What Is A Progressed Chart?

zodiac maddoxLife is a story unfolding. The Progressed chart is one way to track your personal story. The idea is that a person develops over time. They “progress”.  I was born a Capricorn rising. I have progressed to a Taurus rising. I like it!

Your chart progresses slowly but when a shifts occur, they’re epic. If you’re satisfied with your progressed chart, you’ll be in no hurry for anything to change. If you’re in a jam, it can be excruciating as you can be “stuck” for many years.

I’m happy with my progressed chart at this time. Chart ruler, Venus is in it’s own sign (Libra). I also have Mars in it’s home sign, Scorpio. I have good taste and and I’m effective. This alone goes a long way!  What’s interesting to note is that I’ve not always been this way. I have developed into this type character over the years. This is my story.

My progressed moon recently left Scorpio for Sagittarius. The change has been profound.  I feel good all time. My progressed moon also left my 6th house for my 7th.  I will see my doctor for a routine check in a few weeks. When I walk in there with zero complaints, he might wonder who the imposter is!  It just goes to show you the power and the punch of these changes.

Your progressed Moon changes signs every 2.5 years. The rest of the planets are much slower to move. The Sun, Mercury and Venus change signs every thirty years. In the case of the slower moving planets, many people don’t see them change signs in their entire lifetime!

It’s helpful to consider your progressed chart and also to realize that the people around you are also changing. So often people want to put it back the way it was, but this is not possible. Keeping an eye on progressed charts reminds us, we’re evolving.

Check out your Progressed Chart.

Do you track your progressed chart? What story is unfolding in your life?

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  1. A progressed aquarius rising feels better and more exciting than my natal rising that’s for sure. I don’t know what to feel about it progressing to pisces in the future. Had years of transit neptune square sun and personal planets.To have the progressed rising going to pisces is just too fishy. But since I can’t skip any steps and go straight to aries…

  2. Dont know much about the progressed chart and how it effects the natal placements or works with current transits but I do keep an eye on my progressed moon from time to time. One thing I guess would have a huge impact would be when the progressed asc/desc switch signs. Have anyone experienced this?

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      Shimmering Light

      Yes, within a few months of my progressed ASC moving from its natal position (Cancer) into Leo I left home for good by moving abroad (I have never returned). My p Sun had moved into freedom-loving Sagittarius 17 months earlier (to join other p planets in Sag) and my p Moon fell into my natal 9th house…I was champing at the bit and the p ASC was the final push.

      1. If I live to 2029 Uranus will progress retro but I think I have been working toward that one my whole life. Replacing reactivity with thoughtful activity. If I live to 2030 my natal mars rx will be back to the degree at my birth. Natal mars sesqui Uranus which I find interesting and telling. If I should live to 2039 the sun will be progressed to sag. Oh boy, pity for any care taker if I should need one. I be on the move. Catch me if you can. ?

  3. I’ve got progressed Venus in Libra (natally in Leo). It started just a few years ago and will be there until the 2040s! Yay! It’s very happy there.

    Progressed Mars (natally in Leo) has been in Virgo for a long time and will be there through the end of the 2040s. Progressed Mercury (natally in Leo) will be in Virgo for about 6 more years.

    Progressed Ascendant in Gemini (natally in Taurus), Progressed Moon in Aries (natally in Pisces, had my progressed Moon return several years ago).

    Progressed Sun in Leo (natally in Cancer) for almost 3 more years. Leo is a great place for it, it’s been there almost my entire life. But I’m still excited about being a progressed Virgo Sun, just to keep the story moving along. My progressed Sun is probably my favorite progressed planet to track. In 2013-14 it was conjunct natal Mars at 21 degrees Leo, I was truly on fire! In 2017-18 it was conjunct natal South Node at 25 degrees Leo and I became more connected to my roots. In 2018-19 it was conjunct natal Venus at 26 degrees Leo and I brought more art, beauty, and romance into my life. Now it is sextile natal Jupiter, which is at 27 degrees Gemini! I am bringing more abundance into my life.

  4. If someone could answer this question for me, I would greatly appreciate it. When calculating one’s progressions do you use the place of birth, or current residence? Thanks in advance.

  5. Progressed Charts are fascinating and incredibly insightful!

    My Progressed MC is changing signs on the exact day of the infamous 2020 T.Saturn-T.Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

    I literally laughed when I saw this … there you have it. I would like to say “I guess no surprises there”, but T.Uranus goes direct a day before so the cliche would be very relevant – expect the unexpected.

