Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old: Bad Day At School – Grand Theft Cocoa

Capricorn / Sun in aspect to Saturn can’t get away with anything and I mean anything.

“I had a sort of bad day at school,'” my son said.


“Well, we were doing a project. It was (unintelligible) and they gave us pie plates, flour and some of us got dirt and some of us got cocoa. It was this cocoa…”


“So I stuck my finger in the cocoa and took a lick. Then I had another dab of it.”

I laughed.

“And she was furious.” (The gal running the workshop) “She became FURIOUS.”

“Because you tasted the cocoa? Because you did what any normal 8 year old would do if they had cocoa in front of them?”

“Yeah, I thought so. I thought it would be okay but she was mad. And I said, I am sorry but I have never tasted cocoa. She said my life must be sheltered since I’d not had cocoa.”

“Oh my God. Was she serious? I think it’s normal to taste cocoa if you’re 8.”

“9, Mom. I say I am 9 at school, I tell then that but anyway, I am only 8. I’m 8 and I didn’t know any better,”

“I don’t think you did anything wrong. This is not that serious an infraction.”

“Well she sure was mad and they made me write an apology letter too.”

I shook my head. “You’re kidding?”

“No. I had write a letter of apology and she asked me, do you think astronauts in space lick their experiments like this?”

I laughed.

baseball diamond“Yeah, well their experiments are mostly made of metal,” he said. “Who wants to lick metal? Yuck.” (Now here comes his Taurus). “It was chocolate, Mom. And I love chocolate. I like to eat chocolate; I will eat as much of it as I can.”

I laughed.

“So anyway, she told me that I had one more strike and I’d be out. I don’t get to go on the field trip if I mess up one more time and I didn’t understand. Don’t you get three strikes in baseball? Everything I have ever read, you get three strikes, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Does she mean each dab of chocolate was a strike? Oh for Godsakes. Well don’t you worry. I am sure you are going to be able to go on the field trip and if not… if something happens and they say you can’t go because you ate some cocoa, then I’ll go to school with you and raise hell. Tell them I sheltered you or something so if wasn’t your fault, taking those dabs and licking your experiment.”

“You’ll go down there and raise heck?”

“Of course.”

“So you’re my secret weapon?”

“Yes I am. Today and always, whatever you need I will be there to happily do whatever I can which believe me, is plenty. I can think of something so just don’t you worry it’ll be okay.”

“Yeah, I think it will. When she reads the letter I wrote, she may even take away my 2 strikes.”

“Yeah? What’s it say?”

“I am terribly sorry and I will never do it again, ever in my life, I am so sorry and I have learned not to lick my experiment ever again, I am so, so, sorry.”

“Yep, that ought to do it. If not, you call me.”

“Okay, Mom. Because I really want to go on that field trip…”

Poor kid is in terror about a 3rd strike. And notice how they tell him something is wrong with him (his life is sheltered). He also thinks his youth is too blame…

Can any of you Capricorns relate?

14 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old: Bad Day At School – Grand Theft Cocoa”

  1. It’s this kinda CRAP that makes me want to go pour a box of cocoa on top of that teacher’s head, and I bet by Golly before it was over she’d lick her lips and I’d throw her *zz in the penalty box so fast her Linda Blair head would spin!!

    Go Vidroid!!!

  2. What the heck’s wrong ‘during a scientific experiment’ in VALIDATING that what one thinks one is working with is in actuality what an outsider says it is. It’s called VERIFICATION and by Gawd, I think the teacher owes him an apology letter and twere I his mother I think I might just demand it of her sorry butt-puckered self.

    Go Vidroid’s Mom & Secret Weapon!!!!

  3. Jeezus, my Sun/Saturn 8-year-old daughter has a three-strike hardass teacher JUST LIKE Vidroid’s. She had to write sentences yesterday for defending herself against some 5th-grade boys who were throwing wood chips at her. I’m so pissed… I told her that next time that happens, she can call me and I’ll write a few sentences of my own. Good luck!

  4. dreams – I know my son and he does not want me to interfere in his life unless he wants me to interfere in his life. It is more important he I he can confide in me and I can be trusted.

  5. I understand Elsa – wait until he asks for his secret weapon to be deployed. I’d just be having to hold myself back if I had a son that wanted me to wait. 😀 Good that you are able to control yourself and be what he needs.

  6. dreams, yeah he wants control and I give it to him. I feel he has this right because he has earned my respect by always conducting himself in a way that is exemplary. I can also tell he feels he gains from the discipline. It is only the fear that I hate him to suffer.

  7. am not looking for brownie points or anything but i loved how you responded to your son. you’re a great mom 🙂 and i love that he experimented –he was fearless there!

  8. I don’t know if this is Cap thing, but my moon is in Capricorn–and don’t Caps have a thing for history and tradition??
    Well, one of the main reasons I’m going to school to become an elementary school teacher is because even if I just give 20 kids a year a chance to experience what school is SUPPOSED to be like (well, in my eyes)……fun, creative, motivating, interesting; then I am doing exactly what I feel I am meant to do.
    I have a feeling I am going to be deeply disappointed when I enter the school system and realize that we can’t celebrate birthdays and bring cupcakes, and go all out for Christmas and Halloween, etc…
    What’s going on nowadays with the schools, man??
    We need to bring it back to the good ol days when kids were allowed to lick their experiments.

  9. I love this story. In the end it will be your son who will be victorious. Field trip or no field trip. His teacher is just too stupid to see this that’s all; I quote Einstein,

    “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education” end quote.

    I’ll throw this one in just for shits and giggles by Einstein ,also.

    “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

  10. What a tight-ass that person running the workshop must be. Are kids allowed to be & do anything KID-like any more, Saturn or no?

    I remember being absolutely terrified of screwing up in school, though… most kids got at least a few citations (basically: time-outs) each year — I didn’t get one until I was in fifth grade, for running in the halls, but man I turned on the waterworks then. I was MORTIFIED, and there went my no-citations award for the year!

    Elsa, your son sounds like a great kid with a pretty good sense of humor: “I will not lick my experiment…” indeed.

    And wyrdling, your comment rocks.

  11. Sun/Saturn/Ascendant conjunct …. oh, boy do I understand.

    I don’t know if it matters when you’re 8 or 9 (whichever he’s chosen), but it gets better. It really does, and I know you know this Elsa. If I remember, it’s the Saturn improving-with-age thing, but maaaaan it’s tough to be that kid.

    I got fingers crossed for the field trip 🙂

  12. He’s such a sweetie 🙂 He just melted me down 🙂

    No comment on the stupid teacher. My younger brother often has similar trouble at school, school system sucks at all places in the world, apparently.

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