Voice Of Venus In Leo: “Oh Lord, It’s Hard To Be Humble!”

“Boy you two are good looking,” I said to Vidroid and the soldier sitting on the couch like the two Tauri they are.  “How did I get two men who look so good?” I asked.

They both stared at me as did the dog.

“Oh yeah, I know. I got good looking men because I’m so good looking myself.”

They both stared.

“Yeah, I look great so of you two look great.

They both stared so I started singing Mac Davis, “Hard To Be Humble”.

3 thoughts on “Voice Of Venus In Leo: “Oh Lord, It’s Hard To Be Humble!””

  1. Is the dog a Taurus true? I found this hilarious little pamplet on dog astrology in one of the boxes my ex sent down from Virginia but what was funny is that is was so right on…the only dog which emphasized too much snacking and getting fat was Cancer, which is what my lab is and does. And fickleness loving affectionate devotion….to whoever he’s with….hich is just like my little Pisces SPCA spotted hound.

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