Stellium in Libra Impact!

Libra stellium with MarsThe stellium in Libra is pretty tight at this time. It’s wreaking havoc in people’s lives, I can tell you that!

The new moon has passed but Mars is kicking up all kinds of crap. It’s a problematic placement. I have Mars in Libra – I know!

Because the planets are so tightly grouped, most likely they are landing in a single house in your chart.  The affairs of that house will be hotted up at this time.

Personally, these planets are transiting my 9th. Can you say, “crusader”? I’m blunt, I’m honest, I’m coarse, I’m over-the-top and I’m telling TRUE stories, complete with swearing.

Where does this stellium land in your chart? Tell us what’s happening… um, please? Because Mercury conjunct Mars is bossy but it’s also polite, at least on the surface.

Let’s have fun with this, okay? Fun. 9th house. Agreement. Libra!

Your turn (balance).

62 thoughts on “Stellium in Libra Impact!”

  1. I’ve got Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus all in my 9th house last few days. I’m typically pretty laid back w stress, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve lost my crap w people… until last Thursday and dealing w a phone company- it’s been a nightmare and I’ve completely acted out of character many times the last week. I cannot stand this. Please make it stop!

      1. It’s like it may have been able to handle one “house guest” couldn’t find a babysitter..we can set up a tent long you’ll planning on stayin? I have natal moon neptune Saturn conjunt 7th..all bein squared by Pluto transit..someone is going to have last word if could decide what to say Lol court tomorrow..fingers crossed there

  2. ? lol, happy to add but my astrology knowledge is pretty tiny in scope. This is entirely in my first house. I have a moon in the 12, so I like to lay low. Not sure what other planetary aspects contribute to this, but I’m quite shy too.

    All the buildup of planets were there, so it’s was pretty quiet until TODAY. I was contacted through every means possible. Phone call, text, email, instant messaging, online comments, weird dreams after saying a prayer to my deceased grandmother, etc.

    And then I’m writing here. I learn lots about astrology by reading about people’s experiences. Thanks so much Elsa and everyone else who posts their experiences!!

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      Gabriella L Garlock

      Oh, in my 1st House also, and I had the exact same kind of day yesterday. Wish I had more time to remember those dreams.

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    Kathryn Hernandez

    My 85 year old mom is in the hospital – could go either way for her. Stellium in 1st house. The stellium is in my 4th house.


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    Radha McChristy

    Libra occupies my 1st House, and I have Neptune in that House. I am high on self-expression and beauty! Although I am usually one to love things just the way they are and don’t make lots of changes, (Venus and Mercury in Taurus?) I am are turning my bedroom/workspace into my palace and mothership workstation and bought a number of new, beautiful, and inspiring things for it – transforming it unexpectedly!! I’ve also been sharing my beautiful photography from many years past.

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      Radha McChristy

      (Elsa, I’m not an astrologer, but hope I understood your inquiry well enough to answer correctly… maybe it will make sense to you?)

  5. It’s in my 6th house. I woke up early dreaming that animals were coming to the house. There were 3 elephants, a young male lion, a snake and 2 or 3 other animals but I don’t remember what they were. I think one was a bird. They were just hanging out, sitting around in chairs except for the lion who needed to go outside. He was running around and I remember he opened his mouth really wide and my back was to him and I laid my head down in his mouth, it fit perfectly and then took it out. Then the snake was right in front of my face, then I woke up, lol. I rarely remember a dream and that was wild.

    Also, had a consult with the DDS and have to have an old root canal redone.

  6. This stellium is packed into my Fourth House Libra, and Virgo’s star Spica (exactly conjunct my natal Spica)is tightly alongside them. And my natal Neptune in this House is quincunx my natal Venus in my Pisces Ninth House. So mine has been quite a Venusian day: a friendly, giggly, well-dressed one. But it’s Wednesday, 6 Oct. here, ten minutes short of midnight(Greenwich Mean Time). Will it all be kicking up tomorrow, perhaps? There’s plenty of scope for it, given that my home situation is under the siege of a pretty nasty little group of meatheaded petty criminal neighbours. Oooooh … they might find themselves catching it from me tomorrow. Actually, I rather hope so.

    1. Sophie, that could be me. Trouble with a meathead psyco neighbour, (who has a wife, who seems to encourage him) I have Libra at 14 degrees 7th house. The war continues.

