Sticking Around To Grapple The Opponent & Win


I was talking to client early this morning, like 5 am. He’s a double Gemini with Mars and Jupiter in the 9th house.  Neither of us are likely to sleep in. We both tend to push ahead, wanting to move ahead, unimpeded.

He’s annoyed with Mars in Virgo and Saturn retrograde in Pisces. It’s easy to understand. He’s got a lot of company if we’re talking about being pissed off and hung up at the same time. Mars is triggering him, of course. I had an idea.

He’s naturally competitive, Mutable and he has perspective. I suggested rather than worrying about when the stress would end, why not consider himself in a wrestling match?  The idea then is to grapple and take the other person (or problem or issue or trigger), out at this time? Why not stay in the ring and finish it once and for all.

I think this gave him a mission and some peace of mind as well.  Because some of us are like this. If we know what we’re doing, we’re fine!

Can you relate? Can you stay in the ring long enough to prevail over whatever it is that’s dogging you?

8 thoughts on “Sticking Around To Grapple The Opponent & Win”

  1. I think l am my own opponent. I have been trying to hold the centre. I dont have much energy to deal with people…but l have stuck with my new routine ( trans. Uranus 3rd Hs) l get up early and go to bed early.l love mornings best. My enemy (myself) ate too much ice-cream (trans. Jupt. sq nat.Uranus in Leo 6th hse). I couldn’t/ wouldn’t stop eating ice-cream.This is something l never do. I am very careful with diet. I have to be. Trans Chiron squ.nat. Mars 20 Cancer (Ruler Moon Leo 6th) didnt help…and Venus retro. is sq. my Jupt. Scorp.conj MC…triggering Natal Chiron 12th and the rest. It is a symbol for me… the Too much. All at once. And then what…??

    Everything feels like it is being wound tighter…l cant run around and Do…the best l can do is Be.

    Today, l will walk and breathe and maybe do the dishes Karma yoga style.

  2. Well giving up isn’t a viable option? I think the older you get wait and see is just built in.its
    Going so fast, anyways, I think we are experiencing two years in one. at the very beginning of my garden experiences, I learned about the farmers almanac, which instructed the three good parts of the month to plant Scorpio, cancer, and Pisces, and also taught the part of time in the month prior to the new moon, and it was called the dark of the moon. The dark of the moon has characteristically an unexpected heat, unexpected cooling unexpected rain event and noticeable wind so I paid attention to this over 40 years and what I began to think last year was that it’s happening every three weeks ?I listen to a National Geographic scientist in January he said the earth has a significant weather event every 18 days and I think now , here it’s only 14 or 15 days between this high ,low temperature change ,windy and wet moments and I couldn’t figure out why ?? now I think we’re spinning faster and in 30 days it’s really equivalent to 60 days and that’s why we see the predictions related to weather changing around here ?we are a little island and where the boats come in the water is only a foot down ,seawater,they said in 40 years we would no longer have a harbor so we would have to build alternate roads then they ( our conservation groups) reduced it to 20 years I’m not so sure where it stands today ?but I’m going to guess in less than 10 years we will ,here, loose our ports and downtown areas😱Hard to think about but definitely not time to give up.
    I believe what is taken shall be given no guesses what will be given but something for sure? covid took a lot of time but it gave a different approach. I mean we’re more graceful in the grocery store now and jumping on the back of your neck anymore it’s going to fast to worry about ,just gotta stay in the game.

  3. Yes yes yes! I need this mindset!

    I’m Mars in Venus and Saturn in Pisces. Sometimes too much Virgo hitting my own Virgo is very nerve wracking and jumping but I think the Saturn is a good teacher.

  4. I’ve got some health issues that are chronic so I’m having to learn patience. I want them resolved once and for all but they are still with me. I think this struggle is going to be with me awhile. I guess the opponent in my case is the health issues vs. me. Will I be able to keep fighting on when I feel so tired? I’m determined not to give up though. I would like to end up being the victor, triumphing not only over the health conditions but also learning to overcome all the fears along with them and becoming a better person in the end.

  5. Was it Old Moore’s Almanac, Raerae? My father–a farmer always used one.
    I’d certainly call the fires in Greece an event and the heat in Europe the states too. I dont do well in the heat. Cold here. It is winter. Dormant in the garden. Cabbages beginning to turn inward to make hearts. Mmmm. Yes, turning inward.
    Not planting potatoes yet. Frosts not done. I always have chats with the Italians about the tomatoes (when that time comes) ‘that time’ has not the same for a good number of years now…
    I manage health too, Marissa. Cant fight.l can only go with it. It is a physical command…or l fall down. No soldiering on possible. The frustration has to go somewhere. I turned it in to drawings. Not very good ones atm. And housework. And there are other things harder to explain…Small irritations become huge. I cant seem to…l cant even…frame it. I will start there.. or not. Key word: ambivalence.

    1. Dianne, yes it’s frustrating having chronic health issues that have to be managed. Before this, sometimes I used to run from problems or other times confront head on and resolve them but there’s no running from my body and I can’t just heal my body over night. I have had to learn patience and try to maintain hope that things will get better. I first turned to writing to help get me through this and now my eyes are hurting so less writing. I’ve turned to using an audio recorder to voice my thoughts.

      1. I didn’t mean ‘you’ were comparing yourself to others. Im a tired and error prone atm. Time to put the machine away.

  6. Yes, Marissa. Slowly, slowly one day at a time. It IS frustrating esp. if you compare yourself to others…we are working with limitations but what we can do is important too.
    Have a better day today.

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