Solar Eclipse 2023: Major Power Shift Underway

lightningThis morning, I wrote my newsletter, Changing Of The Guard. I feel this. The perception was strong enough, I committed by sending that letter. Six hours later, these feelings have intensified.

If I turn 360 degrees to look in any direction, I see the same theme.  Personally, professionally, collectively. In my life and in yours.  Power is changing hands and in most cases there is loss involved.  Pluto. I expect this to continue through next week.

While we have some flow back and forth with Saturn in Pisces, and Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn, these changes are deep and I wonder if the transformation (Pluto) is already Fixed.

If so, we’d all be flowing around the new paradigm, trying to figure out how we’re going to live and who we’re going to be in the future, which appears to be “now” or very nearly, “now”.

I also notice our collective “denial” function is being handled by Saturn in Pisces.  I want to say, it’s like some twisted cosmic joke but in reality, it’s just life unfolding. But holy cow. The lightning strikes to the core.

Got planets at early degrees of Mutable or Fixed signs? What’s happening in your life?

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  1. I am really scared. My astro chart placements are easy to be shot down, like sitting ducks.
    No mercy for the Fixed…Pluto/Uranus dance here makes me feel threatened and pressured, so hard to remain detached.

    1. I’m not scared, lol. I’ll just let pluto mow me down, like hell. Almost lost my literal home and pluto has just entered my 8th house. This will be a bumpy road for me I know, I have venus 8th house Aquarius as well. I did my solar return for this year I noticed part of fortune conjunct 4th house cusp. I can’t begin to think about saturn conjunct my sun in the 10th, don’t want to retire just yet.

        1. 11 years of watching these transits sitting at the edge of my seat 🤣 and very little happens. People die of old age, get in accidents get sick even if you’re having the best transit! Live large regardless of what a transit suggests. Great things can happen too! Fear is a life ruiner! 😘 I bet you’ll come through it fine ❤️

    2. I have mostly cardinal planets at the mid degrees and I got through 2008-2022. I want to say – that you’ll be fine. Oh and I have a load of planets and my angles in fixed signs, too. I don’t think anyone really catches a break here on planet Earth. Don’t let knowing astrology be a disadvantage. It’s an advantage!

  2. Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn at 0 Aqua. Administrative transition next week!) (finally and I should be hearing if I have a job next year and if yes, what it will entail. The rumors I’ve heard is that it will be yes, but I’m not going to like the changes that will take place. We’ll see.
    Fingers xx

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    Isabella Johnson

    Reversal of fortune in literally every single part of me life. Fear anxiety and lack of faith I’ll ever be okay again. Visions of homelessness and poverty. Good times

  4. I have a Capricorn Saturn in the 10th natally so it could be home or work issues. Both are up in the air but the eclipse is sextile my Gem Sun and trine my natal Pluto in Virgo. I’ll hope for an easy time of it.

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    Pamela Stewart

    Got the order, thanks Elsa! will be absorbing this at length. I have natal Saturn in Aq 12th house, just dealt with second Saturn return. Natal Saturn square Neptune in 8th. Now Pluto in Aq 12th house for next 20 years until end of my life!! Frankly all I can say is I’m glad I’m now retired and no longer have to “be normal” in exchange for income during this immensely strange nebulous time to come.

  6. My moon is in the 4th house at 2 degrees Gemini. My mother passed away just a few days ago. I will have to sell the house we lived in for decades. And now Pluto will go back across my ascendant. Does this never end?

    1. I am so sorry for your loss.. I really hear you! I do hope your Mum had a good, peaceful death (pluto trines your moon).
      I share this planetary dynamics. Pluto trine to late earth and early air signs may support us, regenrate us, despite the drama and pain! I stick to that.

      I have Asc early Aqua opposite Saturn 29 Cancer and Mars 5 Leo square Uranus 3 Scorpio. Plus Chiron 29 Aries exactly the spot of the eclipse ( more pain coming in).
      My Venus and Vesta are 29 Taurus, followed by IC at 4 and Sun at 5 Gemini.

    2. I’m very sorry for your loss Margaret. Just know that we are thinking of you and if you wish to communicate with anyone, what a great forum to do so, with a bunch of Astro-buds. My husband passed last November and it’s been sureal to say the least. A time for endings and new beginnings.

  7. This is true, I feel insecure,at a deep level, something I have never felt before.
    I see a huge shift in my Pyche and how I perceive the World now.
    What I want to do and. Where I want to live.
    I have strong boundaries now, I see different people as my friends.
    It’s a total and Complete shift.
    Yes with some loss.
    But ultimately Gain at a higher level.
    Thank you for the insight, Elsa.

  8. Let me count my chickens. 4 they are, 4 fixed planets. After pluto crossing moon, rising and saturn return. Now saturn squares natal sun. It’s never over. Busy planets.