      1. Goodness!Thank you, Jac. I don’t know why this is, but it is a relief to know that I am not the only one with this bizarre problem. I hope you sort yours out pronto, and I mine.

        1. Sophie, Although it’s horrible, I was glad to see that I was not alone in this appalling situation. Somehow, we are meant to look at it as a lesson of sorts, ie seeing it from a higher perspective and trusting that we are safe, patience:- trusting that ‘this too shall pass’. I have a lot of trouble not taking this situation personally, and I know there are many women out there being terrified IN their own homes. What bothers me most is that I am trying to grow, ie; keep my heart open, yet I feel so much disgust for this person and despair for human evolution at times. I hope your situation resolves soon too dear Sophie.

          1. Jac, thank you for this piece. I know you did not intend it,but you gave me a much needed lesson in human decency. You know, I never once harboured a thought like this: ‘Somehow, we are meant to look at it as a lesson of sorts, ie seeing it from a higher perspective …’, nor like this:’I have a lot of trouble not taking this situation personally…’, nor yet like this: ‘I am trying to grow, ie; keep my heart open.’ I was always in full battle gear (well … after my initial terror), and in ‘how dare you, you lowlife’ mode, sparing them no punch I could throw. And I threw them harder with every advantage I gained, and am still throwing them. It’s been over two years now, and I have been chuffed by their every retreat, and determined to achieve their final humiliation Yet, should anyone ask me ‘Are you a Christian?’ I would answer ‘Yes’, without hesitation … or I would have. Thank you again, Jac. You are angelic.

            1. Oh, thank you Sophie- don’t worry I don’t always take the high road.
              I have had murder on my mind many times. Our privacy and human rights are nothing to these kind of people, and it is only human to feel outraged. As stated by Elsa on one of her posts ‘anger lets us know that something is wrong’. I have Aries rising so imagine how hard it to keep quite, but have realised that any interaction- feeds the beast. I wait. Sooner or later they will have to face themselves rather than looking for a scapegoat to dump their miseries upon. We have to work out the appropriate self protective action, so you do what works for you. Thank you for your lovely comments, but I’m no angel, we are all just human. We are both fighting for our rights, and we will win!!!

  7. Inhpsve this Stellium going on in my 11th House-which kinda rules my work life-I work for attorneys and it was my first day back to the big city from a quiet Covid SIP in a beautiful little rural town. The city is creepy. Some guy said to me on my way to take my ferry home “I’ll shot you!! You wanna make a bet??” I almost said “Yeah?? Make my day!”

  8. I have Mars in Libra conjunct Neptune natally in the first house and am now experiencing my Mars return. This stellium in Libra is so unpleasant, it gives me agita. No matter who I communicate with it just leaves me with uneasy feelings afterwards. I don’t like it.

    I don’t have Mercury in my first house, but I’m a lot more forceful than I have ever been in my communications with others. As a Libra rising, I always believed in give and take, mostly with me giving. Now, I’m more blunt and forceful (Mars) and I don’t want to be, but I have to be right now.

    I have to add some context. I was talking to family about Thanksgiving dinner and what they want to do this year. We didn’t get together last year except virtually. I said I could maybe have it but, but my brother seems uncomfortable that I’m not vaccinated. I’ve had Thanksgiving dinner for my family for 25 years in my house. I think he shouldn’t come if he’s so afraid. I’m not sick. Blah. Its just agita.

  9. My Chiron is 13 degrees libra in the third house. My mom is in the hospital with her second major surgery this year due to cancer. We’re smooth sailing thus far and I’m choosing to view this as healing. Today I feel good. One day at a time.

  10. I’d like to add that my sun is at 8 cap (natal Chiron sun square) and I’ve been experiencing transit Chiron squaring my sun and coming up on opposition to natal Chiron. T square. seems very relevant. Healing man.

