Weekend Love Forecast – Run, Run As Fast As You Can!


Friday afternoon, the Sagittarius Moon quincunxes Jupiter then bounds on to trine Chiron overnight. The Moon slingshots the mood away from impediment and the grind, into a rowdy, bawdy sprint for growth. The mood IS the growth. Appreciate it.

Mercury heads into Virgo on Friday, picking up an applying opposition to retro Saturn; but that could actually work in our favor. Mercury slays in Virgo, and we’ll get a chance to figure out what the deal is. Slow and steady but with all faculties on board is peak Virgo-Pisces Mercury-Saturn. If it’s not making sense and you can’t get around it, slow down and narrow your focus. You may find a secret garden.

All weekend long, Mars in Virgo heads into trine with Jupiter in Taurus, and retro Venus in Leo squares Taurus Uranus. Snappy movement speeds us along at a smart pace, thrilling, fun, fortunate. What we’re after, tho, that’s the trick question. It’s a twist, but a twist spices things up. Spice keep us going… faster and smarter.

Saturday night, the late Sadge Moon squares retro Neptune and trines retro Venus. We’re messed around in what we want and unclear in what we need; AND IT’S A MOOD. It’s also a mood that runs from moods. BUT, we need to run toward pleasure. Indulge, get free and run toward whatever makes you feel like YOU (within reason and safely). Watch out for drunks and lying to yourself. At the end of the night, the Moon hits Capricorn and a trine to Mercury. That is to say, it ends with a good, solid story (if you do the right thing).

Sunday morning, the Capricorn Moon sextiles retro Saturn. Go back and finish up (or restart) what you’ve left for later. You’ll feel much better, and it’s likely to lead to far more interesting problems. The Moon then heads into a grand trine with Mars and Jupiter, and if you’re not beating yourself up for what you’ve left undone (or did last night), this is delightful! You can make so much headway and feel good about yourself to boot.

Do you have any weekend plans?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Run, Run As Fast As You Can!”

  1. Spice is ice running towards feeling good!
    Sign me up!Need to cut flowers, kinda hurts
    But end result all this beauty and color
    Shared in many a home! Jumping in,
    I am going to kiss each bloom, thanx for permission to Feel!

    1. I can see all those beauties, Raerae!! Grown through a season, yea. Nasturtiums here have gone bodacious this year, they are spicy flower food.

  2. Ha, lol, got into a big fight with my sister, and was being judged unfairly too.

    So yeah, big snap and big bang.

    But I did got time to go a half mile in a current pleasure project this weekend. That’s something at least. Venus Leo sun stuff (5th house and Leo is always blissful, even if egos are being fired up)

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