Pluto Aspects In Synastry

Pluto“If you see me coming better step aside; a lot of men didn’t and a lot of men died.”
                                       –Sixteen Tons, Merle Travis

Pluto is depth, transformation, power. It is slow-moving so the aspects that it makes are experienced most keenly when in relation to a personal planet. Aspects it makes to outer planets are more generational. For example, Pluto to Neptune is something you experience along with everyone in your age group as opposed to Pluto to the Moon. The moon moves so quickly that where it falls in your chart is a more individual affair. The same relational energy holds true when we talk about interaspects, aspects from chart to chart.

Contacts between personal planets will be the most individualized. That is to say that they are shared person to person as opposed to person to generational person. If someone’s Pluto aspects your moon, it has a profound effect. However, because Pluto moves so slowly, everyone in that age group will have a Pluto that aspects your moon. To further personalize that connection it’s important to note corresponding aspects which will let you know whether or not that aspect is of prime importance.

One thing to note is whether your Pluto makes an aspect to any of their personal planets. This elevates the Pluto connection to a more relevant position. Pluto issues are relevant between you on both ends of the relationship. Pluto in aspect to personal planets brings issues of power and depth. Possessiveness is attributed to Pluto contacts to personal planets, as is tenacious devotion. Pluto has a reputation of ruthlessness and intensity, but Pluto here also has the power to transform.

Another level of connectedness is the presence of a “double-whammy.” This occurs when there is a relationship between two planets that is reciprocal, not necessarily the same aspect but the same planets involved. This highlights the importance of the energies of both planets in the relationship between you. It’s personal on both sides of the equation. Any time an energy signature is repeated it calls for our special attention.

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Have you had Pluto contacts with personal planets in synastry? How did you handle the intensity?

30 thoughts on “Pluto Aspects In Synastry”

  1. I have never had a relationship that didn’t have Pluto contacts in synastry.

    How do I handle the intensity? Well, and with craving. 😉

  2. I have never had a relationship that didn’t have Pluto contacts in synastry.

    How do I handle the intensity? Well, and with craving. 😉

  3. In my current relationship, my partner’s Pluto squares my mars and my pluto squares his mars. We pretty much never fight and it’s a very easy and peaceful relationship. But it’s funny, because just last night we were commenting on how much we feed off each other’s energy. When he just lays around, I can’t motivate to do anything and vice versa. It’s very extreme. Nothing will get done for months, or everything will. It works quite the other way as well. It also works emotionally. To break the cycle we really need to be separate for at least a day and have at least one of us return energized.

    1. Wow! Thank You StarfF! You gave me hope! Me and my Man have the same thing as well. AND we have the Venus Square my Pluto and moon trine Pluto.
      Soo much Pluto!

      So how is the sex!?

  4. wow that is interesting. The guy I’ve been seeing off and on for the past 5 years has his pluto opposite my sun but MY pluto is square his sun and his mars. He can’t handle the intensity and runs but is then drawn back when he calms down… hence the ‘off and on’.

  5. Yes, all my relationships have had a strong Pluto signature.I’m almost not counting (his) Pluto conjunct (my) Sun or (his) Pluto square (my) Moon in synastry, because I have these natally, and I’m bound to have them in synastry with other people of my generation too. However, with my SO, the Pluto(his) / Sun (mine) conjunction is very precise. He also has a Moon/Jupiter/Mercury Stellium precisely opposing his/my Pluto. Sounds rather frightening, but is definitely working for us. We have enough in common to be able to respect each other’s diversity.

  6. Pluto square Sun (still) and square Moon (still) – I am a full moon baby..

    Slowly, very slowly seeing changes in myself and how I handle my feelings about the world..

  7. My husband and I have a lot of aspects to pluto between the two of us. We have transformed one another in many ways during our near 12 year relationship.