  11. Ninth house Stellium.(natally)
    @JoFrance , I quite agree,its a very unsettling feeling.
    I have Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in Aries 9th house.
    I do blow my top , when pressure gets too much.
    But usually am polite.
    Have to say my Mars , And Mercury make me blunt and truthful ,but Jupiter enchances and is loud , bragging and over the top.I can’t control it.ugh.
    Not everyone appreciates the Ugly Truth, told boldly to their faces.!
    I have realized only too late in life.
    And have learnt to keep my big mouth shut , when I think its prudent too.
    I m feeling the pressure heavily now,with planets in Cardinal signs
    Leo Ascendant,conjunct Uranus.
    I feel i m in a large earthen pot , boiling slowly…. hahaha
    I REALLY REALLY want this to stop NOW.
    The idea this square will play out till 22.
    Is nightmarish….grrrr

    This stellium
    is in my 4th house.

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    The stellium is moving from my 10th to 11th house. Not sure if it has anything to do with this, but… recently a lot of work partnerships have become friendships outside of work. Specifically those are who haven’t gotten the V like myself. We’re going to protests together, too, so there’s the tie-in with groups/community.

  13. All happening in my 7th. 😀
    And trining my aquarius sun/mercury/mars conjunction. Can’t say much is happening, more with people around me than in my life.
    We’ll see what happens in a few days.

  14. The stellium’s in my 12th house, where my disfunctional Mars lives. (Will be having the Mars return soon.)
    What’s happening???? Nothing. Things start and stop, mainly due to outside circumstances & other glitches. (I’m also waiting for Mercury to go direct…)
    Not sure what the 12th H influence does to me (perhaps THAT is a 12th H effect!)
    I feel sort of like an insect in a cocoon, waiting to fly out.
    (Maybe next spring or summer???)
    I just want to loaf and read. Just finished a book about living with the invisible.
    I just realized – if that isn’t a 12th H thing, then what is???!

    1. I have Mars in the 12th house too (in Scorpio) and despite being Scorpio Rising and having my moon in Aries I still struggle to grasp my Mars influence. I mean I’m sure it’s there but I feel like I can’t really nail it down in my life. Very 12th house! Oh and I have Neptune in my 1st house. It frustrates me which is probably very Mars like?
      Anyway I relate to your insect in a cocoon analogy at the moment.

  15. This is in my 1st house. My father is on life support and I will have to make a decision soon. I’ll be fine as I was his caregiver on and off for 13 years, he will have some peace. It’s just these insane family members that are making this process harder that it needs to be.

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      Hildegarde's Apprentice

      ((Ang)) Im sorry Ang. As the caregiver to a parent alot of times you are stuck doing everything and are not appreciated for all you do.
      I took care of my mom.

    2. ‘Insane family members making things harder’. It was difficult caring for mom at the end and very rewarding. But my friggin sibs were so damn needy on top of it. And I have been hearing from folks in the workforce ‘I wish they would get out of the way and let me do my work.’ But that has been echoing for years now. And that’s how I felt when caring for mom.

  16. 1st house for me too. My shadow is extremely active (1st house natal Pluto) and I’m trying to negotiate and accept self-destructive forces, the legacy of early traumatic relating. I hope my relationship survives, it’s been messy and painful. It’s worth bearing in mind that tr. Chiron in Aries is opposing the stellium. It’s sitting near my 7th house Venus. I do believe this is a healing experience but confrontation with shadow side is scary and uncomfortable.

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    Hildegardes Noviciate

    Yup Libra Mercury in the 1st house. Im enjoying this stellium. Im writing and expressing myself quite powerfully. But the Libra charm and want of fairness definitely balances and sugar coats what Im saying and communicating..
    Im dreading Scorpio season lol!

  18. Good morning!
    This falls on the cusp of my 9th my natal Mars/Neptune/Moon.
    Our youngest grandchildren came to our house last night from California. Along with ten goats, two dogs, snd of course their parents. They are buying a house two hours from us and it will close….um well who knows? Likely soon. Great to see them! One we hadn’t met yet and he is so strong for nearly ten months.

    Oh and pluto is now moving towards my ascendant once again. My life is changing faster than I can blink.

    Yesterday I couldn’t think straight for the life of me. My words were mixed up and I felt unstable physically. Am better today. Sometimes planets changing directions cause me grief for a day or so.

    Looking forward to this new change in our lives.

  19. The stellium is in my 7th house my sun and Neptune are there natally been bringing up upset from a past relationship my ex is getting married just out of the blue always said he was a loner and wanted to live alone with his 2 dogs

  20. Mine is all in my 5th house which is intercepted. I’ve often wondered how transits affect an intercepted house (fortunately mine are empty but I know many who’s arent!) I know the energy is supposed to be harder to access in general, so would it mean a transit here is harder to notice, or worse, is it internalized even more so felt in a more negative way? Ponderings.

