15 thoughts on “Synastry: Theory vs Reality”

  1. Well, yeah, the whole paint-by-numbers thing is a bit much (how do you pick a number?). But then some people do that with natal charts and I don’t get that either.

    OTOH, if I see Sun square Uranus, yeah, I know how that’s gonna turn out, eventually.

    [‘Following along.’]

  2. I’m glad you’re writing about this. I’m only *just* starting to understand my chart in synastry with my SO.
    Quite frankly his chart scared the bejeezus out of me at first (I didn’t really know better). Especially when I was having enormous problems with a Scorpio friend…I felt a bit betrayed by seeing his Scorpio Moon jump out at me.
    And a 6th House Stellium opposing my dreamy little 12th House Neptune?? You mean I gotta work in this life? WTF. Ha ha ha

  3. well, i imagine interchart aspects function on a similar sort of gestalt to a single person’s chart -a lot has to do with how the energy that is there is used.

    composites just warp my brain. i don’t have a clue how they make sense but there does seem to be something to them.

  4. I think the value of synastry is to discuss the purpose of a relationship. Why are these two people together? What about the relationship validates the experience of each person in it?

    Non of us are perfect. Imperfect people make imperfect relationships.

  5. I’ve had to learn to offer my analysis to those seeking my feedback on a relationship and then let go of it. So many times we as astrologers are not privy to some really important info about the individuals . . .

    It all goes back to the natal chart and the person because if someone doesn’t want to be there, they won’t be. period! 🙂

  6. In my experience people only ask for a relationship analysis when they feel the relationship is not (or no longer) what they wished it was. And at that point, it’s easier to just address the problem by looking at both charts, so the asking part gets a bigger picture that will help them to better understand themselves and their partner. Many times complains about the partner are an attempt to hide the truth about themselves.

  7. I like the synastry charts because they give me a reason for what’s happening when it’s happening. Like a “here’s what to expect with this guy.” Of course, you’re right though.
    I like the scoop-neck “Elsa uniform” that you always wear in the vids. How about selling ElsaElsa.com Astrology tee shirts with the famous scoop neck?? You could have Elsaisms on them and stuff, with the URL.

  8. I definitely did NOT see any vid about a “uniform” — that’s funny! I couldn’t tell if you did it on purpose for the site, or if you’re just one of those people like me who buys 10 of the same style shirt in different colors. Funny!
    OK, now I’m going to click the link that you posted from 2 comments ago. I probably should have clicked it and THEN written this comment, but well, that’s Libra Mars for ya.

  9. Ahh… Love the Elsa Art!

    As for the hologram, yeah, that’s definitely a smart move. When you’re on the ‘net, you really don’t know who’s reading. Best to show only what you want people to see – knowledge that’s for general public consumption – and keep the rest private.

    And now with all this social networking, the exposure is even more out of control! Heard a story recently about someone “semi-known” on the ‘net whose house got robbed after she announced to all her “friends” online that she was going away on vacation.

  10. dina2 – good point. I always distort the time on stuff like that. When I say the soldier is in “this city in Texas”, it means he left 3 hours ago, LOL

  11. I have always believed that there is a reason for why people are attracted to each other. I also believe that it is great to do the various charts to find out where the dots connect and that Synastry is just one of the tools with witch to do that. Some time you do all the charts and go no wonder we don’t get along worth a flip then you have to find out why you are staying in that situation and that too may be in the charts.

    Sometime you look at the information and go well I am so done and it is just the thing to verify you reason to leave a relationship.

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