Stories So Horrible No One Believes Them

I watched a movie on Amazon yesterday – Alison. If you’re easily triggered by violence against women, I would stop right here.  Everyone one – brace yourself.

The movie is about a woman who was snatched and raped by two men. They also cut her throat; and  that’s an understatement.  If you want to know more, you’ll have to watch the film.  If you do, you’ll learn that she was also stabbed dozens of times, disemboweled and left die in the middle of nowhere.

She survived. It is an incredible story and a lot easier to watch than you might think. That alone is a miracle. When you’re dealing with something like this, editing is key. If you want people to get the message contained in a story like this, you’ve got to make sure you don’t gross them out too much or they’ll click off.

I went through this will my book. We had to leave most of it out. The man who helped me with it told me that if anything else happened to “this girl” who was “me”, people would put the book down.  That left ninety-five percent of my life on the cutting room floor.

I was talking to a friend about the film; there is a small fragment of the movie given to the main perpetrator.  If you’re savvy or knowledgeable about psychopaths, you’ll probably be as disturbed by it as I was.

“I bet they thought long and hard about doing that, I said. “I’m not sure I would have. But they have all the cops on there, and the doctors who took care of her in the emergency room. They have her friends who visited her during her recovery, etc. It occurred to me, if they did not have these people, and their faces with their mouths moving, no one would believe this.  They’d not believe this had actually happened to her and I’ll tell you why I think that is, if you want.”


“Because it didn’t happen to them. And people are so surrounded by their own image at this time, nothing else is real. If it didn’t happen to them it does not exist, it must be made up and it doesn’t count.”

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  1. Gosh, what kind of movies are you watching Elsa?

    I guess part of denying is self preservation. You can’t drop the veil, you can’t dissolve boundaries in some cases or you will go insane.

  2. I read your book and believed every single word of it and knew when I was finished knew you could probably write 15 more if you wanted to, or needed to. I went from start to finish and read the whole thing….then I had to push away for a moment and went back and read it again.

    There is no doubt in reading it that you lived every moment and there was no doubt that it was just a sample of what you have lived through.

    I have no idea how you survived it and came out on the other end a giving person.

    1. Thank you, soup. You’re right of course!

      And I wonder how people can go through so little and be so little, lol. 🙂

      Anyway, I relate to this gal, a lot. She’s funny. It’s worth watching just to hear what she says when her friends come see her in the hospital.

      I think you might have to be this kind of person to understand this kind of person. I am not sure if it’s a quality, baked in, or something you can acquire. But there are stories like this for a reason and if you can’t see them or believe them, it probably keeps you on a pretty short leash.

      It’s so important to realize that not everyone is like *you*. It’s like the people who jump on the subway track to save someone’s life. Invariably, they say they didn’t even think about it. It’s their nature. And this woman – it was just not her day to die, even though she expected to. 🙂

  3. And I wonder how people can go through so little and be so little.
    I do too. But, then I think there is no way for them to understand …

    Yesterday my oldest granddaughter watched me doing business with a person who was very rude. When we left she said, you are so nice to people who are mean…but you keep being nice. Don’t you want to say something back? It makes me mad.

    I told her to remember her bully at school. And, how it makes her feel. I told her to remember that no one can ruin your day or your life if you don’t let them. I told her she was in control just as I am in control of all the things that have happened to me or will happen to me. I told her she will have to navigate these kinds of people all her life and they will never win.

    Some people just have no empathy. They claim to be sensitive or empathic but their every action and word speaks to the opposite of that.

    I watched this movie. It is an incredible story. Talk about the will to live…to overcome. When I hear, read, see this kind of thing it reinforces everything I believe in. You don’t have to go with them, the people that try to destroy your soul. You can rise above it. It’s not easy.

    If in action she watched me turn ugly what would she learn from that? I realize they are watching. I don’t want her to feel defeated by anything. No matter how horrible. We have the ability to rise above the most horrible things. And, isn’t this the best payback? To live a life of goodness anyway? To carry on even after the most horrible things happen? And, then have the ability to show someone else how to do the same.

    These kinds of stories are important. They need to be shared even when its uncomfortable to watch them.

    1. Thank you! It also shows there is free will to some extent. And if you never hear of a story like this, you’re liable to believe what people who wish to dis-empower you want you to believe. That you can’t! That there is no God, there is no grace. Nothing is worth anything, especially you!

      She really wasn’t having any of it. I love her train of thought. It’s how my mind works too. You can read my exact thoughts in my book.

      Here’s another survivor/thinker

      You find yourself in come circumstance and then what?

