Pisces Asks For Tips On How To Organize

Dear Elsa,

This might seem like a silly question, but I need to keep certain details together right now and storing a to-do list in my dreamy mind is not an option. So, do you have any tips for organization for Pisces? I feel like so many things are scattered. I can’t tell you how many daytime-type planners I’ve owned…

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Pisces, I’m sorry but I can’t help you in the least. As some of us say, it is a miracle I can find my own ass.

Personally I use the alarm on my cell phone multiple times a day. I set it when I am supposed to do something and then it goes off and I try to remember if the alarm is real or not real. In other words do I have something I am supposed to do at this time (like a consultation) or did I have something I was supposed to do at this time yesterday and I forgot to cancel the alarm?

And then I stand there like the brain damaged and try to decide so you see what I mean. I can’t help you but maybe someone else can…

Organizational tips for Pisces! If you’ve got one, share it.


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  1. Hey, anybody have any ideas for the fridge? I am embarrassed to admit that my fridge is generally a holding area until it reaches science experiment stage, at which time I throw it out.

    It starts out innocently enough….

    I do have good intentions of eating (hated) left-overs. The problem is, I forget about them. Next time I’m looking around, I can’t remember how long it’s been in there, so I don’t eat it.

    Can anyone share some good tips?

  2. Hahaha, Spinner! Actually I spend too much time there as it is (my guy works there). Needless to say, I’m grabbin grogeries all the time (smiling), but it hasn’t helped with the leftover issue. I keep thinking I should grab one of those grease pens or something…

  3. Jilly: PLAN?!!!! LOL

    What a novel idea, actually planning meals. Hmmm, have to give that one a try.

    :::wanders off, stunned:::

  4. Hmmm, good question.

    A few things come to mind. One is to cook a little less. Sounds silly, yes, but it is an option. Another option is to use labels as you mentioned. Do you have clear storage containers? Sometimes I use wide-mouth quart jars. You can see what’s in them, it eliminates that whole plastic (ick) issue, and they clean up so much easier than plastic.

    OH, how about bright post-it notes on the OUTSIDE of the fridge with the item name and day you put it in? You can even put the post-it somewhere else, like the doorway of the kitchen (I like this spot;)

    I have a post-it on my freezer right now to remind my hubby not to make pizza sauce b/c there’s some already frozen.

    Given our conversations the post-it might work. You might also get some interesting sauces or chutneys or something to add some excitement to the leftovers.


  5. Snapdragon- I thought that you might use the grease pencil to write ‘This Grocery Guy is taken- Don’t even think about it!’

  6. Pisces – I love the idea of glass instead of plastic. Did I mention I HATE plastic (well, eventually you have to throw it out, for starters..)
    Why did I never think of post-its? I guess you could probably even put them on the containers IN the fridge? Also like the sauces (etc.) idea…thanks for them all!

    but, what does hth mean? hope this helps?
    Thanks Pisces

  7. Spinner – open the door, and maybe you will hear me laughing my head off!

    I love that idea. Apparently I am very jealous and possessive!

    :::still laughing:::

  8. Snapd and Spin – I’m laughing out loud and my dog is just looking at me like I’m nuts!

    Snapd, I thought the post-its outside the fridge would be better reminders. This way you don’t have to open the fridge to see what you’ve got. I need to SEE my post its (or wear them;)


  9. I am planning ahead for a halloween party and was wondering about making a costume out of post it notes. Hopefully it’s not windy or rainy. Standing next to the bonfire is probably out of the question too.

  10. SPINNER! Can you hear me laughing my ass off?!!!!

    As long as they don’t say: potatoes and gravy 01/01/96, or anything like that, lol

  11. I guess I could keep extra post it notes in zip lock containers. I would probably need extra pens and a suggestion box too.

  12. Maybe I could hand out notes to people instead of talking. ‘The bathrooms downstairs’, ‘She’s not that into you’, ‘Could you put another log on the fire’ ‘Do you think that you have had enough tequila?’ ‘I wouldn’t eat the crab dip if I were you’ ‘This buds for you’ Could someone please put on a different song?, ‘It’s hard to dance to YMCA in this costume’

  13. geeze Spinner, if you’re gonna be groovin to YMCA, I hope you’ll be wearing sumthin under the post-its!

