Voice Of South Node In Aries: Past Life Soldier

romansoldier_19918_md.gifYesterday the weather was nice here today and the soldier and I were thinking about taking a break from room cleaning to run out and do some errands.

“If we leave now we can probably get everything done and get back before Vidroid gets home,” I said.

“Okay, then I guess I better put on my boots,” he said.

“Boots? It’s awfully warm outside for boots. Don’t you have some sandals?” I asked.

He just looked at me.

“You don’t have a pair of sandals?”

“No, I just wear my boots.”

“Well when is the last time you had a pair of sandals?” I asked.

“When I was a Roman soldier?” he asked as if he were trying to figure it out himself. “Yeah, when I was a Roman soldier I probably had a pair.”

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9 thoughts on “Voice Of South Node In Aries: Past Life Soldier”

  1. lol elsa! the solider is funny!

    Aquarian south node here…rebel, rebel, rebel.
    And don’t I know it!

  2. hahahahaha

    i wore boots yesterday, too, elsa. it was 70 degrees! but i had to walk far, and i’m staying with a friend who wears a different size – and my boots are comfortable!

  3. And Togi – noooooooo! I just did that piece on shopping for Taurus. If I got him sandals he’d feel obligated to wear it, like that ugly sweater I gave him 30 years ago that he still has (and on occasion wears).

  4. An old post, I know, but this is kind of interesting… my husband has South Node Aries, 8th house. This lifetime, he joined the Navy when he turned 18, and was in for five years… come to find out, he did his service during one of the rare times when the USA wasn’t actually at war with anybody (late 70’s/early 80’s). Thus, he’s not eligible for most, if any, of the regular veterans benefits. Ironic.

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