Stellium in Gemini Effects On Your Nervous System

Gemini TWINS BROOCHMercury rules the nerves. We currently have a large stellium in Gemini. I’ve not it’s affected my nervous system.  This is new for me.

It’s probably happened before, but it escaped me. I’m mentioning this because I doubt I’m the only one who’s having this experience.

I feel overstimulated, which is not normal for me.  It’s like being flitty from the inside.  People I have talked to over the last couple days seem to be having similar issues.

My symptoms were significant enough, I shut things down to lower the load. I’m talking about blowing off any tv watching, seeing as it’s full of people getting killed, raped and maimed, plus blood and screaming.  I also just can’t bear to watch another 30 second in-my-face video.

In fact, this got my attention to such an extent, I may just avoid that type content, altogether.

Bottom line, short bits of info have physical effects.  If you’re feel overwhelmed, shutting down systems will probably help. I broke up my routine for the last two days. The ways it’s going this will probably lead to some permanent changes.

Keep in mind, Jupiter is in Gemini. Info overload? What about a million little 15 second “perspectives?

Does your nervous system feel taxed?

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  1. Yup! This is an interesting perspective on vertigo ( head too full ) and churning gut digesting all the input. I’m grateful for my gardens where I can pull weeds, plant seed and turn what I cannot control over to god, as I understand god.

    Calm moments. ahh

    New Moon rituals, simple and authentic ceremonies to set intentions and let go help me a lot.

    1. @Moki,
      I think this is brilliant. Gardens are so healing. We created a drought tolerant California Native garden and watching all the little creatures drawn to it is a life saver while living in this huge Metropolis called L.A.

      @Elsa we gave up watching local news and now only watch PBS News Hour – much more sane and hits on what’s really going on in the World without jangling our nerves.

      Also got some jarring health news – my friend who I live with, their life may change so drastically that all our plans for the future could be dissolved- meaning we won’t be able to travel or move. They will have limited mobility much less choices in activities and they have Sag rising. Stuck. Me care taking indefinitely because I refuse to leave them alone facing this. Life can change in an instant. We won’t know more until later in the month.

      Our communication though is faltering- I am being misunderstood, corrected and blamed. I prefer being more alone now than engaged with them that way.

      I have been using Spiritual and Christian based apps to meditate, pray and study. Also exercising-doing Barre and Light Cardio with Strength training, which I haven’t done since the early 2000’s! And walking when not too hot.

      Send prayers of calm and peace out to you all.

  2. I have Jupiter Gemini natally, and thought I had managed to have a handle on the energies.

    But nooooooo, this tsunami of Gemini energies has put me back to Square One. Feel daunted by the amount of errands I have to do, but when I do get some down time, I can’t relax! My mind is overloaded with thoughts, anxious to the verge of paranoia, definitely sensitive to awful news that I have to tune out.

    My patience (which is already on the slim side, what with my Fire sign stellium) is practically zero. Driving is a particular issue, but I guess it’s the same for everyone else, looking at my fellow drivers 😬

    Even meditation isn’t working as well. The only way to offset the nervous energies is to exercise on beast mode for a good hour non stop. It’s like a release valve, where I can get some mental equilibrium back.

    Maybe Mars Taurus might slow things down a bit, let’s hope.

    1. On top of natal stellium in Gemini — sun conjunct uranus conjunct north node conjunct mc — I literally feel electricity running through the entire surface of my skin!

      There was a mouse in my house last night, & every time it knocked something the sound it was like a mild electrocution.

      Totally relate re impatience (more of it, that is).
      Gardening is bliss.
      A real book.
      A massive de-cluttering.
      Small tasks done by hand.

      Thank You everyone, and Elsa for giving value to what I knew, but not enough for appropriate self-and-other compassion.

  3. I saw this coming and my strategy is to put myself to hard mental work. I am in a sort of spiritual correspondence school and I have a lot of essays due this year. I got organized and started documents for each one and also began collecting notes in each one. I have scheduled time each day to do the reading and thinking about the reading. I feel like if I can keep my mind focused and busy, I’ll be able to deal. Jupiter is transiting my 6th house, and Saturn is transiting my 3rd so this should keep them both in line. I hope!

    Around the time of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction I realized I needed to rein in the news and movies. It is all romcom or sports now. And social media once a day only. I know crap is going on out there, but it’s not in my bloodstream!

  4. Yes, I have been feeling overstimulated. For my emotional well being I have recently been turning off my iPhone and iPad at 7pm. I have felt more calm and had better quality sleep.

    1. I’m going to borrow your idea, and switch off the tablet, go offline every evening. I’m getting too mentally involved in the current political news and all I can see from both the media and the population in general is delusional behaviour, which is really riling me up!

      Not that I’m the pinnacle of truth, I bear in mind it could be ME that’s equally deluded, but it’s become quite obvious in certain others, very plain to see, and it seems to be borne out of panic. The people that are still yet to decide seem the least delusional, as that suggests critical thinking skills, and weighing up the pros and cons.

