Scorpio Moon: Super Fertile, Psychologically Speaking

sperm entering eggThere is a gal here, one of the regulars and she is what I call, “super fertile”. That is if you plant a seed in her ground it is liable to take off like a Jack’s Beanstalk!

I spoke with a couple times a few years ago and while I liked talking to her I didn’t tell anything very “feel good” which is it’s own kind of demanding. There are occasions in this business where you can really reassure a person with a good deal of confidence but other times the message comes in at a much lower octave and our exchange was like that from my perspective. There were not a lot of extraneous words, just pure meat.

Lo and behold she up and changed her life and she did it FAST. She was jammed up pretty tight at the time and recall sort marveling. It was not long before she met a man and I watched this whole thing repeat.

He too put a seed in her, he must have because vroooooooooooom! She transformed in what seemed the space of a day. I think it was a day actually. Not a week but a day. Go to sleep in one kind of condition, wake up transformed. This gal is a master and now she is doing it again.

You know how people decide to go on an exercise program and 3 months later are still deciding? This gal decided to start walking. Near as I can tell she walked 2 miles the first day, 3 the second and within a week was walking 4 miles a day or roughly 30 miles a week.

::shakes head and smiles::

This gal is another “energy multiplier”. Put your dollar in and watch the wheels, spin and spin and spin.

Now think of that in terms of sex.

Astrologically, I would give super-fertility to Scorpio and the 8th house (and in particular, the Moon).

4 thoughts on “Scorpio Moon: Super Fertile, Psychologically Speaking”

  1. For a minute, I thought you were talking about me….hahaha….I have been told many times how fertile I am in many ways and thought it was a Capricorn thing….earth and since I have so much of it…it made sense. But, no kidding….I can grow some babies, big babies at that and lots of them and everything I plant in my yard goes to humongous….in this house and the last….people marvel at my trees and flowers…huge! When I have told friends to do something and they do it….things start happening fast and in volumes…one of them was a kid that cut my lawn years ago and I told him to start his business and what to call it and he did and he has one of the largest landscaping businesses here now….another, was our termite inspection guy…I told him to leave the company he was with and start his own…this was 15 years ago and his company is the top bug control company in this area. His wife is the one who won’t speak to me anymore because of political differences, but when I met them, they lived in a barn on someone else’s property with their two little kids. Today, they live in a house that most people dream of (in one of those gated communities that for some reason people love to be in) with a pool in the backyard and all kinds of toys to go with it.

    I don’t have any Scorpio in me, but I wish I did!!! Am I talking about something else?

  2. Aw, shoot… I have a stellium in Libra and a Sun-Neptune trine that’s described cookbook-style as textbook laziness. *lol* I have a ton of Pluto, though, so the seed gets planted; it just takes it a long time to sprout. Once it does, though, vrrrrrooooooommmm! MacClaren F1, beeshes! 😀

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