Stabbed In Back? No Problem! An Addendum

pisces plateCatch up here – In The Opinion Of My 8th House… Stabbed In Back? No Problem!

About this stabbing…and keeping the knife, my friend satori thought I should clarify so I am going to. She’s a Pisces, see. And I hate to ignore Pisces because I think they know something I don’t.

I am referring to a comment someone made, about holding on to the knife, as if were some kind of trophy. I can’t find that comment now but in whatever case, I don’t think you should keep the knife. As a matter of fact, I specifically said opposite that. I don’t believe in hoarding energy in general. Like money!

I don’t understand people who hoard their money. People who have more than they could spend in many lifetimes and they still gather more. Why?

Henry wrote this:

Letter to Fichy May 7 1959

“… My brother is a Presbyterian minister and I went to his services while at his home but the material splendor always seemed to crowd out a real spiritual atmosphere. And as I grow older, my conscience bothers me every time I buy something like a typewriter or a radio. It seems that it might be better to do without these things and give the money to those who need it for the necessities of life. Have you ever felt this way? Actually I think we should acquire only those things that aid us in serving our fellowmen better…”

Now growing up exposed to this kind of belief system…well needless to say, I absorbed this. I’m not Henry. Obviously have an edge. I sort of live where Henry would fear to tread. So all this violence is part of my life. “Stabbing” is part of my life. But in no way would I keep the knife. Does Hank Williams keep the knife? Of course not. He transforms it into a song!

Now personally I believe in traveling as light as possible. So do I want to drag a sack of knives around? To the grocery store? Into bed with my lover? Of course not. I like magic. I like making something sweet of something sour. I like being tricky, as opposed to having notches on my bedpost, so I just wanted to make this clear, okay?

::trots off::

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  1. Is what you’re suggesting keeping the energy and discarding the form? e.g. Someone has a Venus-Pluto opposition and spends their whole life rejecting the Pluto end. Then some manipulative jerk comes around and “stabs” them in the back. Well that person can keep the Pluto and choose not to stab anyone else b/c they’ve been given the opportunity to integrate the Pluto energy in a better way.

    p.s. I’m going to be overly simplistic here but the way I see it, the real point in having obscene gobs of money (not that I have obscene gobs) has absolutely nothing to do with buying things. The power of certain levels of wealth is in having social status, social priviledge, and MOBILITY, something that many citizens of developed nations – who can cross most international borders w/a mere passport – can take for granted. Having gobs of money is also a MAJOR buffer against all kinds of discrimination e.g. homophobia. So in this sense, hoarding money is hoarding energy yes, but accumulating it to a certain levels creates energy flow. Really, the ability to purchase material goods is money’s lowest, basest and least powerful function.

  2. isthmus – you write an intruiging post. Excuse my very simplistic understanding of astrology here.

    What exactly do you mean by “rejecting the Pluto” ? Versus “integrate the Pluto” ??? Do you mean someone who ignores sex? Or death? Or?


  3. *lol*
    The mental images I got while reading this were… amusing, to say the least.

    I think this is one of those things you either incorporate while young, or it remains a mystery – something you *understand,* but can’t *feel*. Lord knows I’ve tried to explain similar things, and it just doesn’t translate well.

  4. C, as I understand it, Pluto’s energies can be very challenging. It’s beyond sex and death and into passion and the primeval darkness in the self and destruction and rebirth and transformation. With Pluto nothing is light because when you’re dealing with such major forces (and collective planets) you’re dealing with things that are easily overwhelming and that are much greater, much more powerful, than any individual human being.

    Now Venus is a personal planet. Venus likes to feel good. Venus likes to have fun. Venus want to go out on a date and encounter pleasantries and take things lightly.

    And with aspects like oppositions when the planetary energies are difficult to combine we often end up identifying with one end and projecting the other.

