Astro Fairy Day!

fairy landscapeAstro Fairy is a longtime client of mine. I’ve helped her with many different things over the years. She sees people struggling and she wants to pitch in by gifting a consultation to someone in need who can’t afford to pay.  She wants to do this once a month, for the dual purpose of helping you and supporting the site.

If you’ve got something you need help with but you’ve not got the funds, please let us know in the comments. Astro Fairy is an evening person so she’ll be around late morning to choose someone.

This will be a 30 minute consultation by phone, skype or zoom. It sounds like a small amount of time for your large problem, but you’d be surprised at what can be achieved!

If you’re interested, please leave a comment.

Thanks, Astro Fairy!

Astro Fairy made her choice. Thanks, everyone.


18 thoughts on “Astro Fairy Day!”

  1. Thank you Astro fairy and Elsa I am 71 and been following my astrology for decades Currently I find myself with my beloved cat alone trying to afford my wholistic health care which is necessary but insurance does not cover Waiting on a manisfest deal to go thru to bring in resources guidance is apprey

  2. Good morning Astro Fairy,
    My mars conjonct transit Neptune. My Venus was or still hit by Pluto. It is a long journey. I am confused.
    Thank you to read me,
    Have a nice day,
    Mme M

  3. Good morning Astro Fairy and Elsa. I am a solo parent with a five year old son. Elsa did a wonderful reading for me a few months ago when my landlady asked us to move because she was selling the flat we were renting. We did find a new place, it is a miracle. I had to empty my bank account and keep interviewing for any job to continue to put food on the table. I would love to have another reading with Elsa to see when I will gain full employment again and when my finances will improve. Thank you for your generosity. I hope that one day I can be in a position to offer a reading to someone in need. It feels like such an amazing gift. Wishing you all a wonderful day. Thank you again, Carmen

  4. Thank you astro faery. I am 68 this summer and again struggling with self esteem issues. I feel the odds are stacked against me. I don’t know how I can make amends. Any reading from you would help me feel better.

  5. Hello Astro Fairy 🩵
    When I read the “22nd” on Elsa’s email, I felt like this might be meant for me 👀
    It’s my 30th birthday! And I am feeling ultra depressed 😅 which is interesting. Such a big life chapter coming to a close and uncomfortable about everything in my world ..
    Taiyla xx

  6. Hello, Astro Fairy and Elsa–I am deeply motivated and interested in this lovely gift AND may not be in a position at this transitional juncture to wait for a turn of the wheel on this. But I am touched that the offer exists.

  7. Avatar
    Barbara McDonald

    Hello there, first thank you for the freebie for whomever wins. I’m struggling right now with my dad who lives in home hospice with me, my grandaughter who is 5 and I have legal guardanship for and working for a start up company. I will need to sell my house before the summer because my grandaughters school will be too far, and I need to be closer….and i’m a lost right now all around. Some guidance would be appreciated.

  8. Good morning Astro Fairy,
    Thank you for your generosity in gifting a reading with Elsa to a chosen few lucky ones. I’d love to be included!


  9. This is try #3. I tried to write a ‘why” I would like to be selected for a reading, however, I did not like them. They were too ‘gamey'”. So here it is straight from the heart. I am wondering what is going on , as nothing “happened” during Jupiter conjunct my ASC, and with Jupiter conjunct Uranus 1st house. But with tomorrows aspects all that could be null and void with activity in my chart. My natal Pluto is at 2 Leo 4th house and opposing transiting Pluto 2 Aquarius in the 10th.. Having a Uranus return in 1st house, Uranus 25 Taurus. Feeling very frustrated.
    Thanking you in advance for your attention to my note.

  10. Betty, you have been selected today, for a reading with Elsa!
    To everyone else, thank you for writing in. Hang in there.❤️

  11. Triple Leo here with sun and moon 12th house stellium ugh it’s been rough and feeling invisible. Thanks for your kind offer💜

  12. oh, this is always a wonderful opportunity! I’d love a reading – the past few years have been intense and lately Ive been deep in my feels, my 12th House Sun feels invisible to the World!

  13. Astro Fairy – just finished my reading with Elsa. It was the perfect gift at the perfect time (given today aspects. I got so much cleared up/cleared out from the reading.Elsa is very straight forward in her presenting the material . That was exactly what I needed and so appreciated her professionalism in sorting our the gravity of the material we discussed. Appreciate your kind spirit to provide such an offer for folks.

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