Bound Together, Equally- Saturn In Love

chain linksI had a client the other day, she’s one of those people who are “bound”.  Specifically, she has harsh aspects from Saturn.

Her husband has no such thing in his chart. It seems this strains a relationship.

I am “bound”. My husband is bound. My son is bound. We’ve all got things we know we have to do. We feel pressure, internally. We’ve learned to respond to it, and discipline ourselves in various ways.

This gal is carrying far more burden then her husband.  She might like to skip off…but she can’t because she’s bound!

As an example, just because one person can leave their kids, doesn’t mean you can. Just because a person can skip out on a bill, doesn’t mean that you can.

Well, you can do anything you want. But you know if you do the wrong thing, the repercussions will be horrendous.

I feel sorry this woman. The consultation has stayed with me for days.

I understand there are positive things that can manifest in a circumstance like this. But most of the things I can think of, depend on the person with all the freedom, devoting themselves to the person who is bound, in love.  I am not sure how common that is.

This has left me feeling aware and grateful that my husband and I are bound, and bound together, equally.

Is your relationship similar? Or is one partner bound, the other a free(er) bird?

16 thoughts on “Bound Together, Equally- Saturn In Love”

  1. Most men I’ve dated don’t have Saturn in their chart or seem to have the same burden I do. Although I did date two that had Saturn in the 10th, I never talked to them after but I found out one of them became really fat. He was a looker too. But the other I have no clue what happened.

    And yes for me, I don’t get a free pass.

  2. Can you share some of the aspects she had that made her so bound? I definitely am, with sun conjunct saturn and chiron (5H). I’m to an extreme as well and wonder what else could be contributing…?

  3. I am definitely bound and super Saturn-influenced. My double Taurus, Libra moon husband is not. However his Saturn sits right on my Moon Pluto so it works. He lightens me up. I deepen him.

  4. hubby and I both have Moon conjunct Saturn in 7th house..
    I’m most content, my Juno sits on his North Node, 2nd house, my North Node sits on his Neptune 12th house. In my attempt to study astrology, his actions are now understandably.

  5. Everyone in my family has a nice dollop of Saturn. (Cap Suns, Saturn in the 1st, Saturn aspecting the Sun). Does this bother me? Not in the slightest. None of us want to do the idiotic crap people think they’re getting away with. Better to get it right on the first try.

  6. Here’s a couple of examples. Stepson’s mother left him at a young age “to live her own life” and “not be tied down by a kid”.

    That’s not the kind of thing I’d want on my conscience. And all for what? She left this kid with psychological scars just so she could party and sleep around.

    Does that seem “worth it”?

    Or how about stepson? Parties like it’s 1999. Seems to be living the high life. But at what cost? Broken family ties, resentment all around, taking advantage of his grandparents, nothing to show for his partying – many lost loves and a jail stint for trying to off one.

    No thanks. If this is what Saturn prevents, I’m glad he’s there to steady me.

    1. I love the image of steadying rather than oppressing. My ex left his kids and hooked up with a woman who left hers that are the same age as mine. They moved in together before either one was divorced, both are having to have wages garnished to enforce child support payments and while it pains my kids, I am thankful I am bound to them. I keep thinking what empty lives those other two are leading in their eternal quest for fun and freedom.

  7. i have noticed that my ex’s had heavy 10th house. or midheaven 10th house. their 10th is prominent in some way. Consistently their sun and/or venus /midheaven is at 10th. So weird.

  8. Scorpio Saturn/Moon/Pluto in the second squaring all my Leo planets. My spouse is Scorpio Rising conjunct Scorpio Venus/Saturn/Pluto. No free pass for me, probably not in this lifetime. For every slip-up or mistake I make in regards to my values or principles, I physically lose something like my teeth, lose my stability and get fractures, lose emotional support, etc. It’s not fun. We are bounded by an extreme imbalance that we have yet to resolve. When we’re good, we’re REALLY good. When we’re bad, we’re REALLY bad…no in between.

  9. Bound..Saturn conjunct Moon conjunct South node in Aquarius..
    It is karmic spiritual – the feminine, the nature and the collective.

  10. I’m the leaving example of this! Despite my South Node in Aries, my Saturn-Venus conjunction has prevented me from doing something stupid more than once over the last 20 years – I am happily “bound” (aka married) to my high school sweet heart!

  11. Interesting…. What I’ve found in my closest relationships and there have been many is that they all had Saturn and Sun or Venus harsh aspects to my chart. Another interesting thing…. the last three 10 year, 4 year and 4 year relationships have broken up after Uranus by trine or conjunction hit their Venus. They opted for the new love interest. Interesting data and I will input it for the next relationship. No more hard aspects to Saturn.

  12. Im not sure if Im bound so anyone- I have saturn opposite venus- I’m serious concerning relationships. I think right now I’m bound to a vision of love. I think this ‘bound’ stuff may play out for me in the future. I do have venus in the 9th house. Its kind of scary to think about for saturn/venus- being that devoted to someone.

  13. My boyfriend has an exakt sun-saturn square; saturn in Capricorn smack on his MC. Entrepreneurial, structured, disciplined and the hardest worker I know. I am the one that tells him to just relax and that everything in life aren’t goals he must achieve – some things are just meant to be enjoyed 🙂 Jupiter is a prominent planet in my chart, so of course this is what I bring into his life. Good, cause I could really use some of that Saturn.. I’d say I’m definitely guilty of giving up too easily.

    At another time we probably would’ve been like the couple in your consultation, but I guess we were lucky to meet now when we’re actually willing to listen. And then learn!

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Aquarius Saturn in 5th that squares natal Taurus moon(8th), natal Scorpio venus(2nd) and Cancer mars(10th)
    So tough 2nd Saturn return regarding love emotions and how Ive been playing them out.
    Nothing compared to my roommates natal Scorpio stellium(including Venus) oppozite his the current transiting Taurus Uranus, Taurus Moon,Taurus nestled in the 10th house.bless them…

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