.  So the other thing I’ve noticed is that the slight differences between the chart really count.

Different aspects to the Moon are going to change the emotional nature. But the house positions of the planets are also very important.  For example, the 7th, 8th and 9th houses are emphasized in my chart.  If my astro twin has these same planets in the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses, clearly our lives will be focused on different things.

As for how a person is brought up, I am sure it matters to some degree. People are influenced all the time. Consider twins who marry.  While they’re underlyingly the same, they’re day to day lives may be very different.

For example, I know of two twins…one had family and was a stay-at-home mom. The other had a big career and no children. So the choices we make come into play as well.

Have you ever met an astro-twin?  Tell us about it.

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20 thoughts on “Are Their Similarities In The Lives Of Astro Twins?”

  1. strangely enough, growing up, at different times in my life, my two best friends were born on my birthday, and the other, a day apart. One of the most significant relationships of my life was with a man whose birthday was within a few days of mine. not quite the same as your post, but the pattern is a strong one in my life.

  2. I’m not sure this corresponds to the question, but…
    Several years ago I’d see a guy in my neighborhood & at the pizza place downstairs. He looked faliliar to me but I couldn’t exctly place him. One day I asked him if by any chance he’d lived in such-and-such city, where I’d spent a part of my teenage years & he had.
    We tried to think of where our paths might’ve crossed or whatever, but no way and he didn’t remember me. As it turns out this guy had the same birthdate/year as me and apparently the same hour 11AM, according to him (but I wasn’t able to verify this).
    He was, like me, working in graphics and had neither married nor had children. The only diff’ was he’d worked in the Far East for some years, while I never worked abroad. I didn’t have the occasion to ask more questions to see other similarites but I still see him from time to time & don’t want to bother him.
    Not sure this is a twin thing, but it’s pretty much of a coincidence.
    What were the chances that a guy from that city would end up living in the next street and be born on the same day?

  3. Oh yes. I have to check people’s IDs at work. I’ve had quite a few clients born the same day I am, and one sharing also the year of birth. I just had to mention this to her. In 20 minutes I noticed we had similar, quite quirky patterns of speech and sense of humour – Mercury was Stationary in Virgo the day we were born, so that probably explains a lot.

    Also, I used to sit across a divider to a girl I instantly liked at work for almost a year. At one point, we started discussing astrology, and she told she believed in it. She gave me her birthday and time, and it turned out she was born the day after my then boyfriend, now Husband. Not only that, her birthtime was about an hour apart, and they were born in the same town! So basicly, since my Husband’s Moon is early in Aries, there was very little difference between the charts. Moon aspects changed, this is important because Husband has a very tight Moon/Jupiter conjunction also relating to Mercury a couple of degrees apart, and she was a Leo rather than Virgo Rising, but some planets were even in the same houses. We haven’t kept in touch, though, she was working through a temp agency and her employment was terminated arruptedly just before we got the notice of the department closing down, and in what’s a typical Aries manner, she just walked out.

  4. Yes, I met an astro twin. She was born 5 minutes before me, same city. I would like to think we aren’t that much alike. She has serious issues that I don’t share with her. But I have to admit I have some of those same tendencies, I just express them differently and react differently to some events.

    Part of our differences are due to having different parents and growing up in different environments, and also, I like to think, having lived different past lives.

  5. A friend and I are born about eight hours apart. Different lives in many ways. When I was working as a therapist I found I would just “know” something without having been told. I learned to trust it and not question where the knowledge had come from. Discovered that my friend found she would actually “hear” some knowledge when she was doing similar work. Neptune/Pluto/Mercury aspects but in different houses of course.

  6. I once met a woman who was born about five hours earlier than me. She was Libra rising, and an interior designer; I am Scorpio rising, and a physician assistant – but we were both named “Janet”!

  7. Avatar
    Phyllis Lamken

    I haven’t met an astro twin, same day and year. But I share a birthday with my second daughter and there are a lot of similarities. Obviously we share a sun in Pisces. We also have a mercury in Pisces. We both have a Venus in Aquarius. Our Mars are in Capricorn in the 6h house. We both have a sixth house Saturn, but mine is in sag, her Mars is Capricorn. Her Scorpio Pluto in in her fourth house where I have Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio. She is a Leo rising and I have a Cancer rising. But with Uranus in Leo in my first house, I have a lot of Leo traits. The big difference is our houses. Other than the 4th and 6th house, we have very different houses. Her 12th house is packed and mine is empty. Her sun is in the 8th house, mine is in the 9th house. A lot of similiarities, but we are two different people with different soul paths.

  8. Synchronicities, just always make me go “huh” I woke up this morning, thinking abt a gal who shared by semi-private hospital room, when our dtrs were born, delivered by the same Dr, they came at almost the same second/s with him standing at the ends of the guernies with attendants helping, so they neither shot across the delivery room. We didn’t meet until we woke up in the same room, finding we’d both named our dtrs the same lst names & then our Dr telling us about the frantic deliveries he’d attended with us. I meant to keep track and didn’t, we moved w/in 10 days and it was hectic, with 2 other kids under six & I forgot to write it all down. I wish I knew how to find her. They’d been stationed at a military base, nearby. My dtr is so different, sometimes I wonder if they got switched! Another odd thing is that my two grandtrs have somehow come up with s/o’s who share b’days with my ex hub..their grandad.

