Kanye West Loves Donald Trump: Uranus Transit

Kanye West came out in support of Donald Trump. Chaos ensued!

This is not a story I’d usually follow, but my on is a HUGE fan of Kanye’s so I’m watching it closely. In fact, my son, who is a sophomore in college, had one of his professors text him at two-thirty in the morning to state he was upset and had lost respect for Kanye. Okay!

In whatever case, I had to look at the chart and it’s so funny and obvious…

Kanye has Venus and Mars in the early degrees of Taurus, as pictured.  Uranus is heading to conjunct these planets and what happens?

He asserts (Mars) his tastes (Taurus); he even used the word, “love”.  Taurus rules love and he’s got Venus right there as well. Uranus shocks. This is astrology 101!

Click to see Kanye’s astrology chart, full size.

Note that Taurus is a stubborn sign. I don’t think he’s backing down.

Kanye also has Uranus in Scorpio opposing his natal Venus, Mars and Chiron. There’s going to be a lot more to come!

Update here 11/5/19 – Jesus Is King

What do you think about this story.  Can you predict it’s outcome?

55 thoughts on “Kanye West Loves Donald Trump: Uranus Transit”

  1. I was totally checking out kanye’s chart this morning. I wonder if and hope he is interested in astrology. It would be a relief to kim, too, i imagine. Hope he makes it through this without too many losses. Gonna be interesting to watch what happens over the next 7 years…

  2. I think kanye is a kook. Ive never taken him seriously and ive never found him interesting.

    As far as switching sides; he is a Gemini.

    1. Ive totally changed my mind about him! I. Love. Him. I think hes amazing. I decided to get more direct information on him, so that i could have a better idea, and now i realize that I was going off of the image of kanye that was being fed to me by the media. Watched this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lWJBWU7asEg
      and feel so inspired. I hope he stays sober so that he can maintain his connection to genius/Spirit. I totally understand him.

      This also made me think about how Jim Carrey is being made out as a lunatic right now, but hes just been spiritually illuminated. Its amazing how the world will try to make you fit into some kind of box. Dont change. Dont grow. Im so proud of these two for breaking out of that box.

      1. Kanye’s a great artist. He’s always been wild. That’s just his personality. Lol Still a fan. ?

        I get him too. Someone mentioned further down about his unaspected mercury and it does make sense because I can see how what he’s saying can be misunderstood.

        1. When you actually listen to his words though, he’s incredibly lucid and I think thats his Mercury. Its not upset by any aspects. He talks about the stream of consciousness that flows through him. Hes tapped into the Universal Mind because his personal mind is so fresh and clean.

          I feel so bad for judging him before doing my own investigation. I shouldve known better.

    1. exactly what I was gunna say! i agree with kanye, he & potus have the “dragon energy.” for better or worse…

  3. anonymoushermit

    I’d say the things he is saying and doing now is 55%-60% his mental illness, and 40-45% just his personality.

  4. I think Kanye can relate to Trump because he sees a lot of his own public role in Trump’s public role. While I don’t think his remarks on slavery were necessarily fair, Kanye is only asking what so many asked after the Holocaust: why did so many Jews die in ovens rather than being shot in the Resistance? Kanye is a maverick thinker who gets constant flack for his perceived lack of ethics (whites view him as a thug), and he has decided to “own it” by identifying with the President. It is a shrewd move that grabs attention. Either Kim or Beyoncé tweeted about Kanye’s refusal to stay in the “sunken place”, and if you’ve seen the movie that remark refers to, “Get Out”, you have even more sympathy for Kanye’s refusal to buy into the dominant ideology.

    1. I’ve never seen Kanye as a thug. He comes from a middle class background. His mother was a professor and I believe chair of the English department at some university.

    2. Need to add to the replies here. No, I don’t see kanye as a thug. The idea made me laugh, actually. Maybe its because I’m old enough to have listened to the “Gangsta” rappers back in the 90s who seemed like they may have been *actual* thugs? But Kanye? Lol.

      I mentioned this comment to my husband and he said ” A thug? More like a Dandy!”

  5. I don’t listen to much rap music these days but I did enjoy and purchase Kanye’s album that was a full length film (2010). I acknowledge him as a legitimate, and possibly important, artist which I guess now qualifies as mental illness?

