How The New BLOOD AND GUTS Class Shocked Me

Jane snow furI’ve been editing the content for Elsa’s new class Blood and Guts Astrology and was struck by an intense flashback of realization: It reminded me of my university Abnormal Psych class.

I remember at the beginning of class the prof gave us a warning – that we were likely to read about maladies and become worried that we had them. The funny thing is… I never did think that. But in reading Elsa’s work this time, I started to think, “Wait, is this about me??” Elsa out blood and gutsed my college Abbie Normal Psych prof!

I’m used to reading and editing Elsa’s stuff. I’ve done it for YEARS. This really is the best. While I admit, I’ve been a bit down and quite stressed lately, the level of relief I got just from reading it is due to more than a need to learn and grow. This stuff is PHENOM. It’s gripping and growth inducing, like some mad scientist goop or the throw of an electric switch to juice my brain. IT’S ALIVE!

But more than anything, it succinctly capsulized YEARS of astrology wisdom I’ve heard from her in writing and in conversation. Somehow she made it all new again, in a way that gave me something novel to process. I’m thinking about it every day, mulling it over and having aha moments. THAT is amazing.

I suggest you consider joining the class so you can participate in this. It’s a happening. Click HERE to read more about how to do that and what the class entails. It also gives you access to a private bulletin board so none of your questions and discussion participation is visible to prying eyes. That in itself is quite a nice little perk.

I hope I see you there!

4 thoughts on “How The New BLOOD AND GUTS Class Shocked Me”

  1. I really wanted to join up! Including submitting my chart for possible use. Unfortunately, I’m moving back up to Nunavut right away and pennies are super-tight for a while. Hoping I can purchase access when the dust settles.

    Seemed a natural with Pluto opp Sun, square Mars and nodal axis, and nodal return etc., just past Pluto conjunct Moon.

    Had a gut feeling about this one. But, in a way, I feel like it might be too much this minute … And will likely benefit more once I’m relocated. Shit is already a lot. Haha

  2. I feel the same way. It’s electric. I heard all the stuff from her in increments over the years, but this just puts it all into one condensed bomb. I love it. I feel like I need to read it over and over as well so it sticks, and so I can draw on it for the rest of my life for myself and for my clients as well.

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