Synastry: Which Report Is Best? Composite Or Compatibility?

Venus, Cupid and MarsPeople often ask me which is best report to buy for their circumstance. There’s a simple answer.

The Compatibility Report shows how two individuals interact. It will tell you if your tastes clash (Venus in hard aspect) or if you can easily harness your energies to get something done (Mars in harmony). This detailed report describes the interplay between you and your partner.

Here is an example from the Compatibility Report between my husband and I:

“The two of you probably felt like old friends right from your first meeting. You have a natural affinity for each other, and it is very likely that you will  remain life-long friends. You enjoy each other’s company, feel very at home with each other, share many of the same interests, preferences, and tastes. You have a direct, intuitive understanding of each other that allows you to communicate and share your feelings and thoughts very openly with each other…”

In contrast, the Composite Chart Report describes the couple as a unit. Here’s an example from the report of my relationship:

Sun in 8th house:  The Sun placed in the 8th house may give you the feeling that you have a fated relationship that was destined to be….

Sun Conjunct Venus: This aspect signifies that you just plainly love each other. The attraction is so strong between you that even though you may be incompatible by other standards, you still feel like being with your partner because of that love you feel for them.

Sun Opposition Mercury: Your relationship may not be so much an emotional relationship as it is an intellectual one. Yours is perhaps a relationship where you can exchange thoughts  and ideas, study, research, spend hours in conversation and enjoy mental stimulation..

Sun Opposition Saturn: This aspect is an indication that by being together you will share very powerful learning experiences which should not be taken lightly. Yours may very well  be a fated and unavoidable relationship as well…

Mars Trine Jupiter: You are a dynamic couple who can make anything happen that you want to, just because you are together and have a healthy, winning attitude. When you are together you will intuitively know when the time is right to make things happen and bring success to whatever you undertake…


If you’ve just met someone the Compatibility Report is most appropriate because it will outline how you and the other will get along.   If you actually form a relationship, the Composite Report will be very helpful as well.

We also offer the Relationship Package which gives you both reports at a discount.  If you’re in a relationship or studying astrology. this is the option I would go for.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Synastry: Which Report Is Best? Composite Or Compatibility?”

  1. My husband and I have been married for almost 45 years, and sometimes I wonder how we made it. I am betting these reports would be very enlightening!

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