  6. I am thoroughly enjoying my progressed moon in Sag after finishing up with Scorpio. Fire signs have all the fun 😉

  7. Do you read a progressed chart as a stand alone or only as it applies to the natal chart, specifically house placement? This question pertains to my progressed new moon coming up in January 2020. As a stand alone chart it falls in the 12th house and the 1st house as applied to my natal chart. Since this is a major aspect, I’m a little confused as to how to interpret it. Thank you for any insights.

    1. Welcome, Amy. I read the progressed chart, independently from the natal. To me, it’s like seeing something (a person) from a different perspective. 🙂

  8. Hello- My progressed asc and progressed MC will change signs to Aries and Cap- on the exact same day in February 2020.
    Has anyone here experienced this? Any insights?

    Thank you in advance.

  9. I’ve just reread my Progressed Chart motivated by a current post from Midara re: Black Lilith; I love how tendrils of a story connect as well as evolve or maybe that’s exactly how evolution happens?
    Whats totally fascinating me is the Spaciousness of my Progressed Chart compared to my tightly held Scorpio-Capricorn Natal Chart. I know the current climate of the 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction — I have lived with that signature all my life(natal stellium in Leo). Without discounting that impact, my Progressed Chart inspires me to understand how I’ve been prepared/preparing for this a long time.
    I’m an Aries Rising now; born with Capricorn Rising Like I said, this shift is an expansive can Go sense I so need!
    The additional twist of True Lilith in my Progressed Chart adds character as she conjoins my Aquarius Sun(prodded Scorpio) in 10th and this Chart rocks?No offense to The Goat!

  10. My progressed venus is sitting at 29° cancer.
    Natal venus 13° gemini.
    Progressed moon right now?
    7° gemini (natal moon 18°cap)
    Any idea what pr. Moon con. Natal venus means?
    Or what pr. Venus in anaretic degree pertains to?

    1. Prog ?Moon focuses your current life’s ‘attention’/energy so when hovering ?Venus it awakens you for all Venusian matters. Check what are the aspects/formations of your Natal ?Venus, it’ll fire them up.

      It may mean a new relationship(s) coming up plus you focusing intensely on beautifying yourself. That’s in the next ~7 months and Prog ?Venus entering royalty claiming ?Leo♌️ for the next 30 years will make you want to be and look nothing short than spectacular, a royal princess with a big mane, one that all necks turn to when passing by or entering a room. Given your Natal ?Venus in ?‍♂️Gemini?‍♀️♊️ the upcoming relationship may be more than one and/or meeting a lot of people or focus on communication like being hired for your sweet voice now becoming more powerful from the ?Leo♌️ ?Fire? or to work on sales or PR. I know people with ?Leo♌️/?Aries? and strong ?‍♂️Gemini?‍♀️♊️ that are people magnets, they know half the world and are greatly esteemed by all. In sum: charisma and becoming the Goddess ?Venus herself. That’ll be interesting!

      Looking at the Natal and Progressed and Transits etc is needed to catch a feel for other stuff so I strongly feel it‘s a really good idea to get a session with Elsa!

  11. I guess this is where understanding the details, colors, characteristics of each degree point becomes important. ?
    This is my second article reading on progressed charts. And my rising Gemini is so curious!

  12. I just ordered the chart and was immediately struck my natal Capricorn and progressed Pisces sun for the last seven years. I wonder if this helps explain the heightened sensitivity I’ve been experiencing during this time and how I switched from being an ‘all about me’ person to a much more ‘service to others’ oriented person? Super aware of my judgment too, not that it goes away totally!???

  13. Pr MC was exactly conjunct my natal Sagittarius Saturn and my Pr ASC was exactly conjunct my natal Pisces Moon when I accepted my first job out of state after college graduation. Realizing a dream and beginning a career.

  14. Very very interesting article!

    1) You stating on your newsletter that pointed to this page that there’s been a surge of interest about Progressions lately had my eyes pop out cos I too have out of the blue turned to check the Progressed chart in detail and I was in awe how correct it was following the events in my life. I’ve always considered Progressions and included them in my analysis alongside transits but, influenced by published sources, I would most the times only consider the ☀️Sun☀️, ?Moon and Ascendant and overlook T-Squares or other aspects. Boy, was I surprised to check it all out against my past, my jaw dropped! And if One wants to check out health issues that’s the place to go!

    2) I was under the impression that the Ascendant progressed at the rate of ~1°/year but you progressed from a ☠️Capricorn AC to ?Taurus?♉️ ACp and, surely, you’re not over 90yo, so, given you’re very exact in what you do, what am I missing? ?

    Keep us posted about your Progressed ?Moon in ?Sagittarius, I’m rather interested in that personally ?

    Bless you for the service you put out to the ?World, thank you! Gratitude!

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