Taurus Energy: “We Shall Not Be Moved”

The North Wind and the Sun vs. TaurusI was thinking today of one of Aesop’s fables, The North Wind and the Sun. The North Wind and the Sun had a contest to determine who was more powerful. They saw a traveler wearing a heavy cloak and decided that whomever could impel him to remove his cloak was the winner of the challenge. The North Wind blew with all his might and the traveler only pulled his cloak closer. The Sun shone on him with such intensity that he became warm and threw off his covering. The supposed moral of the story is that persuasion is more powerful than force.

The traveler is more an object than a character in the story. Why did the Sun win? In order to really see why we have to observe the traveler as a character with motivation. The traveler seems a perfect Taurean archetype in the context of the story. His will was fixed. Comfort and persistence on his path were paramount. The Sun won because it conformed to the will of the traveler, not the other way around. You can get Taurus to move in the direction you wish if that direction jibes with Taurus’ goal, and if you clear the the path. You can’t lead a bull to water or make him drink, but you can clear the path and make sure he’s thirsty when he gets there. Otherwise, forget about it.

Taurus is tenacious. Do you have planets in Taurus, planets that fall in the second house? Which house has Taurus on the cusp? Are you persistent and fixed in these areas?

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22 thoughts on “Taurus Energy: “We Shall Not Be Moved””

  1. I have Taurus on the 6th/7th. I guess that I work at relationships pretty hard and don’t understand walking away. From work OR relationships. I know I might be better off doing so in some cases.

  2. @Dawn, nice put the 6th and 7th work at relationships very hard, like that!
    l have mercury in taurus in the 9th l guess if l set my mind on something/someone is difficult to let go….especially if it has some adventurous/spiritual feel to it.

  3. I’ve Taurus in the 7th… In my case, I don’t hang on stubbornly to relationships, although I guess I am stubborn in what I expect from said relationships and rarely compromise. Of course I also have a very ‘fixed’ chart, so that might also contribute.

    I’m married to a Taurus, so can totally relate to your description!

  4. taurus sun/6th

    loved the bull analogy, haha … perfect description

    can absolutely relate to this….

    i was voted “best server” by the city magazine… and yet, i was actually a bartender… at 19yrs old. i wasn’t supposed to be bartender, so i received the “server” award.

    i think that about sums that up! LOL

  5. I have Mars/North Node conjunct in Taurus and I am stubborn! When I say no I’m not kidding.

    People continue to try to talk me into doing something after I have said no. I just stare at them and say “where were you when I said no? Where ya having a out of body experience? Were aliens probing your brain?” LOL

    1. Yesss, same here. It drives me mad. If people insist and insist after I’ve said no, that only exponentially decreases the chances of me changing my mind.

  6. Whoa, scorpio rising party over here it looks like! *waves*…or *stares back*

    I have Taurus on the 4th house cusp, I feel like my home is anywhere I happen to be (maybe the aqua 1st house?). But if I was going to REALLY listen to my body and be honest with myself, I guess it makes sense. I was never able to get sleep away from home well ever, some unconscious thing. Consciously I feel like I should just fall asleep like usual cause I’m tired and I’m lying on a bed. Unconsciously, I just cant sleep well, something inside knows its surroundings are different or out of wack..

  7. @Tam -me too 🙂 Taurus mars and north node conjunct. How weird.

    It’s in my 11th house …taurus on the cusp of the 12.

    I’m very slow to anger.
    And I don’t really respond to social pressure. Wow ..now realized I have venus neptune times 2:-/ taurus on the cusp of 12th h and neptune in the 7th…great..

  8. Taurus in the 8th with Mars and Jupiter, Pluto in 2nd. I was actually thinking about Mars in Taurus today at work. I work in production of sorts insulating coils for large scale motors and I’m a little slower than the other people I work with, but my work is done right the first time and I have more stamina (the work is very physical) and need less breaks than they do.

    I know the guy who works next to me has Mars in Aries and he works pretty fast, but he almost always has to do it over again because he focuses on speed, not quality.

    I have a pretty hot temper about little things and pet peeves, but I’m slow to anger on the big stuff. I’m not sure how Jupiter plays out since aside from expanding/luck/inheritance I don’t really get Jupiter.