    1. I recieved a call from my dad that my uncle told them that i can collect insurance money so that was unexpected. I was trying to get a hold of my uncle but hes retired but still takes care of insurance claims and properties. I couldnt get a hold of him so i called the company and one of the representatives said id have to pay 50% taxes…what 😖 i need to call my uncle because i hope this isnt a scam either. I would say thats a windfall but not exactly easy. Looks suspicious.

  9. Reversal of fortunes of sorts for me, and for a change in a good way. After years of being mentally abused and controlled by (soon to be) ex-husband, (some of you know that last time he tried to get me arrested), he has now agreed to get some mental health issues sorted (fingers crossed he will go ahead- in his case agreeing is even a big victory for me) and is no longer fighting for 50-50 custody of our son, so I feel a little power shift, or in fact a big one has occurred since getting him to agree on anything even insignificant is like moving mountains! I have too much fixed energy, early and mid scorpio

  10. This eclipse is opposite my saturn at 0 scorpio conjunct pluto at 28 libra in 4th house. I am struggling to find a new flat since I had to leave my previous one. The eclipses will not help as it seems

  11. I wrote the vice superintendent of our schools my concerns the teachers are feeding the children sugar and then labeling them special needs ? I have spoken to many 30 year olds who seem to have struggled with drug addiction and when I ask ,as I do, where do you think this started ?they say the dentist! I told vice superintendent how wrong it was for teacher to give a five year old sugar, and then to include this child on a list to say special needs !!!I mean to me it sounds like job security
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  12. Beg your friend to say no thanks, we’ll deal with this at home as once a parent signs, they begin to share guardianship with the school there is a slim percentage of children who really do need special needs care. Can we save the money for them? Can we begin to understand their parents will leave this planet before them and they will need extra caring people and money. This is not for every other kid who is uninterested in the way someone teaches them to read or count because some teachers are great at their job and there’s some that should go now

  13. Most of the unsettling changes I have had have occurred at the beginning of last year. The only thing that’s changed is I lost my sweet Aunt born on Valentine’s Day (100 yes old!), and have reconnected with that side of my family. It’s sad though because I know I will be moving again mikes and mikes if not a State away. It’s unavoidable. And a beloved Aunt oh my ex-husband, who I connected with at such a sweet heart felt level is now also passing away as we speak. So two Aunts – not sure what the astrology is as what represents an Aunt as a planet or what House would be effected? 8th or 4th? I do have Ceres in Cancer at 29 in the 8th but that’s not a fixed or mutable sign.
    Everything else is the same. I’m sure more will progress as my chart is aspected. I have 22 degree Sun in Scorpio, 27 degree ASC in Scorpio – only early degree mutable signs.

    My heart goes out to ALL of you here who have suffered loses or are fearful of it. I do understand but I also take Soups advice. I am not scared as much as uncertain as to what the future holds.

  14. My natal Pluto is in my 4th house at 2 degrees. Transiting Pluto sits in my 10th house at 0 degrees. On a temporary basis I moved out of my apt,so the management could make some upgrades. That was guessed to be about two weeks. However, I am beginning the fourth week. Plus Mercury will be going Retro by the end of the week. I do know that this temporary move is the opening to a newer living situation .Where and when unknown at this time.

    1. My natal Pluto is in 4th house and has been squared by Pluto for a few months now and it will be hit from the upcoming eclipse as well ..i had to move out due to major works taking place but I m still on temporary solutions..😮‍💨 it all started with mars in Gemini in 2022

  15. Computer’s hard drive crashed last night, can’t boot; new washer demands a level floor in our 1835 house (two men with levels have been at this 3+ hours now, not there yet). Sometimes I can’t breathe.

  16. How long will this go on and is each state ruled by planets? Will there be a peak when things can get worse?

  17. “Power is changing hands and in most cases there is loss involved.”

    See it more and more often these days. Power. Is. Shifting.
    And for me, it certainly feels for the better!

    Pluto will cross my Ascendant at 1,55 degrees Aquarius. That brings power to me as well, as well as expose the issues around types of power and people.

    Still, 4 planets in Scorpio, 3 in the 8th house, including Pluto, so yeah – I’m pretty alright with all of these things happening around me. It’s not always pretty, but it is also bursting in its own vitality, if you don’t mind me saying so…

  18. I have a Scorpio Sun and Moon. The Pluto in Aquarius has me worried. What report should I buy from Elsa to understand? Should I be scared? I have actually been excited about a better life, beginning right now. Please comment!

    1. No, you should not be afraid. I don’t know the degrees of your sun and moon but it’s possible this won’t actually hit you for 10 or 15 years. It may also empower you, above all else. It’s hard to say without seeing your chart.

      There is no a report that can determine this for you – sorry. But if you post your chart in the forum along with your question and someone will help. 🙂

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