    I like Kanye even more now that he’s publicly challenging the left-leaning mainstream media and banishing himself from the cliquish celebrity circles! Bold move! I think Kanye is a lot smarter than the average pop star. He’s getting behind people like Candace Owens and Thomas Sowell. I don’t think he’s “switching sides,” but may be playing devil’s advocate to some degree – stating that he still loves Hilary, and doesn’t necessarily agree with all things Trump. I think he is willing to ostracize himself because he doesn’t want to be associated with the hypocrisy and faulty logic of the ultra liberals. I don’t think he will back down either. I think more folks are seeing the ill effects that the media has on our culture. Comedian Michelle Wolf also hit on that point at the White House Correspondents Dinner!

    1. Kanye had a mental breakdown in 2016 that was widely reported and that he does not try to hide. That is where the comments about him having a mental illness are coming from.

  6. I have mars in early Taurus square venus in early Aquarius (8th house!). I don’t look forward to this plus the node in early Leo. And both mars and venus going retrograde this year – mars in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio. The last six months of this year should be interesting! For Kanye too. Maybe he will pull a Jenner thing and come out trans.

  7. I’m a fan of Kanye West. Anyone that’s ever followed him knows he’s outlandish and likes to stir controversy. Taylor Swift moment anyone? He’s just like Trump in that regard and I’m sure that’s probably why he likes him. He also has a mental illness and he admitted that he’s not taking his meds so he’s a loose cannon right now.

    My natal Mars is in Taurus and I, too, have Uranus in Scorpio. Wild times up ahead? Yikes.

    Lots of people all of a sudden are Kanye fans even though they didn’t want to hear celebrities points of views when they were anti-Trump. LOL

  8. Perhaps Uranus transiting his career house will shake things up for him…his foundation is already in turmoil with a mental breakdown, addiction and now incoherent rants about slavery being a choice. I think the fans will leave him and career will be in upheaval

    1. I agree. Boycotts are already going on.

      I think his mental health has been going downhill for quite a while and it looks like that is still going.

    2. anonymoushermit

      If he isn’t taking his meds, then this is all on him. Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with him and his illness, because I have issues myself. But it’s his responsibility now to consistently take his meds/medication.

  9. Uranus is close to his Mars right now and when it moves onto his Taurus planets, he is going to shake things up or get shaken up. I have never listened to his music, maybe I should JUST because he is standing up against the leftists. One thing is sure, when Uranus hits you, you MUST speak out or act out no matter how insane it seems to others.

    Uranus is my ruling planet and I get the looks from others that think I should be in the funny white jacket, but I say piss on them! I will do and say what my rebellious nature dictates.

    Good for Kanye!

  10. Everything old is new again.
    This reminds me of when fellow Gemini, Bob Dylan, put down his acoustic guitar and picked up and electric… and started singing about God. LOLOLOL

    I was at one of those concerts. People booed and got up and left. Bob was unfazed. 🙂

    1. Variety is the spice of life. Fellow Gemini here. Have to change things up once in a while. LOL

      But… Jack of all trades, master of none. Good or bad depending on who’s judging.

    2. Elsa! I could tell you were cool but Wow!! I’ve always said if I could go back in time and see any concert it would either be Johnny Cash at San Quentin or one of Dylan’s famous “going electric” shows. So jealous!!

    3. Did you happen to be at a Dylan concert in Pittsburgh, PA? 🙂 If so, I was there, too; 1976 or 1977, I believe and, yes, the crowd was booing. With regard to Kanye West, however, I have never listened to his music. (For no particular reason, other than I’m older and have not kept up with current music trends.) However, more power to Kenye for reading, and actually considering alternative viewpoints. Have not read Candace Owens, but have been a Thomas Sowell fan for decades. If anything, given his positive statements on a variety of, and definitely divergent, political figures, Kanye West may actually provide the bridge this country desperately needs to some form of reconciliation. In other words, “Yes, I am willing to listen to your point-of-view, even I do not agree.” — How refreshing this would be!

  11. Wow now there’s a Uranus story for ya! He’s also having his Uranus – Uranus opposition (40 years old) the midlife crisis aspect.

  12. I’ve never really listened to Kanye, but clearly he has turned a page in his life and is setting out on a different path. There is no better example of a Uranus transformation than him. Mars/Venus conjunction in the 10th house.

    This is huge for Kanye. He just found his voice, I think. One thing I notice from his chart is that aside from the conjunction of Mars/Venus by t. Uranus, it also forms a Semi-Square (45 degrees) with his natal Sun in the 12th and Jupiter conjunct the cusp of the 12th house. I think Kanye is going to champion making lives better for black people in America. Like Donald Trump, he isn’t afraid to say no to the status quo. He knows the price.