    From me to him (Western Sidereal Signs)

    Sun (Lib 29°28′) – Plu (Leo 29°06′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 0°22′

    Mer (Sco 04°32′) – Plu (Leo 29°06′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 5°26

    Mar (Sco 02°07′) – Plu (Leo 29°06′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 3°01′

    Jup (Tau 02°00′) – Plu (Leo 29°06′): trine (120°00′) orb: 2°55′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Sun (Pis 13°45′): opposition (180°00′) orb: 4°58′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Moo (Can 15°44′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 2°59′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Mar (Sco 17°46′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 0°57′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Chi (Pis 08°48′): opposition (180°00′) orb: 9°56′

    From him to me:

    Sun (Pis 13°45′) – Plu (Vir 18°44′): opposition (180°00′) orb: 4°58′

    Moo (Can 15°44′) – Plu (Vir 18°44′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 2°59′

    Plu (Leo 29°06′) – Sun (Lib 29°28′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 0°22′

    Plu (Leo 29°06′) – Mer (Sco 04°32′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 5°26′

    Plu (Leo 29°06′) – Mar (Sco 02°07′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 3°01′

    Plu (Leo 29°06′) – Jup (Tau 02°00′): trine (120°00′) orb: 2°55′

    Plu (Leo 29°06′) – Chi (Ari 04°04′): biquintile (144°00′) orb: 1°01′

    I have a friend/someone I work for, who has also been a conduit for change and self transformation in my life. I seem to have done the same for him. We also have a lot of Pluto aspects.

    from me to him:

    Sun (Lib 29°28′) – Plu (Leo 12°57′): quintile (72°00′) orb: 4°31′

    Moo (Leo 14°11′) – Plu (Leo 12°57′): conjunction (0°00′) orb: 1°14′

    Ven (Sag 07°36′) – Plu (Leo 12°57′): trine (120°00′) orb: 5°21′

    Ura (Lib 14°05′) – Plu (Leo 12°57′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 1°08′

    Nep (Sco 18°32′) – Plu (Leo 12°57′): square (90°00′) orb: 5°35′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Sun (Can 23°31′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 4°47′
    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Moo (Can 14°33′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 4°10′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Mer (Can 19°09′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 0°26′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Ven (Gem 13°44′): square (90°00′) orb: 5°00′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – SNd (Aqu 02°58′): sesquisquare (135°00′) orb: 0°45′

    Plu (Vir 18°44′) – Chi (Aqu 10°52′): biquintile (144°00′) orb: 1°51′

    From him to me:

    Sun (Can 23°31′) – Plu (Vir 18°44′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 4°47′

    Moo (Can 14°33′) – Plu (Vir 18°44′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 4°10′

    Mer (Can 19°09′) – Plu (Vir 18°44′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 0°26′

    Ven (Gem 13°44′) – Plu (Vir 18°44′): square (90°00′) orb: 5°00′

    Plu (Leo 12°57′) – Sun (Lib 29°28′): quintile (72°00′) orb: 4°31′

    Plu (Leo 12°57′) – Moo (Leo 14°11′): conjunction (0°00′) orb: 1°14′

    Plu (Leo 12°57′) – Ven (Sag 07°36′): trine (120°00′) orb: 5°21′

    Plu (Leo 12°57′) – Ura (Lib 14°05′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 1°08′

    Plu (Leo 12°57′) – Nep (Sco 18°32′): square (90°00′) orb: 5°35′

    Plu (Leo 12°57′) – NNd (Lib 08°58′): sextile (60°00′) orb: 3°59′

    Plu (Leo 12°57′) – SNd (Ari 08°58′): trine (120°00′) orb: 3°59′

    Plu (Leo 12°57′) – Chi (Ari 04°04′): trine (120°00′) orb: 8°53′

  8. My bf and I have the following aspects in regards to Pluto and I am curious to know what to expect.

    He has Pluto in Virgo in his 7th house and I have Pluto in Libra in my 9th house.

