Stellium In Gemini – June 2024

New moon in Gemini 2024We’ve had a stellium in Taurus for weeks now. Things will look dramatically different in June.

I’ve pictured the new moon in Gemini on June 6th which would be the peak of this. If you’re struggling today, hang in there for the breath of fresh air, right around the corner.

Please note how tight this stellium is.  It’s likely to aspect a single house in your chart. This looks so happy and fun.

Yes, I know Saturn in Pisces will mess with this energy at various times, but as far as I’m concerned, real fun and happiness are on offer.  There’s also such a thing as working, happily.

Perspective (Jupiter) is big here. I expect people so see things differently in a month’s time.  It will be interesting. That’s the quincentennial keyword for Gemini, by the way.  With Jupiter involved, make that Big Interesting.

If you’re a Gemini, you may want to check our your Solar Return as your year ahead will be quite focused.  Everyone else, gear up for an influx of positive energy, coming soon, to the area of life indicated by the house in your chart, impacted by this.  5th house, here. Fun, sun and creativity. Hell yes, I can deal!

Which house in your chart will be aspected.  What do you want out of this?

37 thoughts on “Stellium In Gemini – June 2024”

  1. 10th house. I quit my job that’s made me miserable for years. I’ve been working an unusually long notice bc that’s just how I am and I should be done by the first of June. I love my new job already and can’t wait to have that as my only focus. Sounds great

  2. Jupiter return in my sixth house. I also have a stellium in Gemini, Capricorn house, Aries Moon and Libra ascendant.🙌🏽

  3. I love Gemini energy and am looking forward to that sparkle and bubble!

    BUT it is in my 6th house which does not seem to be at all sparkly or bubbly. I need to get some happier keywords for the 6th house, esp since I am not working and all those type words don’t apply.

  4. Yes, thank you for busting me out of my negative thinking!

    Creating new healthy habits, creating positive mental habits! This is so good, just exactly what’s needed!

    1. Hurray, aspire! This new moon will light the cusp between my 5th and 6th house. My creative expressions have blossomed(my purple kiosk houses a lifetime of art stories) and long self-sabotaging habits are breaking new ground (literally breaking through my skin).

      I want room for the essentials

  5. 12th house for me! Dancing with the “devil”?

    Gemini rising, so everything will eventually shift to my 1st house. Realllly looking forward to the ol’ push of pride after witnessing my seeds sprouting for quite some time. Despite the multiple challenges over time, my Scorpio self and 8th houses have been waiting to relish in full-forward stride 😀

    Let’s go!

  6. I recently had an afib ablation on my heart (burning the part causing afib) for congestive heart failure. I’ve also suffered a lack of breath and exhaustion for two years from Long covid and RSV. This happens in my first house so I’m hoping to increase my breathing capacity and my physical capacities.

  7. That looks terrific! It’s in my 3rd and nicely aspects my Libra planets. I’m looking forward to some fresh cool breezes after the confusion and weightiness of the early months of this year.

        1. It does feel fated because I looked for the right house for years during covid and between the bidding wars, shortages of houses or too many houses needing a lot of repairs, I gave up finding something until now that I felt good about lime I do this house. I bought the second house in a new development of over 125 planned in next two years. I Already have equity in it because it has a basement and only one of four do. It is the most favored one. In fact, there is a list of people who want it if somehow the closing falls through. So I feel fortunate I found it after going thru so much years earlier when I was hunting, bidding and getting disappointed.

  8. 9th house and YES, this Sagittarius is WAITING for it ! Slowly things have been building up but I can already see it. Jupiter in Gemini has had a better influence on my life than Jupiter through Sag in the 3rd – so I am very confident I will have a great time !

  9. Very much looking forward to this!! My natal Sun is 17 Gem (my bday is the 8th) and natal Jupiter is 14 Gem. I can use all the love and expansive vibes I can get.

    All of this energy is taking place in the 11th for my solar return. With T. Jupiter there trining Pluto in my 7th and a Leo ASC, I’m going to do my best to transform my relationships and find my new tribe.

