Synastry Techniques – How Will Your Partner Affect You?

Australia writes:

“Hi Elsa, I’ve been noticing lately that when in discussions with friends their Sun sign brings out my house placement. For example my Moon is in Leo in the 4th house. When talking to my Leo sun sign friends we end up always talking about our early families: our parents , our grandparents, aunts and uncles and siblings. Same with Libra ruling my 6th House. With my Libra Sun sign friends we invariably end up talking about our health issues.

What do you make of this? Can others relate? Or is this so obvious and basic astrology?”

Planets in Synastry: Patterns of Relationships

30 thoughts on “Synastry Techniques – How Will Your Partner Affect You?”

  1. Yeah, I can’t get the video yet either, but I have to say, Australia, that I don’t consider that basic astrology, it is something that I never even thought of, and I find what you had to say about that very interesting. I will try to observe.

  2. I suppose it’s not basic astrology, but it’s fundamental to synastry. For me, I notice planets interacting more often than their planets in my houses.

    Though I could probably think of a hundred examples and see if it consistently plays out… *wanders off*

  3. Hee, I know someone who studied under Neville. I finally got a decent copy of this book at Barnes and Noble, so if anyone’s looking for it, it might be there.

  4. I am intrigued. I am Leo Rising, and all the Leos I knew basically quarreled with me over ego issues. 2 I was close with consistently trod all over my boundaries in what I felt was an effort to “put me in my place”. I am definitely going to study on this some more.

  5. Elsa, (or anyone) I have never ordered online – it makes me nervous putting personal info out there….

    Any recommendations anyone? Visa? PayPal?

  6. Snapdragon -I don’t know what to say. I prefer to order online when possible but can’t see trying to talk someone out of their comfort zone.

  7. Er . . ., so, my spouse’s sun is in my 5th house of romantic love, but all five of the bodies of my 8th house stellium are in his 6th house! Guess I’m just a whole lotta day-to-day work for the poor guy? Geez, I wish I could say he’d disagree with that. πŸ˜‰
    I need to find an alternate, more flattering interpretation. Maybe I’m good for his health? (ha-ha!)

  8. Snapdragon, you can get shopping cards for many different companies at Walmart that you can use online. Plus my bank offers Visa cards that work like a shopping card. In other words you could just put $20.00 on the Visa card and then when you have used it all, just chuck it in the trash. That way you would feel secure about shopping online.

    Just a couple of options for ya.

  9. I have thought more than once about this. My husband is Aquarius (my 4th house), and my sign, Leo, is the ruler of his 4th house. This explains why we feel like home to each other, I think. I have to think some more about all the other encounters in my life, to see if this jives there as well. I do tend to work with alot of Aries (3 of them right now), and Aries rules my 6th. This is going to be fun!

  10. I’ve been fiddling with this for about a year or so and still haven’t gotten comfortable with synastry. I’ma hafta check out Neville!

  11. Thanks so much for that little gem, Tam! Funny how you pass things all the time and don’t even notice them….
    I’ll take a look at the cards next time instead of just walking past and see what’s available. I could definitely see myself buying online that way.
    Uh, oh….. ;OP

  12. Synastry not being ‘basic astrology’ just reconfirms the things I know are happen’ yet am powerless to control. I checked on Neville this morning and that $1.23 price is up to at least $6.00(almost) plus shipping.

    Goes to show me there’s so much more to astrology for real life. I loved your vid explanation and will try to take it into my life today as I re-enter relationships. Oh, if I only knew where their planets lay (lie?)…

  13. Blunt would be fine by me since I’m not presently attached to anyone on the planet. If I see it that low in future, I’ll see if I can get it with the remainder on a gift card.

    I think synastry is probably best to look at in early enough stages, or with those you’re detached from to keep your heart from minding. Simply put, most people cannot handle the truth, not when it can hurt the heart or stress the mind.

  14. Elsa, thats great thing. Especially for ppl who interact a lot with others. Then I wud say, Synastry is smthng everyone shud know!

  15. Awesome video Elsa. I love anything on synastry I have too much libra not to be interested and I love neville. One of the first books on synastry I brought besides Stephen Arroyo, who is my fave highly recommend any books by both of these guys!

  16. If I want to do a quickie check on someone older than me I get their chart and then for transits I plug in my b’day and see how it falls out. If the person is younger than me I go to my chart and plug in the transits for the day they where born. Not sure if this is a good system but it seems to be a quickie reference tool.

  17. Solaire his name is E.W. Neville.

    Thanks for the very clear explanation, Elsa. My Sun falls in my partner’s 7th House! That must be part of the reason why he loves me πŸ˜€

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    Thx for the hint!

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