Stabbed In Back? No Problem! Final Comments

Catch up here – In The Opinion Of My 8th House… Stabbed In Back? No Problem!

isthmus nekoi asks:

“Is what you’re suggesting keeping the energy and discarding the form?”

No. What I am suggesting is energy is received…in this case, negative energy. Someone attacks you. Someone betrays you. Someone stabs you.

At that point you have their energy. Energy is neutral until directed. So I am not suggesting you keep anything. I mean, you can do whatever you want. But I am suggesting that it is possible to the negative energy and use it (direct it) in a way that is productive for yourself and others.

I am a good example. I get stabbed all the time. To the point of ridiculous. I am routinely attacked and this energy fuels this blog, among other things.

And this blog is very powerful, for me and for others. So the people who attack me…well, I may as well thank them. In other words, as  astrologer, cf says: “Hit me with your best shot”. Do I care? I don’t. It’s all energy and energy is useful!

This is really very simple. Back to Hank Williams. You cheat on him, he hurts, he writes a song. It’s called, “Your Cheatin’ Heart”.

Is he holding on to anything? No. He’s used the energy of the experience in a positive way. He’s used the pain to fuel his creativity.

And he plays that song and it moves people. Lovers dance to his song! Cheek to cheek! Isn’t that cool? He gets himself free.

And how do you think it feels to be the gal who cheated on him, hmm? ::snickers::

Years ago, my sister was laughing about some double Scorpio who tried to do me in.  “He doesn’t know what the hell happened. I stabbed that bitch 100 times and the next day, you’re up and going to mall without a mark on you. Believe me, Elsa, he doesn’t know what the hell or how you do it. That was my best shit, man! I killed her, I know I did.”

I laughed.

“This is when they realize who they’re dealing with but by then it’s too late.”


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  1. “You cheat on him, he hurts, he writes a song. It’s called, “Your Cheatin’ Heart”. Is he holding on to anything? No. He’s used the energy of the experience in a positive way. He’s used the pain to fuel his creativity.”

    Geez!…That sort of brings us back to the pining post….and that it CAN be productive & creative.

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    Strawberry Fields

    I think the fact that ‘energy is just energy’ is important to understand.

    *We* get to decide what we’re gonna do with it.

    We can take ‘bad’ energy (our own or someone else’s) and use it to fuel or create Something Good.

    Once we ‘get’ that, and master the art of actually ~doing~ it (talk is cheap), it’s amazing the healthy self-power we will feel and the Beautiful, Helpful, Life-Affirming Things we will create and feed.

  3. I see. To me, you “keep” energy in a way even when you use it positively. e.g. When Tori Amos wrote “Me and a Gun” describing her experience with rape, she would sing it live at every concert for a couple tours and this seemed to be very important to her. But she’s done many tours since where she doesn’t feel the need to do that anymore. That terrible part of her life doesn’t seem to “grip” her in the same way. There’s no negative, no positive, it’s just been let go. Doesn’t mean one forgets, it just means one feels it’s time to focus on other things in life.

    I think the same principle of expressing energy positively and letting it flow/go can be applied to other, more neutral events that are equally as devestating as betrayal e.g. death of a loved one, natural disasters, chronic illness etc.

  4. I don’t know the full context of this discussion after reading the linked-to article, but I’m struggling with this issue. This morning I received a really nasty email in response to my podcast, and I’ve been upset about it but not sure whether to respond privately, publicly or just let it go as just an unhappy troll who likes to bring people down.

  5. I was just watching a rerun of “Will and Grace.” Jack is upset when his boyfriend dumps him, so he writes a racy novel. Karen loves the novel, but it’s not finished, so when Jack gets back together with his boyfriend, Karen pays the guy $50 to dump Jack again so he’ll finish the story. He does so after she pays him $200.

  6. Jeffrey, they hurt you. I am sorry, I know the feeling. 🙁

    From here, you have the option to take the feeling and channel it into whatever you like. Retaliation. Depression.

    But you can also feel good for the simple fact that you are not an internet asshole, running around spewing venom on people working in service!

    And on and on with the options. They stabbed you, yes. But you’re the one with the options at this point. They shot their wad, see? It’s possible to have it amount to nothing.

  7. Thanks, Elsa. It *is* an energy exchange, and I don’t really want his “wad” all over me, so I’m still trying to sit with what to do with it, other than get a warm washcloth.

  8. This blog can be like a warm washcloth… 🙂

    Saturn is just closing in on my Mars/Moon and I am going to take this as my absolute mantra and keep repeating it in my head, every day.

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