  10. This will all be in my 12th house, so self-undoing? Maybe, if you see self-undoing as undoing what doesn’t work within myself and imagining what that should be/what would work for me now. I also think I’ll focus on being more naturally inner-directed, using the inspiration to be more creative, taking time away to get more in-touch with my own inner self in preparation of my solar return at the end of June. At which time, I’ll turn that ‘self-undoing’ exercise into motion to be created and solidified in my reality over the next 12 months.

    1. I see Jupiter, the Sun, and Venus moving through your 12th as a deeply cathartic thing. It’s not going to wreck you if you haven’t wrecked you already. Like you may have been your own worst enemy, or you may very well realize someone you thought was in your corner was actually an enemy, but the fog clears away and you’ll figure out how to be kinder to you.

      If an 8th house transit is a time to rip out your psychological weeds and kill grubs, this is the time to put borax on your leaves and water yourself, or put up a canvas and some light bulbs if you know it’s going to freeze. Then you’ll have fruit and flowers when these guys go through your 1st and 2nd. I live in the 12th house so I guess it doesn’t scare me that bad.

  11. Now THIS I’m jazzed for! This is my solar return and yes, it’s all piled into one juicy 7th house! I can really only see Saturn in Pisces as grounding this one and keeping us from getting overstimulated and neglecting duty.

  12. What a breath of fresh air this will be.
    It will be in my 4th. Jupiter will trine my sun and mercury.
    Hoping for some light relief. I’d like a joyful family occasion. I’d like to feel more optimistic about the future, and for Jupiter do bless me with some good fortune 😄(don’t ask much).

  13. Avatar

    in the 10th conjunct my jupiter in gemini 🎉
    maybe interesting developments on career front …

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    James Slattery

    Sun, Moon & Venus smack on my IC! I also have my natal Sun at 27 Gemini so I may be moving this year after a 12 year stay. My rent is going through the roof, like it is for many in Toronto, Canada. A change would be nice and I hope it will be a smooth transition.

  15. Now this should be interesting….Hubby’s birthday is June 5th…..

    On June 6 th both the Sun and Venus will be conjunct his natal sun 5th house.

  16. june month lots of gemini energy, so serendipity and coincidental, that my housecleaning lady i hired from a company, who is a gemini with lots of libra and taurus venus is going to move into my elderly parents home end of may, and hopefully live there for over a year to save up money so she can buy a house of her own, (she doesn’t need to pay anything) and in the meantime clean the house, once a week go groceries for them, and part time check up on my elderly parents. She’s a lovely person and i’m really happy to have known her in my life. She’s also had alot of sad and tragic things happen to her but she is always light and happy, and works super hard. there’s hospice still checking up on them and the part time caregiver who is a virgo with lots of libra. ^^ weird, i think libra placements understand togetherness and taking care of others too.

  17. in my 6th house and I’ll start the month traveling really really far away for work and when I come back I have a medical procedure scheduled. I’m also actively applying for jobs! I guess everything will turn out for the best with my buddy Jupiter involved.

  18. Lots of close aspects. Cancer stellium opposite My Cap Mars/Venus. Mars trine Cap Mars/Venus. Neptune square 29 Sag Moon, yikes!. Pluto conjunct my 0 Saturn (sun sign ruler). Uranus trine twenty six Cap Mercury.

    Lots of interesting communication. Emotional sensitivity, lack of clarity (1st and th house). I really like the Mars and Uranus action. 🙂

  19. 5th house for me – woowee! Last time I had this transit I got pregnant. Definitely not happening this time round but hoping to have a fun summer

  20. In equal houses, there this is the 9th house. In whole signs, the 10th. Sun at 12 (oppose Saturn) Chiron at 21, and MC at 26.

    I think the last time Jupiter was in Gemini, I was working and got to sightsee for a bit, then later was unemployed. It was almost literally half and half.

    Employed and then not. Then homeless and then not. A very Gemini experience.

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