Synastry: Relationships And The Moon

I need you“What does not satisfy when we find it, was not the thing we were desiring.”
-C.S. Lewis

If I were to have to pick the most potent part of synastry, chart comparison, in evaluating relationships it would definitely be the Moon. The Moon by sign, element and aspect illustrates what feeds us, what satisfies. Each Moon signature provides a manual for the care and feeding of that individual. The Moon does not necessarily relate to what you think you want, but it will tell you what you need.

Begin by assessing the qualities of the first person’s Moon, by sign, by element and by aspect. Next compare the planets and angles in the second chart with that Moon Map. What placements in the second chart are in direct support of the first person’s Moon (aspects of ease, matching elements)? What placements are in positions of contention (aspects of challenge, elemental clashing)?

You then perform the same routine in reverse. What you’re looking for is the answers to these questions: 1) what does each person need? 2) can the other provide enough of whatever that is? 3) is there a reasonable balance of what each person needs and the other can provide, a balance on both sides of the equation?

How familiar are you with your own Moon needs? What about those of your partner?

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21 thoughts on “Synastry: Relationships And The Moon”

  1. Sag moon needs to see what’s over the ridge, Sag Ascendant needs to do it. My guy’s Sag Sun brings the map.

    His Taurus Moon, needs my Cap Venus/Mars to pack a good lunch.

  2. “The Moon does not necessarily relate to what you think you want, but it will tell you what you need.”

    So true.

  3. I’m very familiar (overly familiar?) with the needs of my 1st House Capricorn Moon. I need responsibility to myself and others, goals, self-love…though sometimes the aspect to Uranus trips me up.

    I feel confidant I understand my partner’s Moon needs. He has 1st House Moon/Neptune conjunct in Scorpio and is extremely sensitive to my moods. He will take them all on if I’m not aware of where my energy is going (get sad when I’m sad, get worried if I’m worried).

    Overall I think Capricorn/Scorpio is a pretty good match. Scorpio ruling other people’s resources, and Capricorn interested in responsibility and acquiring resources.

  4. This is great Satori! I always thought that my hubby and I had a challenging match (my Ram Sun, his Bull Sun)- Which has confused me, because we get along great! By comparing Moons as you’ve so clearly explained- We’re looking pretty good! My Moon is in Scorpio and his is in Cancer- both emotionally sensitive to eachother’s moods, which sounds way more like the reality of our relationship.

  5. I have a Sagittarius moon and I’m pretty good at getting out, having adventures, trying new things, gathering stories. My partners: 1 has a Sag moon, 1 has Libra, 1 has Aquarius. It’s a pretty fun balance, actually.

  6. Thank you so much, Satori. I have no clue about working with Synastry but would like to know more, and this gives a very digestible starting point. 🙂

  7. Great post, satori! Explains a LOT, now that I think of it . . .

    Really loving your contributions here, too, BTW.

  8. I second what goddess said, Satori; I’m a novice too and you informed the subject beautifully !

    I have a Libra moon (2nd h.), so I need to create art, beautiful surroundings, and harmony inside and out. I hear that placement is ‘the relationship Moon’ but I’m constantly occupied with things and pretty self-absorbed, and have’nt been in one for nearly a decade; so I don’t know how true that is. At least I’ve got taste and tact going for me !

  9. My moon is in Leo and my boyfriend’s is in Capricorn. In 6th and 2nd house.

    I am not very familiar with synastry charts, but I will give it a try ! Thank you

  10. that late virgo moon of mine needs reassurance. i worry about love; having it and lacking it. being conjunct jupiter/venus/saturn in early libra, she also needs acts of grandeur and beauty, and an equally balanced and affectionate love that has set rules and boundaries. if those things don’t happen, the square my moon holds with neptune in the 12th will send my imagination spiraling into the pits of feeling unloved. semisquare my sun, she isn’t always in line with how i choose, or how i want to live my life.. or how i think love should be.

    the scorp has an aqua moon. it is square my (and his) sun. sesquisquare my own moon. we don’t understand each other emotionally. his detachment kills me. my need for assurance scares the crap out of him. his venus/uranus/pluto conjunction straddles my moon. when he shows it, the affection and caring nature within him is exactly what i need.. it comes from a very deep place inside him and i know it is real. but then uranus needs to run just as much as aqua moon, and the “come close, now go away” really is too much for me to handle.

    so i am trying to enjoy him for what it is, knowing that we will never be permanent. but, on occasion for now is ok most of the time.. just so long as i continually remind myself that he is only mine in the moment. and that’s not easy.

    two scorps with common affinities and attraction, opinions in life and the world.. we make great friends. but one day we will only be friends.. not friends and lovers. i’ll be sad when that day comes.. but i also know it won’t happen until one of us finds someone to match our moons better. it may sound cruel, but i hope my moon match comes first.. he can handle solitude much better than i.

  11. What are your thoughts when the Moons are conjunct?

    My moon is unaspected, but his Moon is sqaure Venus, which seems to be the cause of all his problems, lol!

  12. Synastry is one thing, but when it comes to connections, I have found the soul’s vibration and ‘signature’ is what makes or breaks a bond.

  13. I’m very aware of my moon and her needs, but can be oblivious to my partner’s moon and needs — fitting for an Aqua moon square Uranus, eh? 😉

    Part of it is that I’ve had to learn to be responsible for my own emotions and happiness, to ask for what I need, and expect everyone else to do the same. It very rarely occurs to me that not everyone is on the same plane as I am in that regard, so I can run roughshod over someeone if they’re not assertive about what they need as well.

    I’m working on it. Does that count for anything? *grins*

  14. This is my second time trying to post this, lol. My computer had a brain fart. Anyways, I was saying that I have a cancer moon, almost at 13 degrees, potent moon. Squaring perfectly my pluto in libra (No I dont hate my mom, I love my mother! my moon is in my 11th house, so we are going to be buddies lol) Interestingly both of my sons have their moon in libra on my pluto, which squares my moon! My husband has his moon in Sagg (he thinks he knows it all) He feels at home outside, traveling going places. I think our synastry is based that I am his mother? because he is a cancer asc, and his asc is conjunct venus (he is a little hedonist, but very handsome lol), but this is placed exactly on my moon. So we have a moon/venus conj in cancer. I know he likes a woman (venus) who is a mother (cancer) and mothers him (moon). Knowing what he likes or how he operates allows me to connect with him in a deeper level. When he gets overwhelm we go out and drive into the mountains and relax outside home to fulfill his moon and this pleases him. Him being cancer ascendant and his moon being on sagg makes him a little sagg He has neptune in sagg (yes he is a little foggy at times), but I am a virgo asc lol so yes my partner is supposed to be all foggy, with smokes and mirrors, that is fine! I love astrology and i find it very interesting. I think the moon is very important to make someone feel comfortable, to bond and to help them feel at home.

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