    Say I have a Venus in the first house opposed to Pluto in the 7th. I am charming and pleasant and pretty and light. I enjoy being a social little butterfly but I’m not conscious of the fact that there is a part of me that is very deep and very powerful and very dark. A part of me that can be very destructive of self and others, that can manipulate me, that can suck me down and down and draw me into all kinds of murk and uncertainty. I want to remain on top of this ocean, having a nice cruise and drinking daiquiris but there is a part of me that want to grab hold of me and drag me down to the deepest, coldest part of the sea where all the sharks and uncertainties are and where I may not know how to get back to where the shiny shimmery surface is.

    So I spend as much time as possible avoiding those frightening depths and darks until through my seventh house, say the relationship I am in, Pluto comes to get me in the guise of other people. A lover who betrays me, who stabs me in the back, who drags me down into destruction and rebirth and suffering. Who is in fact someone else carrying my Pluto for me and doing Pluto to me.

    should I recognise this, should I see the Pluto in myself, should I work on ways of making it a part of my Venus and having my Venus leaving the cruise to do a bit of diving… well the chances are I probably won’t need external people to mirror my own secret inner nature to me anymore. Pluto will be an element of my relationships because I have a Venus-Pluto, but Pluto will no longer be the face of the person who comes to hound me and ‘get me’.

    Does that make sense?

  5. Nia,

    That was an excellent explanation. The metaphor helps. Now I just have to apply to the house meaning (I think!)


    — running off to find an astrology book about the houses–

  6. walking on the abyss of hell and traveling light and magic at the same time is quite a balancing act. at times this blog is a good mirror – a good partner.
    sounding good Elsa!

  7. I suppose pluto energy is part of comforting suffering, secrets, dark self…and transform it into something better, good…whatever.

    @Nia, great post!

  8. “Trots off”… haha, cute!
    Thank you for all these posts on stabbing and knives. I sure can use this advice on how to transform that energy. I definitely have been carrying a knife or two around with me for the past few years or so. I’d love to get rid of them.

  9. I just loved this series.I just wish I was able to do like you. Transform …insted of it becoming a grudge ect.

  10. Elsa, good for you for using Satori’s perspective. Seems to me, borrowing perspectives from those we trust is another way to use 8th house energy.

    But, my first reason for replying was to say thanks. The Thursday that Henry wrote that letter to Fichy, I was a few days from being born… thank you for a snapshot from one moment in that week.


    PS Thanks for the knife metaphor, too. Very useful to me, since the first time I read it – very much. You gave me words for what I had been doing by reflex, and, take it from someone who’s less Jupiterian, that is a valuable gift. 🙂

  11. Avatar

    Nia – that was an awesome explanation. For someone like me, who has venus/pluto natally tied up with the rest of my chart I can relate.

    I’ll add this. In some situations, when I get nervous, I tend to rely upon my venus. I lean on it or use it. It’s in pisces. Isn’t that funny. When I do that I always end up in a pickle. If I grab ahold of myself and use my pluto to navigate the situation I come across tempered with a bit more of the power I do carry but prefer not to swing about unnecessarily. It usually means things are better balanced and the situation/event etc. turns out better for all involved.

  12. Nia!… you have just explained what’s going on with my Pluto in Leo 7th house inconjunct my moon in Pisces 1st or 2nd house. I know what my moon is like… but the Pluto only came out after I got married. It has been a stunner to come face to face with this shadow of mine. My moon is also the ruler of my 7th house. And since the two planets are inconjunct, no wonder I’ve had such a miserable time trying to get them rectified and working together. Thank you for shedding a ton of light on my quandary.

  13. I just got stabbed (by t. Mars) in the (my) Chiron.

    Remembering the many discussions on this site about “the knife”, I quickly removed the offending weapon from my body, tossed it away, and “shook myself out” (it’s a tactic I learned from a psychotherapist to avoid taking on PTSD).

    The attack is not over. The perp has gone off to fetch more ammo (he explicitly said so). He WILL be back. But I WILL be ready.

    I will simply DEFLECT the next blow.

    And move on with my life. JUPITER is with me now. I have gotten on his horse and I’m riding with HIM now.

    No time to waste on people or systems who (by mandate) should be helping me but are instead doing everything they can to vaporize me.

    I. AM. MOVING. ON. Help me or get the @%! out of the way!

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