    I don’t have a desire to be rich, but I understand with Pluto in the 2nd (in Scorpio) that money is power and if you know how to use it effectively, you’ll be several steps ahead of the pack. I am also extremely secretive about money. And if you touch my stuff, there will be hell to pay. I don’t even like anyone using my pens at work because they’re *mine*.

  9. Sun in Taurus, House 4. I stubbornly went into a self discovery journey, that started by understanding where my family origins and through this hard work, I’ve found who I am, and the place I will root myself. Sun is trine saturn, so I’m really focused and perseverant. This has been the ultimate reward for the long hard introspective work that lasted almost 10 years. Taurus on cusp of House 5. The ideas take time to come to maturity. This Taurus particularly applies to creativity and entreprise rather than my “romance” approach. But Having Venus in House 7 I can see the link that I want to marry for love (and being tenacious about this) and so that it lasts a life time (hopefully)!
    Mars in House 2 – I put a lot of energy into my work.

  10. Sun in Taurus in the 6th cj n. node.Moon/2nd.sun opposite Asc.Taurus on the Desc.W/venus in gemini in the 8th.I do think about health and food quite a lot.I pretty much have to.I suppose I’m stuborn.I love to shop for quality items for myself and others.

  11. Ha ha, that is so spot on! Very Taurus indeed. if you try to make me do something, I definitely will put up tremendous resistance. But if you can show me that you want the same thing and you just want to help me on my way, I will work with you immediately. Try to warm me up, like the Sun in the story, and you have no problems.

    Taurus Sun conj Taurus Venus in 6th here, Taurus is on the cusp of 7th.

    Just yesterday I was told this: “I like you for all your different good qualities but most of all I like that you are who you are, and nothing will sway you from your path.”

  12. Taurus rising, one of my daughters is a Taurus. I had a reputation as a very stubborn child. I think I am just the same now, although Venus in Gemini helps to camouflage it a little.

  13. Avatar

    Taurus rising with Mercury in there as well… I was also seen as a very stubborn child. Others see me as unyielding even when I’m ready to compromise… I’m all horned, hooved creatures in my “big three” Sun in Aries, Moon in Cap & Bull Rising, so I guess it’s my hologram. I’m really not as bull-headed as I must seem to others…

  14. as a Taurus I can agree your so right on here….
    never considered myself stubborn just well defined in my purpose and you need to give me a better view
    to change my mind.

  15. I have Taurus on my 11th house.

    Saturn is in there as well and I always get confused if Saturn’s energy restricts my Taurus-ness, or adds confinement to the 11th house.

    I always wonder if it is the former since I don’t relate to the bullish side at all (at least not consciously?).

  16. I have moon and in Taurus in the 8th opposite Neptune in the 2nd. I have been known to hold on to toxic emotions for years (as I worked through them I like to think.) I am persistant with my spiritual quest. When I was young, I had a romantic affair with marijuana. I have obsessions around food.

  17. Taurus Moon, in the 9th, beautifully trined by my Sun, Venus, Mars and Saturn, but square Pluto.

    I’ve always been very stubborn, was famously so as a child. My Virgo will do all the research, but once that’s done and I’ve built (Cap Sun) a case, I’ll not be shifted. And I hate, just hate, being told what to do (or think)

    I’m not interested in money – Neptune and Chiron in H2 as well as a very afflicted Jupiter – but my Taurus Moon does love luxury and I’m extremely self-indulgent. I’m also Sun conj Venus and that pleasure-loving side is only encouraged by the Taurean sensuality – no wonder I’m so poor! I rarely have time to work ;^)

  18. PS – Patient, yes. Especially with romantic relationships: I’ll hang on to my feelings for ever and keep giving a man I love all the chances in the world. It’s partly that I hate admitting defeat – I’ll keep on butting my old head against that closed door til it hurts…!

  19. huh. i have a hard time thinking of my pluto as taurean. but i don’t have a good grasp of the second house, except that the cookie cutter books tell me to not expect to have an easy relationship with money (whatever. it’s waaay more complicated than that.)

    my mercury is in taurus. and yes. quite. and i don’t forget things much. it’s hard for people to keep lying to me for too long. most liars are horrible at keeping their facts straight.

    (but then there’s delusion…)

    uhm, and my brain is about the only thing i have unswerving confidence in. has always served me well.

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