    I can just see the post-its wafting through the air, like pretty leaves in the fall, blowing through the air….

    sorry, was having a moment there
    got kind of carried away…
    little tipsy tonight

  14. Spinner,
    This is a great idea! How about using post-it colored fabric and pre-make a bunch of notes by cutting squares out of the fabric and stitching them to your clothing? That would reduce worries about them falling off. You could carry regular post-its with you and add some or let other people add more later by carrying some and a marker.

    Whatever you do, you might want to get the extra large post-it notes. I think they’d be easier to manage.

    Have fun!

  15. Funny, I just saw the last one and I was like wha? Then I came back in. I can’t even read all the way up but this thread must have turned into one gicantic mind fuck that hooked this Pisces Asc, line and sinker too. Good for a laugh.

  16. That’s a whole lot of comments, and I am going to sit here and read through each and everyone of them, as I need the help. Virgo north node conjunct pluto, Pisces south node conjunct Chiron.

    One thing I do, is always when I get home is hang the keys on a hook by the front door, and then turn around and lock the front door. I don’t care what groceries I am carrying, how much I have, I do this every time. I also ALWAYs try to put everything in the same place always for things that I need – like car keys go a certain place in the purse, metro card in a certain nook. The habit of putting it there helps me to always find it. When I deviate from this little ritual, I cannot find my keys, my purse, my metro card, and then I have a conversation with myself as to why I have to put things in the same place always, otherwise I will never find it. When I loose things – I tell myself somehow I know the item is in a very safe place, but God knows where it is.

    I a firm believer in the to do list- nothing would happen without it. I try to reduce some things to habit.

    But at the moment, my house is a wreck, and my life is changing. Time to clean up my mess, you know.


  17. I have Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo in 12, so I never forget a damn thing, even things I should forget such as old lousy memories. I don’t keep a date book – due dates and important birthdays,etc. are just ingrained in my mind.
    I do keep a list when I go grocery shopping so I don’t buy extra things I don’t need.
    I don’t have any particular organization system except a place for everything and everything put back in place and like with like.
    I keep telling my Pisces Ascendant, Mercury Retro in Virgo housemate – who gives a whole new dimension to being disorganized – that part of his disorganization is carelessness. I don’t know if that applies to you or not.
    To this day, this man can’t seem to close drawers and cabinets after use and puts or leaves things in the strangest places.
    I mention that when you go shop for groceries, for example, you don’t expect to find the fresh produce in the canned aisle, the butter in with the cat food or the cat food in the fresh veggie bins. You find those items in the areas that they belong or near like items. If you couldn’t find things this way, retailers would be out of business in no time at all. So think of your house sort of like a store. No need to be anal about it. With the exception of paper files of important documents, I find no need to alphabetize or color code,etc. Just put things where they belong with other similar items!
    One thing that helps me when I misplace something (which happens rarely) is to sit down calmly and visualize and retrace my steps as to where I was when I last time had the item in hamd. That method works most of the time. Also, I say the old saw: “Good Saint Anthony look around; something’s lost and can’t be found.”
    Hope this helps.

  18. If it helps at all, I tend to get really big picture often, which leads to getting disorganized simply out of skipping steps. So I keep it mostly simple with a to do list, but in a nice mini moleskin book that fits in my pocket so its always with me. I also keep the notes to one line, the size of the page forces me to break ideas down. I’ll go step by step with the list, especially for large projects.
    But the major step is crossing stuff off the list. I’ll even put things on the list that I’ve already done or that are no brainers just to cross off. It really helps for some reason.
    Then Google. Calendar sending alerts to my phone on texts. If I pare things down to elements, it helps though its extremely tedious when all I want to do is the main project/task that has a bunch of individual steps to it.
    Definitely good tips here

  19. lol, im disorganised as hell and i have no pisces at all in my chart. my virgo mum cleans after so efficiently it makes me feel kinda guilty…

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