  9. My youngest daughter was friends with someone when they were about 10. They reconnected after some years and had daughters a few months apart. Then they found they were due to have a second baby around the same time.
    The babies, both girls, were born less than half an hour apart, across the corridor in the same hospital with the same doctor. Different rising signs. They are nearly seven now. It will be interesting to see if their life experiences are similar.

  10. Yes, she was a hoot. She married and had kids. I did not. She started out in environmental sciences and when I met her years later she was divorced and thinking about going on stage. I started out on stage and am now in environmental sciences mode. When she came to town, she pissed people off, said f u, and left again. Too funny. I get it.

    1. Feel like I’m spamming with all the comments on this lovely day, but am adding that my astro twin and I went to school together for 12 years (even born at same hospital) but never gravitated toward each other. And there were only 60 some students in my graduating class. Different times of birth. dunno.

  11. I just stopped dating a guy who I met on a dating site. He has a twin and his birthday is a day after mine. My rising is Pisces, his is very early Aries. I think superficially we are different people but I see similarities at the core. I don’t know him that well as we only dated for a couple months and he freaked out , didn’t want a relationship so he can deal with his “demons.” I wish there’ll be a second chance but who knows.

    I’ve met two other astro twins growing up… Don’t know their rising. Both women like me. We were friends but honestly I don’t know them deeply even though I’ve spent a few years in school with them. Maybe we are all lone wolves at heart.

    1. I thought about this and I think yes, ‘core similarities’. Another one of them doggone mysteries. Elsa recently made a comment about the fact that external forces have an effect on us. There are choices that are made that make people same on some stuff but different on other stuff.

  12. My astrolocigal twin was just crowned King of Spain. My astrolocigal twin was just crowned King of Spain. So I don’t think our lifes are similiar except maybe our temperamental outlook of life.

  13. I met my astro twin in eighth grade. We were born about four hours apart, so where she had late Gemini rising my own rising is in early Leo. We were friends throughout high school, but not close friends — mostly we hung out with different groups. She married her high school boyfriend in the mid-80s and had two girls; I have never been married. She went to work immediately after high school, whereas I went on to college. We do have some things in common… at one point we hung out with the same crowd, who were all into picking up different men each weekend, but neither of us actually did that. I would say we’re similar in what we consider moral, but otherwise our lives have been quite different (there is something to be said for family environment in this as well).

  14. I went out on a date with a guy who was born on the same day and year and in the same city as me. I had to go out with him when I found that out. 🙂 I never found out his rising time. We had a lot of similar beliefs, but then some completely opposite traits. I thought he was a bit of a flake. Hopefully he wasn’t my mirror image, but it could be!

  15. The first astrologer I read regularly was Jonathan Cainer and sometimes he nailed it for me and more often it was just blah sun sign stuff. Then I found out we were born on the same day and year. I wrote to him and he answered probably I know somehow what is originally his writing cause he’s got an army of ghost writers for his output. Same chart but he was a double Sag and I’m Libra rising.
    Years later I met a Lady from California via my work and we discovered that we are born on the same day and year. We have a lot in common, relate very easily but she had been travelling the world, never married, never settled down, no kids while I married young, travelled together with hubby and kids and moved several times before settling far from my place of birth.
    She’s a 9th house sun, Aries rising and all the planets that are in my 1st to 5th house are in her 7th to 11th, it makes perfect sense.
    This year I met a man, born on my birthday but a year apart. That’s become a nice relaxed affair with plenty of space for both of us, lots of fun and no big emotions or expectations. We’re no twins but kinda family by nature…

    1. so nice to read ^^ interesting how the lady from calif who has aries rising is so different as she didnt marry and have children, and you have libra rising and travelled with your family. but you both travelled widely.

  16. i knew this girl long ago in one of my first jobs in my early twenties, after i worked waitressing, i worked in the office insurance companies, and this young lady was same birthday as me. She was so quiet and unassuming and seem to be afraid of her own shadow. People looked at her and laughed because of her behaviour hiding and walking against the wall as if someone would be offended by her walking in the hallway. We didnt understand why she acted so scared but i never got the feeling she was afraid of anyone, just was so “inward” and she met a good guy (opposite from me who met bad boys who were toxic) but the good guy was very strange too. He and her would skip merrily to their car, as if they were 10 years old but these two are in their early 20s, so it was hard to digest for many people who openly saw it. we just all thought it was strange behaviour lol So maybe i do some strange behaviour too. xDD but while i was more “attractive” as what others have said and from my own experiences from others and their reaction to me, i kind of dressed more fashionably or tried to, while her attire was strewn together like grandmother’s curtains with old patterns and long dresses that almost reached her ankles. a 20 year old dressed as if she’s 1800s grandmother.

    Well anyway i dont know what happened to that girl, but i remembered from other people’s accounts who lived close to her told me she never moved from her parents and when her parents passed she took over the home. I dont know if she ever got married to that nice guy, but he was i heard very cheap (when i talked to her, because she complained he was cheap but she was also cheap herself lol) so i dont know. xD i’m thinking she has different rising and we were born different countries, and i do like to be alone and hibernate (12th house influence) and my husband says i do have strange behaviour than most people he knows. xD
    although i did marry cheap men in the past who never gave me anything and took my paychecks too. Very abusive. But after saturn return i met only good generous kind men, including my husband and the boyfriend before that.

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