Are Saturn Transits Easier When Your Older?

Hi Elsa,

I’m a Sagittarius sun, Aries rising.  I was a teenager when Saturn was in Sagittarius in Sagittarius was conjunct my Sun and Mercury and it was brutal.  In your opinion, do Saturn transits get easier the second time around?  I’m sorting of dreading Saturn in Sagittarius.

Fiery Dread

Hi, Firey.

Saturn transits are easier the second time around provided you learned something the first time!  If you didn’t learn anything, the transit will probably be worse.

For example, let’s say you’re 25 years old and a doctor tells you to knock off you’re drinking. Maybe you had an accident or got into some other kind of trouble.

If you have an experience like this and fail to learn anything, when they transit comes around again, it’s karma time, no? So perhaps you find out about your liver damage.

It’s that, or you look back and say hey!  Good thing I quit drinking 28 years ago!

Or maybe it’s something in between. I wish I’d have quit drinking when I was young, but I quit ten years ago and if I hadn’t, then this would be worse!

Try to lose the dread, if you can. Saturn does not reward, “dread”. 

Commit to maturing (Saturn transit to Sun) and gaining wisdom (Saturn in Sagittarius w/ Mercury), and you should have few problems!

Good luck!

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23 thoughts on “Are Saturn Transits Easier When Your Older?”

  1. I’m in the Saturn in Scorpio transit and whew, what a crisis. Rocked my life upside down like Dorothy, I’m clearly not in Kansas anymore! I dredged through it managing to not be a stick in the mud. Realized that even through THE most difficult of difficult eras, I had an amazing support team. Someone up there is with out a doubt roping threads of people to my life line. Saturn transit showed me, well jammed down my throat lessons on financial security, trust and relationship importance. I’m headed in a positive direction, with amazing business relationships and I got engaged! It was dreadful, but you have got to dredge through it. Saturn transit when I’m older.. I’ll make it. Cards have been dealt and my chips are all in.

  2. I’m a sag sun / mercury born in 1960. I’m finding myself completing a bunch of neglected things – maybe been in an underworld journey for a couple of years. My saturn transits to sun and mercury and mid heaven – the first time resulted in my landscaping business really taking off and becoming successful . Next yr saturn conjuncts and neptune squares my mercury 7 degrees sag – wtf – not overly optimistic about this one.

  3. I know someone who is about to start her saturn return at the age of 26! Does that still mean she will get the same types of lessons and maturity say a 30 year old would? It’s not common to have a return at 26 is it?

    1. I wonder if you’re mixing up a Saturn Return (starts at age 29/30) to a Saturn conjunct Sun transit (which can happen at any age)?

        1. Thank you! Well her saturn is in Sagittarius… isn’t that starting christmas eve? So… that’s her return isn’t it?

          1. I think it starts at the degree that a person’s Saturn is in. For example if a person’s Saturn is at 18 degrees Sagittarius, the Saturn Return starts at 18 degrees Sagittarius, not 0 degrees. Maybe that’s why twenty six is too early?

  4. About to enter the exact degree of my Saturn Return on Thanksgiving. What I’m about to say is just my experience. When Saturn went retrograde, I felt the outside influences ease up, in an encouraging way. I felt the inner slave driver, though. I have it natally retrograde. Some days, I’m clear on what Saturn is teaching. Others…i am so focused on the torture that I can’t see through shit-covered glasses.

    1. I know all too well the feeling of torture while wearing shit-covered glasses during some retrogrades and a return. I think what we are supposed to do, as hard as it is, is to look deep for the lessons and learn the heck out if them. Supposedly, it means a much brighter future 🙂

  5. It’s been easier for me. For instance, this time when transit Saturn was conjunct my natal Neptune I didn’t even notice it. Nothing happened that as far as I can tell. The first time was a kick in the teeth (which admittedly I needed).

  6. It won’t allow me to respond to your last message for some reason but hers starts at 27 degrees. I thought someone’s return lasts for two years? Does that mean it’ll spill over to the next sign (being capricorn) because it’s kind of on the cusp? Just in case that you know 🙂 I’m just curious is all

    1. Bingo! I think we’ve solved it. Yup, it usually spills into the other Saturn sign, so hers will end at 27 degrees Saturn in Capricorn!

