What Is “In Depth” Astrology?

zodiac dresssI’m gearing up for my Blood and Guts Astro class which will begin in August. I want to get into the meat of things. This is necessary to truly benefit from astrology.

As an example, relationships have truly become a trouble spot in the lives of many. You may even feel like you hate everyone! What’s going on here?

Has it always been this way but you never realized it?
Is it your chart?
Is it not your chart, but you think it is?
Is it simply how screwed up everyone is but you?
Do you persist in acting out bad patterns in relationships because you can’t see a way out?
Are you always a bridesmaid, never a bride – why?
Are you partnered but unhappy?
Are you ambivalent about being in a relationship at all?
Do you constantly fight with people?
Is control a factor in your relationships?
Are you self-protective to a fault?
Are you addicted to a certain psychodrama you recreate over and over?
Are your expectations insane?
Do you have the wrong idea of what’s right for you?
Are you paying so much attention to the astrology that you neglect the person in front of you?
Are you trying to go back in time to recapture a feeling you had at some earlier period in your life?
Are you hopelessly commitment-phobic?
Are you uncompromising or hard-headed?

That’s a long list, but it could be a lot longer. Lest you think I’m standing on a platform looking down at you, understand I have personally done everything on that list and plenty more! If there is an error to be made, I’ve made it; and in most cases, I’ve made it more than once! But if you run through these questions and answer them honestly, you’re bound to get some kind of insight.

Generally speaking, insight is like a seed. Stick it in the ground and fantastic things can happen.

I’m wanting get into these lower levels; diving for gold, basically. Why does a person do what they do or feel how they feel, really?

Can you see yourself on that list?

4 thoughts on “What Is “In Depth” Astrology?”

  1. “Are you trying to go back in time to recapture a feeling you had at some earlier period in your life?”
    Absolutely. Have been since early teens. Nostalgia for the adventure of discovery, the idea that we can become anybody we want, the illusion of endless opportunity. Hence my abiding love for books and old movies. Is it my 3rd house Sun–9th house Neptune opposition? Or is it the universal human condition?

  2. Hello Warped.

    I have big 3/9th opps.too, but when l read ‘the illusion of endless opportunity’ and needing nostalgia…l thought yeh…nup. Then l thought…Let’s do the time warp again…
    For some it is important and down right necessary to connect to the past.Following the thread… For others they must cut ties, by remembering where they have come from and leaving it behind.

    I have solved a puzzle that has taken me 30+ years to crack…a doorway from there to now.

    The centre of the circle.

    I have been chucking out the old and sorting and clearing for a while now.

    Someone’s trash is someone elses treasure. Well, l hope so.

    Cant argue about the books thing. I am reading ‘Women who run with the wolves’. I didnt finish it last time. It is speaking to me in a different way. Timing is everything.

  3. This is so perfect for Venus about to go retrograde tomorrow.

    I imagine a lot of people may be reviewing and asking themselves those questions – if they don’t bother, then events may crop up that forces them to take stock and review them (hence the classic age old ex resurfacing scenario to jog their memory!)

    I will be looking at those questions myself, I can see certain chart placements straightaway from some of the questions!

  4. Hello ElsaElsa hope all is well with you love , I will be totally excited if you can use my chart which you already have , and please help me deal with the opposition I’ve been having in my life for ever ! As you know I have as you I’ve got 5 placements in Sagittarius, Venus,Neptune,NN,rising,sun
    Now I have a Gemini moon at 19degrees with my southnode in Gemini 😩my ex is a Gemini sun at 15 degrees. It feels like he’s the never needing exfactor he keeps coming towards and at this point I just don’t understand why , mind you we broke up 13 yrs ago 😳 I’m not sure what’s his issues w me ! Also my brother is a Gemini as well and he and I stay going to wars w He’s incomprehensible at all turns it’s crazy his ego always wins for him which in turn I just understand cause he’s way older then me . Anyhow point is if my chart can be of any help to you then take upon yourself to please go deep w it cause I know there’s a lot of shit on my chart that I need to handle properly.
    Anyhow thanks once again elsaelsa for all you do and please babe keep making YouTube videos, TikTok shorts we need you on the platforms sharing your talent
    Anyhow here’s a friendly sisterly 😘

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