      Neptune is slowing down to station retrograde at 29°Pisces, and one by one we will see Sun, Mercury, and Venus square Neptune in rapid succession. More confusion and uncertainty about the choices (Gemini) to make will ensue.

      And on that note, I’m switching off the tablet! Hope you enjoy a relaxing phone-free evening 🙂

  5. Yep totally jiggy, I only drink 1 cup of coffee, work has been crazy
    Days so long been coming in at dark to find myself close to bedtime
    for a while now, I have decided to not turn on my house lights ,this way I can experience sunset even when I’m in the house. It slows me down keeps me from TV. iPad. I enjoy this site. It’s calming for me.
    Everyone feels relatively similar, sharing I do believe we are all mostly the same we worry about the same things, we care in the same way I begin to believe almost a year ago that we ‘re experiencing is two years in 12 months ?since I began gardening about 42 years ago, I would use the farmers almanac that would highlight the dark of the moon, which is the piece of time right before new moon characteristics were very warm cooler cold, windy and rain here I’ve been noticing this trend to be every two weeks. I’m not sure what it means but I think as far as predictions, go with climate warming ,sea rise, and such, we are moving twice as fast through time ? of course we are tired Jiggy worried we’re not used to moving this fast so deep breath , determined to stay chill and not get too hot far ahead of this feeling of worry ,just don’t need it. If you have less ,you do less ;that’s money time and food. got a bad tick bite a year ago can’t eat any meat or dairy eggs. I was all ready with a gluten allergy. Since my 50s I gave up chocolate and sugar just felt it made my tummy poofy and I was vain so I stopped. Food is very limited to me so is cooking 🙁
    trying to be creative, but I’m also so over food. I remember my auntie and grandmother they would be happy with Pineneedle tea. They make this with snow, I remember when they baked bread and you got a piece! I was told your stomach is the size of your hand. It was enough. It was very important to look at a child’s hand and not over feed them
    So off I go, I gotta say I feel like magic is coming 😍worldpeace, smiles, and way less !!I think I’ll be fine. I mean what’s the other option? Do you want to stress worry feel lonely and hurt ? Not me
    Put some lemongrass oil on , darn bugs

  6. The Genesis story – the Fall of humanity into knowledge and judgement and away from instinctual and intuitive connection to truth is related to the mutable signs. Gemini and Virgo in particular.
    The Earth’s axis points towards Gemini – and at the other end – Sagittarius ( and the Black hole at the center of our galaxy which is Black Moon related and integral to the recovery from the Fall).
    The guilt you are mentioning in relation to Pisces and Neptune is also related to the Fall.

  7. How ironic !!! Reading these blogs may answer my current issues. I’ve been inward irritable attempting to hold back any comments that may offend. Have been trying to get “space ” from others including partner. Just want me time with the cats, no one else, peace and quiet 😔. I’m an energy loving LEO sun Aquarius Moon and Saggy Ascendant. I can talk for “England ” ie very very chatty Mercury in Virgo…but for now. Nope

  8. i kind of like the lots of energy, but i have a heavy earth chart, so i can easily ground myself. I can feel that things are somewhat similar to the what it was before the pandemic, and it’s nice. (it also feels like we have to take our power back feeling. The pandemic with pluto cap/stellium really degraded, and degradation lowers your energy and lethargy and depression hits. the balloon up in the air is nice feeling, like there is a sense of hope looking down at the destruction to rebuild again. i also have a stellium in virgo so i get mercury energy, always zipping to and fro, nervous energy, i even drink two cups of coffee in the morning to get me going lol

  9. Born with a similar configuration as this, with the major difference being that Mars-Uranus-and Pluto were conjunct. In my life experience I’ve kind of thrived under the stress actually…I perform better in chaos. lol Think of a fast food worker at lunch rush…. Of course there are limits to that… and it does manifest as burnout…I will crash and be down for the count for a time until I recuperate… In that regard I’m paying Saturn’s price for not showing restraint.

  10. OMG you are spot on!! I have Jup in Gemini natal and lately I’ve been wanting to shut everything down! I’ve thought I was getting dementia!! thank you for your wisdom!!!

  11. Solar flares and high cosmic winds striking Earth since Sat play a big role too. Winds have been around 400 km/sec and higher, and the proton density about 6 protons per cm3. That’s strong. My nerves feel like tight violin strings. Go to to keep up with our Sun’s daily activity.

  12. It hit my teeth/gums too.
    Every anxious physical feeling – boom, I was so tense you could flip a coin on me and it would bounce back!

    I have had to delete my LinkedIn app, my Meta app, shut down communication and everything and every line of communication which wasnt strictly nessecary.

    Haven’t watched the news in sevwral years. Feeling ‘donex with every SoMe app. Considering cloaing up my accounts on those platforms.

    I just want to be left the heck alone from all the noise and find the source of creativity in myself instead.

    Oh, and got on sick leave with stress because my teeth wouldnt heal. That is someone with Pluto touching their physical Ascendant, which ramps up healing to fast speed!

    Nope, not this time. Too much of a good thing, huh?

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