Sisters Of Mercy Redux

Regarding the Sisters Of Mercy post, the person who prompted me to write this (in 2008) is a famous astrologer. He just wrote me one day in a near panic over some shadow stuff. It was about 3 days of emails and then I never heard from him again.

When I sent the last mail, I was pretty sure it would turn out this way. I think exchanges like this take place from time to time. It goes like this:

“Hey, Elsa. I have this baton.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

The thing is handed over and the person goes into the night.

I take the baton on purpose and it is given to me in the same vein.  I like this kind of thing as there is “agreement”. I am so often at odds with so many, I don’t mind meeting my kind, even if it’s in an alley where no one’s the wiser. Reference – “World Of Agreement”

I do think this has to do with Neptune but also my 8th house due the secrecy. Uranus in 7th plays as well in that if you interact with me, I won’t hold you to anything. This is a perfect set up for some.

4 thoughts on “Sisters Of Mercy Redux”

  1. ha, yes. Love the noir photo. Like an assignation at midnight, one trenchcoat and one black dress, and then everyone goes away. My Pluto stuff appreciates the exchange, too, even if it can’t last into daylight.

  2. @tinar….. Looooove the trenchcoat & black dress , quite the vivid imagery! But me thinks we should add special gadetery…. and a black cat! (perferably one like Sabrina has , talks and is a great suith). Add a car (or whatever) like the batmobile and we’re set for action!!

    About the topic of this thread….. I wonder if there’s mischief being played in the spiritual realm? If that doesn’t make sense for some peeps , maybe I’m just being too sensitive to things which are unseen. Nothing gets my dander up like something phyical I can’t pin it on.

  3. thank you Glenn for your post…I have been sensing a lot of stuff over the past several days…can’t put my finger on it either…thought I was going crazy…but I am not sensing mischief…I am sensing battle going on and the wires in my brain are overloaded…reassuring to know I am not the only one feeling this…gets pretty lonely out there when you start sensing things that you can’t explain to anyone…

  4. I’m used to this kind of exchange, though it’s taken me a lifetime to accept the leaving and letting go part. It’s a privilege and a sorrow.

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