    1. I believe intercepted houses contain planets, if not in your 5th then in the 11th house. I think of them like the basement of the house – a little harder to get to!

  21. Well well well. Or unwell. These all are falling in my 7th conjunct my own natal stellium, which includes saturn. I ain’t going nowhere but it feels like I should be, and NOW. Not an unfamiliar feeling lol.

  22. Moved to the porch with a cup of coffee. There is a finch fiesta going on out there. They have been grouped in my yard for a week now. My prairie plants are all seeding so I must be a good migration stop for them. It looks doubly frantic with the leaves off the trees and I can see them flitting through the branches too. It should be peaceful but they are flying around like crazy. Libra 11th. I am amidst a group of fiesty finches?

  23. My mid heaven is 14 degrees Libra. So this is all hitting my tenth house cusp. I’m unemployed and looking for work. But not getting much results at all. I thought this transit would be a good indicator for finding work. Part of my problem is that I’m not sure if I want to stick with my same line of work or not. It’s been very frustrating.

  24. Lol I just looked it up, all these planets are resting in my eighth house ? (12h in my solar return chart) it’s been a wild couple of years for sure, but all of that has been prepping me for moments like this. That and a LOT of shadow work ✨?

  25. There have been some good things happening, some sweet trines made to my chart, some positive Mercury retrograde things. Money houses involved. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars. Money coming in. Keeping institutional powers at bay, for now. There have been some kindnesses, too.

    But also. This hits my chart really freaking hard and some people have been so mean, all while keeping a smile on their face, a sweet tone of voice. I can barely stand it. I just don’t understand the fake sweetness, or how to counter it. I can Libra, but I’m truly at a loss how to fight, Libra style. Of course, they are suffering, too, that’s easy to see, and I’m an easy target to pour into their internal refuse. Malicious lying, lying for gain, malicious gossip. They don’t know me, and I’m strong enough to say f them and move on, but it’s been deeply unpleasant. My health is pressed, but it will pass soon. All in all, a truly mixed bag. I have been here before and survived.

    1. I’m moving from a place I tried to call home soon..hope faith real friends here.found out hard way.small town gossip with a smile..going south where my famdamily is lol..friends that feel more like family My moon Saturn Neptune 22 23 26 saturn libra..yikes hope love..greatest of these is love..

      1. Hey, thanks for your comment. I had a giant hug from the universe after writing this. Still crying thankful tears. What a release. What you wrote is so true, such a timely reminder ❤️

      2. And I should be more specific, and say the love came from a very loving person in my life. She deserves allll the credit. I’m intimately familiar with that Cardinal energy, too, Jane Rubin. Love, to you.

  26. Oh gosh, I’m glad you wrote about this. My husband and I both born in 77 it’s crossing our Pluto in Libra this week. My kid broke her elbow, so sad about it.

  27. This stellium is sandwiched between my Pluto and North Node. 10th house. Not sure how it’s manifesting yet, though I’ll admit my tolerance for flexing by authority figures is low at this time.

  28. This is all happening conjunct my natal Pluto.
    Nothing is happening. I’ve been stuck in groundhogs day for months.
    Hoping all these retro planet changes gets things moving again.

    1. Kudos to you! Nothing would feel better than wielding a sledgehammer during these times. I have to replace some boards on my outbuildings. Rotting, I thought about investing in a nail gun but I think banging them nails with a hammer will do my heart good. And it’s good honest work!

  29. My brother having Mercury rolling on his Pluto in his 11th house and squaring to his Venus in his 8th has been getting all kinds of communication (Mercury) from our past. Family members who haven’t spoken to him for 30+ years are messaging him and it is freaking us out. He talks to them to catch up.

    My 9th house is activated and I have been thinking about God a lot lately. Across the way, my 3rd of siblings is activated because my brother has been texting me a lot lately to tell me about his health and everybody suddenly contacting him. My brother is a Gemini Sun (natural 3rd house ruler).

  30. Sun @ 16 conjunct Uranus @ 22 second house. My 47th revolution around the Sun has been dramatically crappy. I’m going to hideout from Uranus’s taser for now and hope level 48 is a significant improvement

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