      I always write about how Mercury is undervalued in astrology This is reason #77! 🙂

  4. Maybe everyone should watch this movie, triggered or not. I’m a Libra, and I’ve seen Se7en and Joan of Arc. Not to mention countless grisly horror movies thanks to my late hubby.

    I mean, you can’t pretend the dark side of life doesn’t exist. You can close your eyes all you want, it still happens, even to you. I watched the first season of Outlander recently and from what I understand, violence and rape were common centuries ago in Europe. This stuff still happens!

    1. Again, it’s not as hard to watch as you’d think. There is no gratuitous violence. It’s not unnecessarily graphic or gory.

      It’s not exploitative. And there is a gain here.

      Sometimes you have to go outside what is normal or average in order to touch the divine.

      I did cry, I’ll tell you that. For the woman, but it was the man who found her on the road that did me in. When they got to him and the hospital, I was openly sobbing.

      I’d much rather be exposed to this than the every day hatred / venom / insults that are flung around daily on facebook, twitter… my email and occasionally this blog.

      It’s worth the trouble to be exposed to WHATEVER will snap you out of small-minded misery and especially any habit you have of causing others grief because of your little hangnail. There are bigger things out there; bigger beyond anything any of us can conceive of.

      1. It’s worth the trouble to be exposed to WHATEVER will snap you out of small-minded misery and especially any habit you have of causing others grief because of your little hangnail. There are bigger things out there; bigger beyond anything any of us can conceive of.
        If it takes seeing something like this for people to understand what real devastation is, what real fear is, what real sorrow is, what a real near death experience is, what its like to have the worst possible things happen to you….then it needs to be seen. The beauty in this story is that she was brave enough to share the worst possible horror with others. And, its an actual real story. Not a made up movie. This actually happened.

        It’s like what we talked about once. We were talking about me making everything like a picnic, fairyland, a place where nothing but wonderful happens. And, while that is nice and dreamy…where are the real lessons I have to teach to prepare people I love for unfortunate circumstances. I have that to offer. I have lived it. And, they might be better served to understand now that in the real world these things happen and if you know, you are armed in a way…in a way you might be better able to cope and overcome such an ordeal.

        I don’t forget that conversation. So, while I do offer the ‘fairyland’ now, I also offer some other things that might help survival when I am not here to help them get through it.

        Things like these need to be seen. There is a dark side to human nature that some folks don’t recognize until they are faced with it alone and unable to escape it.

        I could write a book about my first 12 years. It wouldn’t be anything comparable, but its dark and awful just the same. I don’t sit around and sulk because of it. I was able to come out on the other side stronger and better equipped because of it. I would rather it didn’t happen, and I wonder what it would be like to be one of the lucky people that get to be born into wealth and overabundance where nothing bad has ever happened.

        I suppose if that had been the hand I was dealt I wouldn’t have what I have to offer. What I have to offer is definitely what my family has needed.

  5. I think this is how I have felt most of my life. It has been so extreme, so emotionally violent, chaotic and judgemental (from other people putting me in their own boxes because they can’tdeal with the shit of life) that I sometimes have felt like avoiding any human beings that couldn’t acknowledge my scars.

    But, as time pass, I shrug. People are people, and I am no better or worse than others.
    The best thing we can do is to own our stories and everything in them and accept that not all people have the heart or brains or empathy to accept these things happens to ordinary people. They must live in closed eyed happiness of their own dping, ubtil someone else rip the bandage off.

    I think there is a lot of Neptune/Merc energy in this….

  6. Avatar
    10,000 daydreams

    I have recently become deeply humbled by the evil in this world, and by my own ignorance of it. I haven’t had a perfect life. But there is an undercurrent of deep darkness of which I was unaware. And thankfully so I might add. It has left me very quiet, and very very grateful to God for the goodness in my life.

    I am talking about QAnon and the revelations given therein. It is your choice to know. http://www.neonrevoltDOTcom

    All that is left for me to do, is to allow my heart to be filled with compassion for those who have suffered and have survived. And to help them in every way I can. Elsa, you inspire me. God bless.

  7. Denial of truths in life is rampant in today’s culture. One just spins their story to make it palatable for others! We need to hear about the strength of others’ spirits in horrible situations to dig down to find our own strengths! That said, I find violence really hard to deal with emotionally.

  8. Just watched it this morning. What a beautiful film and an inspiring story- I loved the hugs at the end, may that evil never be released. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I think a lot of people have this self image thats shattered when seeing dark stuff. Seeing dark stuff tells them two things that they dont want to face. One is that it could happen to them. And two is that they might be capable of such darkness themselves.

    But ya know, most everyone that has been exposed to darkness has usually done so unwillingly.

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