100 Posts On Aries vs Libra

Saturn is in Libra opposing the stellium in Aries and another astrologer wrote on this topic (Aries vs Libra) yesterday. It reminded me of the posts I used to write of the conversations between my husband and I that are tagged aries vs libra. They are definitely topical at this point.

I scrolled through ten pages of them so there are at least 100 posts. Some of them are serious but most of them are funny and some are hysterical.

Don’t click if you don’t like swearing because this is Mars-y stuff but otherwise, click and enjoy.

For newbies, my husband – the mouth, has Mercury in Aries and I have Mercury (conjunct Mars) in Libra and we just duel with our minds all the time.

2 thoughts on “100 Posts On Aries vs Libra”

  1. Elsa, the insights I’ve gained through those posts are among the many things I’ve come to understand on a more immediate, personal level. Thank you for the work you’re doing to make this happen.

    Besides that, I enjoy how you express yourself – extremely so. Thank you, again, Elsa. 🙂

    PS for astrological input : My natal Mercury is in Aries, in my 7th house. My 9th house (learning, and growing one’s understanding of what matters to one) holds my natal Venus (enjoyment – real enjoyment, because natal Saturn aspect). And, Venus is my chart ruler. That Venus is in Cancer, so the input of (and about) extended family impresses (Saturn) me, very much. Venus aspecting Saturn also means, when someone is working to make happen what I can see (Sun in Taurus, the other Venus-ruled sign) has value (and, my natal chart features Neptune in 1st house, closely aspecting that Venus… so, I’ve learned, throughout my life, often, many others also care about the same things that I do) I hold great esteem for what they’re doing.

    The references to extreme/large infer Jupiter – 9th house – and, mine is in Scorpio/2nd house. So, I think, swearing is sometimes appropriate. (Mercury and Jupiter are quincunx in my chart… and I understand that aspect better because I had the great good fortune to love a man who kissed me for the first time – he had a visceral understanding of astrological moments – when the Sun made that quincunx into a yod. Jupiter is also, subtle expressions of humour). Finally, recognizing bounty, recognizing what we appreciate : Jupiter again.

    one solitary snowflake (each of us unique 😉 ) in a big, huge snowstorm,
    thank you Elsa,

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