Bad Moon Rising (With Aries)

It must be this Scorpio eclipse. I got thinking about someone in my past or more particularly, their brother.  It was my high school boyfriend on my mind.  Pretty serious relationship, really. Three years and voted “most likely to marry”. In whatever case, he had a brother.

His brother was older and very, Very, VERY good looking. My boyfriend was good looking too, but not like his brother. The brother was dark and broody and liked Creedence Clearwater Revival.  This song in particular:

I was intimidated by this. Like I said, he was older. He also had this girlfriend who he wasn’t that nice to. My boyfriend was a hero-type, of course. He would tell his brother not to be an asshole. I would stand (WAY) back.

So then one day, the brothers went out to cut some firewood.  You drive to the desert in Arizona to get wood. No cell phones back then.  My boyfriend had rolled his VW van; two days after he got it running and painted. His parents had restricted him from driving.

Out in the desert, the brother set the chainsaw down on a piece of wood. It flew up and cut his face, forehead to chin. Yeah. Blood everywhere.

I think my boyfriend was sixteen at this time. He took off his shirt to wrap his brother’s face; got him into the truck and took him to the hospital.

It’s striking, isn’t it? The accident was horrific but this man was profoundly good looking.  It left me speechless back then and it still does.

Anyway, they stitched him up and he healed up.  The last time I saw him, his face was together, with a fresh jagged scar down it. He still looked good, you may be able to imagine. I’m saying he had a freakish scar but he was recognizable.

I searched this guy today; something I have never done before. The parents gave all of their seven children, unique names so I found him immediately. I just wanted to see where he wound up.

Before I typed his name, I was thinking, he was a druggie. That was the word back then; my boyfriend did not approve?  I can’t say I was surprised when I found him in prison. But I’ll tell you want did surprise me.  They offered a list of his “known aliases”.  His brother’s name is on it.

Great, huh?  That’s just ducky, as we might have said back in the day.

16 thoughts on “Bad Moon Rising (With Aries)”

  1. Your story telling NEVER disappoints Elsa; while this one certainly is remarkable
    I have a feeling, the proverbial “plenty more where that came from” is one very low estimate to say the least. WOW.


    1. Thanks, thenewboy. I do have a lot of stories. More than I could ever tell, I suspect. One rolls me into the other and another and another and when I’m writing I recall another and another and another.

      I am glad I gotten back into this, slightly. It’s fun for me. I’m also gaining a better understanding of myself and how I got this way, I guess you might say. 🙂

      1. I’ve been listening to your stories for 20 years and they never cease to amaze, delight. sometimes laugh out loud and sometimes make me cry and often all of the above all at the same time. Thank you Elsa!

  2. WOW! What an amazing story. It’s so funny because I found myself getting upset yesterday telling my niece about guys that had done me wrong YEARS AGO!!! This stuff really works – LOL
    YOU are the best Love your posts.


  3. This story reminds me of my ex from high school (30 years ago) he was very good looking dark hair, Italian, bad boy! He got into a car accident when we were in high school and went through the windshield. He had a jagged scar down the side of his face, just made him more mysterious. He also ended up in prison sometimes dragging me with him. He also used his brothers name as an alias a lot because he always had warrants out for his arrest. I heard he died of.covid. He was a Capricorn but I’m sure he had scorpio rising.

  4. Also, the parents returned by boyfriend’s license to him after this ordeal. He was having to ride his bike 35 miles roundtrip in order to see me.

    Life was much better before cell phones for reasons like this. Love, heart, burning passion, adrenaline. Yah. It’s fun!

    1. I hear ya. My dad got up predawn every Saturday to ride the milk truck 65 miles on two lane mountain road to spend time with my mother.

  5. My brother’s wife was loose when she was young, when the mood would hit her anyway. She had four sisters and two had the same tendency. There was also an aunt who went back and forth between gender preference…and one of these sisters followed in her footsteps. One weekend when my brother and SIL visited from out of town, SIL went out with this particular sister for the evening. Next day, everyone said their goodbyes and left for home.

    I get a call mid-morning. The guy asks for me. I answer. In a lilting voice, he proceeds to tell me what a great time he had last night and hoped we could get together again soon. I’m up to my eyeballs in 3 little boys, dirty dishes, and constant bedlam, but I politely tell him, he has the wrong person. I’m married with 3 kids and didn’t go anywhere last night. He got real polite, real fast. I could tell he was a nice guy, and I felt kinda bad for him.

    There are a lot of names out there, you know? Still feels intentional, like what are you going to do about it, bi*ch?

  6. This is interesting to me because I was in a chain-sawish accident when I was 11. On a farm in the middle of nowhere. It was severe. I didn’t use to talk about it. Now almost 50 years later, I’ve been talking about it and chain saws quite a bit. Very recently. And with a certain man in particular. I’m not real keen that the brother ended up in prison … in my story the guy would’ve been just fine.

    Like all the bad boys in my personal life experience. Most of them are faring very very well. Thanks for telling.

  7. Great story. Always appreciate your posts. Fascinating how people from our deep past sometimes wind up. It’s not always a happy story. That said. I don’t use chainsaws!

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