    His Pluto squares my Moon (6.56)…sextiles my Mercury (-3.44)…conjuncts my Venus(5.22)…squares my Saturn (-6.21)..conjuncts my Pluto (8.05)…conjuncts my Eros (4.37)…and squares my Ascendant (6.03)

    My Pluto and also my Venus both fall in his 7th house.

    My Pluto trines his Moon (-6.13)…trines his Mercury (-1.24)…opposes his Venus (-8.33)…conjuncts his Jupiter (2.30)…conjuncts his Uranus (0.49)…sextiles his Neptune (-3.56)…conjuncts his Pluto (8.05)…opposes his North Node (-1.52)…opposes his Chiron (-1.52)…and squares his MC (-9.54).

    Yes…alot of Pluto with me being the Pluto person.

  9. Im the pluto person… My pluto inconjunct his sun conjuncts his moon opposes his venus and mars trines his neptune & sextles his saturn & uranus and he is marrying someone else!! I feel as though he stalks my mind. I got mail for hi
    At my house by mistake and overheard people taljing about his wedding while at line in barnes and noble. I live in new york city! Not some small towm! I love and hate him at the dame time

  10. OK. So theres this guy i met whose pluto exactly sextiles my venus. im super truper attracted to him and im sure he thinks about me quite a lot.

    the fact is, now that ive moved 17,000 miles away, its kind of hard to have anything to do with him.

    but i cant stop thinking about it.


  11. Hi Satori, and Elsa

    My birth time is unclear so I cant tell which house is effecting me but his time is accurate
    Both Pluto in Virgo, his 12 deg mine is 7 degree we are 4 years apart in age
    Here we go,

    I am only mentioning 2 degree orbs and less, we have more
    My Pluto opposite his Moon (pisces 2h) 1 degree orb
    My Pluto sextile his Venus (can 7h) 1 degree
    His Pluto Conjunct my NN 1 deg
    His Pluto sextile my Mercury 2 degree
    His Pluto trine my Saturn 2 degree

    We met about 11 years ago, we are not married both single
    on our meeting chart Jupiter was conjunct his Vertex
    Transit of the day Vertex conjunct my Pluto
    He is Gemini but has very Plutonic Chart Sun is the only air, the rest is water and earth no fire
    I am Scorpio but I this I have a air Asc, no airs 3 planets in Fire the rest is water and earth

    in 2007 Pluto killed or rather made the transformation in our relationship for about 2 years
    We are closer now.

    Our communication is very personal and deep, sex is out of this world,
    He knows I love him , during the break up he still couldn’t let go , the connection we had was already bonded, we reconciled and he has and still tells me he loves me. We both effect one another in many different ways.

    I call this a Fated relationship, we have many ties with Nodes and Jupiter and Saturn soft double whammy that is.

    My Juno is conjunct his Asc
    His Juno is Conjunct my Sun

    IMO in natal chart if you have a bad aspect and your partner have a same planet with good aspect will help you to learn about it, this why I think we are fated to teach one another the aspect we have problem with it.

    He has Sun square His Pluto 0 degree
    His Venus conjunct his NN in 7 house
    His Pluto sextile my Sun
    My pluto sextile my Sun
    He teachs me not be naive
    I teach him to trust the love

  12. My friend and I just ended a very intense relationship and I’m been searching for synastry and house aspects. I note that my Pluto squares his ascendant from his 4th house, but my Pluto is conjunct Jupiter, which both conjunct his Jupiter that is in the first degrees of his 5th house. Can’t understand this combination because what we have is my P/J squaring his ascendant and my J conjunct his J by 3 degrees but across house cusps. I read that Pluto square ascendant can indicate his desire to keep me hidden away, a secret relationship, which makes sense because I always felt at the fringe of his life and not appreciated. Also both our moons square each other’s Pluto, so the emotions were intense, but not fulfilling. He brought squares to my moon, which falls in my first house, so affected no only my emotions but was stressful enough to affect my well being. However, his Saturn is trine, so I see that as maybe stabilizing the relationship enough to work on the squares. His Pluto also conjuncts Uranus – these fall in my 10th house. So what we have is his P/U in my 10th house squaring my first house moon, but not ascendant and my P/J in his 4th house squaring his 6th house moon and asc/des – which his 6th house moon/neptune conjuncts. When I would try to address relationship issues about us, he always talked about issues with his past relationships and will not address our issues. Any thoughts?