      1. Oh cool 🙂 thanks heaps! This really helps me when interpreting people’s charts and working out saturn returns. Really appreciate it.

        1. Hang on a minute… So then mine was 21 degrees libra, does that mean that mine ends 21 degrees scorpio??? Holy Jesus, I have felt like my saturn return has lasted for the last hundred years then. This can’t be right, can it?

  7. My Saturn is in Sagittarius at 8, so we’ll see. Saturn in Scorpio was harsh, but I think I learned quite a lot. It was in my 2nd, so I went thru a financial tsunami, crisis of self (who am I, who have I been, WHY?) and career strip-down and transformation (I’ve mentioned before our hardworking team was bullied and thrown under the bus to cover up the serious wrong-doings of management, to the point they lied to prevent us from working. Long story, they’re still bullying us, without realizing we have incredibly evidence.)…..FOUR dear friends moved away, our beloved cat died suddenly of a heart condition that never showed up at the vet, my mom and MIL became seriously ill, I was diagnosed with cancer (I am doing so well they are stumped, but I’m not — my family has tough genetics), my marriage felt perplexing and rocky. I felt lonely and like I was talking into the wind. I got very serious and focused, restarted a business when clients called and am dealing with that as a roller coaster. My Virgo stellium got even more serious and worried. I HATE not working hard and being busy, and I felt under-utilized for months. I felt chased, pursued, by illness/surgery, doctors, workplace issues, my family needing more and more and more from me, bills, dodgy clients…needed dental surgery in the middle of a project…working hundreds of hours for duplicitous people who didn’t pay and were rude about it yet begged for more help. Trying to find other work and getting blocked at the 11th hour by the lies of the bad company (which however has propelled a group of us to fight back at last — nice doesn’t work, even ignoring these bullies don’t stop their sort of creep lust to harm people and the organization. We all get a very “dark” vibe from them too).

    But….now it’s like coming out of a fog. (My Neptune is in Scorpio. Hm.) And I realize that all this watching my life bashed about and smashed apart on the rocks might be good. It’s made me realize I may as well be serious about what I really want to do, that people in the profession are encouraging me to do…the illness reminds me “life is short! do it now!” and the bad junk reminds me that even working 80 hours a week is useless if the employers have such a dark vile side — so may as well work at what my heart wants.

    The good: still close to my distant friends, I have the most remarkable wonderful friends you can imagine. They gave me strength through all this. My marriage is sliding back into shape because I found myself and my voice again after dwindling down under the workplace vileness and a touching by a dishonest client. I have my Saturn in Sag, we approach Sat in Sag, and somehow I am not worried. I feel like it will be tough but like Sat in Scorpio was my harsh military training. I feel like maybe now is the time something big happens requiring work and sort of…plunging into the fire.

    1. This feels exactly like me but with different examples of ‘problems’ saturn was transiting my 2nd house too. I definitely have spent quite a lot of time working out a few whys, it sucked at the time but I feel less foggy too and ready to work hard at what I really want to do too.

      Good luck!

  8. I think I might need to convert to relying more on my actual voice, and less on text for my Third House Saturn Transit… Despite my Selective Mutism. Because I need to more, and more drive it home to the reject majority of trolls & cyberbullies online that I am real, and I am as I say.

    My current Saturn Transit has heavily evolved around getting rid of harmful brainwashings from propaganda that tell me to hate myself, and tell others to hate me.
    They hate me no matter what. You can’t hide who, and what you are.
    And, hey, Uranus in Sagittarius, in my Third House Natally, I shock people in this department, and that’s just part of who I am.
    And, I WANT that shock factor!
    I WANT to make this point!

    This is one of my rebellions. Yes.

    1. Oh, and… My Saturn Transits aren’t so bad. Probably because I learn to begin with, always, and I seek to make good decisions always, thus Saturn is not correcting me… It’s freeing me from others chaining me up.

  9. Jupiter’s house is where you are or were generous, Saturn’s house is where you are or were stingy and need to give more to better your Karma there.

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