Jealousy, Possessiveness, Control…

This is the soldier explaining how he feels about the new videos which he has not see “a one of them” as he put. I don’t know what part of his chart to attribute this to. The whole thing I guess. Scorpio and a t-square in the Cardinal signs…

“Yeah, I’m insanely jealous. You don’t need some psychic to tell you that. If we were Eskimos I’d have you in the biggest fur coat in the world with just your nose sticking out,” he said.

I laughed.

“And if we were Arab, I would have the extra large thing for you to wear.”


“And I’d have a harem too. But the only reason I’d have the others around is so they could keep an eye on you! All of you make sure no one looks at her. That’s what I’d tell them.”

I snorted.

“And none of that I Dream of Jeanie stuff… Jeanie costume and see through veils kind of thing. Your thing to wear can be made of terry cloth and terry cloth only!”

“Good thing you don’t dictate my life or it would be scratchy.”

I wonder how many men feel exactly like him but would never admit it. What do you think?

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  1. I don’t think many would admit it, and there probably are a lot of them. I am like that, but as a woman sometimes it seems to be expected, since we’re so emotional and all 😉

    My b/f and I both have Venus in Scorpio yet he’s the furthest from jealous I’ve ever seen, unless he holds it back. But that could also be his aquarius ascendant.

  2. I had a Taurus boyfriend with a Scorpio moon and an Aries Mars and boy was he possessive and jealous. He also had a Leo rising and he could charm everyone so it really was a shock sometimes to see the charm switched suddenly off.

  3. Don’t know what to attribute it to?!

    I’m sorry if this is intrusive or weird on my part, but from what I’ve been able to piece together from months of reading about you guys, the soldier’s Taurus Sun is part of an earth Grand Trine with Saturn and Pluto, kited by Mars on one end and Moon in Scorpio in the 8th on the other! What other kind of person would have the TENACITY to guard your place of emotional primacy through all those years. That story of him getting through that training exercise in the hole with thoughts of you says it all. So yeah, a little possessive maybe….

    Again, sorry if this was a little inappropriate. Just had to say it becasue that kind of staying power is really rare in people these days I think.


  4. Dont think most men are like this, though 1 friend had a guy who didnt like her wearing revealing tops or hugging our male friends (cos to his mind they just wanted to feel her breasts against them !) But taurus with scorpio moon..can you get more possessive?! I’m taurus, pisces rising but virgo moon and when i was younger i had this thing of wanting to put the men i was in love with in cages (just imaginary like) and i can be horribly possessive & jealous at times (scorpio rules 8th). I tend not to let it show too much as i’ve not liked it when its done to me but i still feel the gut wrench if my man is talking to a woman, or even looking sometimes. Stems from insecurity, that he’ll like them more than me and leave, so abandonment issues too, ha!

    1. God yes! Virgo but moon in 8th and Venus in Scorpio. I used to get jealous if the guy I liked talked to any woman
      You’re right it IS insecurity, but with all those young cute things willing to throw themselves at anything with power and money and damn the wives and girlfriends, can you blame us?? The divorce courts and lonely hearts columns cant be wrong

  5. Yeah, I’ve been wondering about jealousy/possessiveness issues tied with Taurus. I’m wondering how much of mine comes from my Jupiter in Taurus conjunct the DC — maybe it super-expands my need to possess my partner? Is there any redirection possible for Taurus possessiveness?

  6. Like others pointed out I think it has to do with fixed sign energy.

    And some will say it ‘outloud’, some will say it via body language and, basically, the withdrawing of support for a woman’s independent ventures.

    Sounds serious minded but it’s been the dealbreaker with the last two men I knew. They had no verve or enthusiasm for the things that got my verve and enthusiasm up. They were focused on my looks and what I was giving to them. Too primitive of a connection (which translates to boredom for a Gemini).

    One Aquarius, one Scorpio.

  7. See, i consider that to be protective, not necessarily possessive, but i think they are usually tied together somehow.

  8. I don’t like that sort of thing… Like the dont look at my wife’s hair or ‘women need to cover their hair and elbows so men don’t get turned on and rape them’ thing… The general idea sets of my sensor even if the soldier in particular doesn’t mean it like that… Some guy did say that to me… A multiple aries.. and I was like yeah ok (first night we met) clearly you’re a misogynist bye-bye

    1. Of course after all that gabbling that I should stay for him and then we might get married and I’m a real woman cause I dont wear makeup he didn’t contact me much and cooled off… Hahaha glad I didn’t stay

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