  13. In my last relationship I was Pluto (Scorpio) and he was the Moon (Leo). Close square. To say I was consumed with craving and obsessive desire would be an understatement. And yet, he had the knife. Because ultimately, because of these tenacious and consuming feelings of mine, *he* could get *me* to do just about anything he wanted. Power and control indeed.

  14. Avatar
    12th house orchestra

    sssiiiiiggghhhh… Pluto.. Pluto… Pluto… where do i even begin… With my moon squaring, (well.. i guess im still in the friendzone with him) my friend’s pluto and his moon opposing my pluto… also my venus trines his pluto… from my side, it feels like my emotional state is controlled by him. Mind you, we’ve never met in person, this is someone i know via social media, we’ve skyped and since we’ve started talking not a day goes by that we haven’t messaged each other. I certainly have looked forward to those messages. Our conversations usually borders on the emotional tones… when he’s down about something… he messages me… we talk.. he’s so confusing sometimes as well, i can’t tell if what he says is true or not, about his emotional states, sometimes, i feel like we’re so close, then suddenly he gets cold and distanced.. must be cause his neptune is opposite my venus… in our relationship.. whatever it is, it feels like im the one who drowns in his depths, consumed, taken beneath the surface… deep down to his abyss… and the sad part is.. I don’t know why I let myself get carried away like that…

  15. My boyfriend and I are both Plutonian. His Pluto tribes my Venus 1 degree, conjunction my ascendant 5 degrees my Pluto squares his Mars 3 degrees and trines his moon 7 degrees. Will the moon trine Pluto still be felt at 7 degrees. We also have Saturn conjunction sun and moon trine Saturn and moon sextile Saturn to ground the transformations

  16. Current relationship is the epitome of Pluto in my life. How I handle it? First there was tremendous fear. Then I found a diamond in the rough. Being taught thing S I didn’t want to face. A lot of helping of each other through hard times. Then a lot of sex and then a lot of jealousy and fighting. Accusations. Mistrust. Sometimes downright evil and scheming. Then pregnancy. Then now shit just got real and we have serious decisions to make. Ego-clashes. One minute it’s I love you to the next it’s I hate you. Trying to get to the best outcome.
    Pluto, has been in my tail for awhile even before this relationship though. He’s just a convenient way to express it.

  17. sun conjunct moon. mars/venus cnj mars in 8th house,
    his pluto in my 12th house to my planets sextile sun, square moon/venus/mars, quintile mercury, conjunct uranus/jupiter
    my pluto?? only a square to his uranus…

    met him. felt like someone put a defibrillator on my chest. he was all over me. he reminded me of someone from the past a little bit. he effed up our whole night later with a brawl and ended at the police station (or so i thought… more happened there). i still couldn’t resist contacting him (but we may had met again anyway). asking him to finish that night as we started… and let’s have sex. i had the hots for him somehow so why not? he agreed. then as i came up on the street he literally run away from me home… nobody knew why. i felt swayed, ashamed. i went ‘psycho’ sent some idiotic emitonal msg-es… and he started swaying me left and right and playing disgusting degenerated games with me for 3 weeks. it was horrible and karmic. now if i look at his picture or he stands next to me i feel very repulsed and he looks at me the same way.

  18. I have a Moon/Pluto conj in my chart in Virgo. Most Virgo women like me but it seems a lot of Virgo men DO NOT.
    How do I deal with it? I stay away now as much as I can from Virgo men. The female Virgo contacts are mostly superficial (work etc) but I have a Virgo female friend who is really great at getting me out into the world or getting me to try different things. She lives outside my state but we have met up several times and we enjoy doing things together. It’s not intense-just super pleasant.

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