  13. His opposition of uranus and mars and venus places him in bad company..the thug image was true but that is what snoope dogg is also trying to shake …this has been a very good public reaction as the term dark in character is another story for those who claw their way to the top. .great story thanks.

  14. The slavery comment in particular was a very Uranian statement. Never mind the emotions just get the hell out of that mindset. Sounds good in useless information suppose to fire the imagination way but it’s not that easy for many to transform their lives. A little more needs to transmitted as to how to rise out of that is needed. King of the wind air usually only penetrates skin deep. I’m not optimistic about this Uranus in Taurus coming up. Taurus can be very blind.

  15. Kanye is a Gemini, Trump is a Gemini. I’m a Gemini. Unless you’re a Gemini I wouldn’t expect any other sign to understand. We’re crazy, get used to it!

      1. Idk about shia but i’m in for kanye ’24. That’s when he’ll be ready for that job.

        I’m a Gemini too, Rick 🙂

  16. well his taurus venus does show…. in how he likes his women, Kim Kardashian, curvacious and hour glass.

    1. i think the taurus mars strengthens it cause i seen taurus venus men with skinny model women and cause their mars is in leo and moon in gemini or soemthing.

  17. I find all of this very fascinating, as I share an exact birthday with him, although I’m a Taurus rising.

    As cringe-worthy as much of what he says and does are, I reluctantly do kind of understand what he’s got going on. I’d like to think that at least some of what he says is misunderstood, as that happens to me A LOT.

    I have soooooo many thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head at all times, and I think when I try to communicate them, they don’t all come out of my mouth in the way I’m intending or how I see them in my mind. It’s very frustrating. I’ve always attributed this to my Mercury in Taurus because I can’t get everything out of my mouth as quickly or as organized as I think it.

    Also, I’ve struggled with delusion, illusion and very dreamy (non-realistic) thinking and beliefs most of my life which I attribute to the Jupiter/Sun conjunction, opposite Neptune. It can be challenging to get a grip on reality, and I see that his conjunction (Sun/ego-Jupiter/expanded) is in his 12th house, so maybe that is his self-undoing.

  18. I know nothing about Kanye West, so I tried to look up these statements of his.
    He said:

    “To make myself clear. Of course, I know that slaves did not get shackled and put on a boat by free will … My point is for us to have stayed in that position even though the numbers were on our side means that we were mentally enslaved,”
    and also:
    “I felt a freedom in doing something that everybody tells you not to do.“

    Yes, this definitely sounds like Uranus at work.

    Isn’t this freedom of speach? He doesn’t sound ‘crazy’ at all, quite the contrary.

  19. Hes street Intelligent but not any book stuff…and he is a con man Sorry folks look at that natal chart again and the tranists going on now….sympathy for the Devil,Right/……go to other people in life who truly give…not take energy…

  20. I just noticed – he has an unaspected Mercury!
    That must be rather difficult for a Gemini which is such a verbal sign that needs to communicate.
    I am not an astrologer, but I was thinking that this urge to communicate might come out in clumsy or untimely outbursts.
    (I am a Libra with an unaspected Mercury in Scorpio in the third house, so I know about this, and I sympathize with the man.)

  21. Avatar
    James Slattery

    It’s funny when Geminis aren’t taken seriously. That’s how we open your minds! I might not agree with every original thinker (like Kanye and Trump) but I will fight for their right to express themselves. That’s how we keep the world fresh and avoid being hypnotized into the societal norms expected of all of us. Discourse is what it’s all about and both men seem to be anti Illuminati control and I like that!

  22. He previously said he would be running for president in 2020. I suppose it is in his interests then to support a celeb president.

  23. you know what just keep watching him an dread this whole dog and pony show as I saw last year with that wife of his an her dad ….these people are not from Planet Earth..

  24. This was a very prescient post. Venus and Mars in Taurus gettinf activated with Kanye going so far for Love to the point of correcting Trump when he said that Kanye likes him.

    Is there a better example of this specific transit on his Venus / Mars conjunction than Kanye correcting the president and saying “I love you” and to Show (Mars) by getting out of his seat and going to hug him?
    Was there anything more Uranus in Kanye’s life than that meeting ?

    Thank you for this prescient post! I’m sure there is more to come. This Uranus transit will continue….

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