Pluto Transit The 12th House – Mine – Repulsive, Reclusive, etc

When Pluto first went into my 12th house, I googled the transit and there was very little out there. Most of what I read said a person would be disgusting and repulsive during the transit. Leprosy was mentioned several times. It was pretty gross so I decided to make of point of writing during this transit – those posts are tagged – Pluto transit 12th

Anyway, my face has been broken out, frightfully for 8 months. I realize that is a long time to let something like this go but I had my reasons, and a lot of them. For one thing, I am not that vain so I can deal with sores on my face though I have avoided making videos. I  have made some videos and taken pictures in this period, when symptoms were mild and you may have noticed the red hack marks on my face but in whatever case I finally went to see a dermatologist yesterday and they are treating me aggressively.

I wanted to post this because I have been repulsive – red sores all over my face for months which is sort of in line with what I read via google. I have definitely been more reclusive as well though I don’t really like it.  I can also see this trend is likely to continue. Once you’re closed in, it’s easier to stay that way.

I’ve compared this transit to being a submarine and continue to feel that way.  I just don’t want to surface without a compelling reason because it’s okay the way it is, cruising the deep and all.  Pluto is in Capricorn. It’s heavy energy and it’s just not practical or sensible to thing you’re going to sling it around or juggle it.

Tell us about your Pluto transit through the 12th house?

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  1. I will never see Pluto through my 12th since he’s just now approaching my Dsc (will hit in the next couple of years). But this line really struck me: “Once you’re closed in, it’s easier to stay that way.”

    I seriously isolated myself when I went through a depression a few years ago, and this is so very true. I know this is a problem I created for myself, but it is so very much easier to stay isolated than it is to reach out at this point. It needs to change, and I know it, because I am much happier when I’m more social — but getting there? Ugh.

  2. I fret over my appearance 24/7… Is it bad to be terrified for this transit?

    I always feel no matter what life brings, if I look alright I can face take on anything! The way I look even affects my state of being…

    But as you say, Elsa no transit is worth fearing because when it comes along one will be prepared…

    Thanks for your advise and musings through 2011 and all the best in 2012 to you and those you love!!!


  3. My transit was roughly the first 12 years of my life. It was in Scorpio so maybe that helped?

    But when I was 11, I started middle school, and all of a sudden this strange bump appeared on my lip. Kids would ask, “What is that?” Pluto was on my ascendant at the time. I was ashamed of my mouth and would avoid talking to people, or if I did I’d cover my mouth. Which of course was a strange way to talk. At this point in my life I felt the most invisible, insecure, and unlikeable.

    The bump itself may not have been a big deal but I made a big deal out of it.

  4. My natal Pluto is in the 12th house but thankfully it’s well-aspected.

    I do have problems with skin, however they’re intermittent and not such that people would characterize me by them.

    As for the isolation, I’m not a hermit by any means, just very rarely bored or lonely by myself.

  5. Well, Elsa, you’ve kind of given me an opening to come out of my closet. Pluto is transiting my 12th also. It has been squaring my natal libra neptune in the 9th for awhile now. Neptune rules my 3rd house of communication and over the last 2 years or so, I have developed a speech defect that makes me slur my words and my tongue is enlarged and it is even difficult to swallow at times. I’ve had a goiter for years and am going to Mayo Clinic in a few days to be evaluated for surgery to remove it, since I and several of my docs and speech therapist think my thyroid is pressing on nerves and or my vocal cords/box and causing the problem. But my neurologist thinks I have had a stroke, so Mayo will determine if I have a blood clot in my brain stem. Needless to say, this has severely hampered any sort of social life, which is difficult since I moved to Florida from Colorado last year to start a new life. I’m basically a recluse… you should see the weird looks I get when I open my mouth while shopping or doing errands! I’m amazingly peaceful through this though….and have had the time to examine where I want to go and do when this episode ends.

  6. Dear Elsa,

    I’ve always thought how beautiful you are and never noticed anything at all wrong with your skin or your face. You certainly are not repulsive by any means! I’m glad you’ve gone to the doctor and hope your skin clears up soon as I know that it can take a great toll on your phsyce and your well-being.

    Natally, I have Pluto in the 12th, in Virgo, conjunction my asc, venus, merc and sometimes Uranus (late degree in the 11th, sometimes put in the 12th). I’m also a Virgo sun. I was born with and lived with Pluto in Virgo the first 14 years of my life. Looking back on it, it makes sense. Many of my childhood photos I was very glum looking, to the point that it’s embarrasing to me now. Now I understand why. I don’t remember a lot about my childhood. My earliest memories we not good ones. The day President Kennedy was assassinted is one. Being sexually molested by a babysitter was another. I just shut down after that and had trouble in school. My mother miscarried a baby when I was about a year old. While I don’t remember this from my childhood, I’m sure the emotions in the family were raw and sad. There were good times too I know that and my parents did their very best to provide us with a good childhood, and they did. They didn’t deal with emotional things however.

    In 2004 when Pluto was in Scorpio, I had a bad accident. My face was badly disfigured and my right eye was seriously injured. I lived with my face messed up for two and a half years until I could find the right doc to do the reconstruction. I know what it’s like to live with a messed up face. Hell!! My face is fixed now, thanks to my talented docs and several surgeries. I think it’s interesting to note that my main surgeon is a Scorpio. I became very reclusive during those two and a half years, although I went to work every day. It was not easy I can tell you that. For running errands, etc., I wore sunglasses all the time. Can’t wear sunglasses while working in an office, however.

    I have recently been delving into the Pluto connection in my chart and you’re right there’s not a lot out there. I thank you for the links.
    If I didn’t have Pluto in the 12th I don’t know if I would have been able to come back from that accident in the way that I did. It was very, very difficult, but I do have an inner strength that amazes people. This must be where it comes from. I’m all of 5′ 3″ tall and 120 lbs soaking wet, and so most people underestimate me.

    I agree with you Pepe when you so no matter what life brings you, if you feel like you look alright, you can handle it. I feel this way too, which I guess looking back on my accident and following years, is why I had such a difficult time internally. I told my doctor that the day he did my main reconstruction, the biggest surgery of them all, he not only fixed my face, he also lifted a huge burden off of me, and he did.

    I’m now thankful for my Pluto and grateful I have him and for the strength and character he gives me. I just need to learn how to be not so serious all of the time and put on a happy face more. I am happy for the most part and being happy doesn’t mean that I don’t have Pluto burning in my soul and doesn’t mean that I don’t honor and respect him. I do, and I’m glad he’s there. xo


  7. Natal Pluto in 12th @ 1.16-degrees conjunct Ascendant…. my twin sister (deceased) was the more repulsive , but due to her personality. :0

    I think I’m a sweetheart… but still a hermit.

  8. (((Norah))) I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. The doc’s will figure it out and get you well. It is a good time for you to focus on you and take time for alot of reflection. When this chapter is over for you, you will look back and be amazed at how strong you are and how much you’ve learned about yourself.


  9. @acaseofsunburn… thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Thankfully, I am aware of the gift this all has been in preventing me from going out and doing something stupid, post divorce, a year ago. 😉 Forced hermitage has its advantages alright….

    @elsa… I too waited until my condition was intolerable before I sought medical help. What’s with that, you suppose?

  10. norah, I did not wait until the condition was intolerable. My reasoning was along other lines. Denial, misdiagnoses, time stuff (Saturn Neptune).

    But I would say what you’re referring to has to do with extremes.

    I have not gotten worse. More like I made an appt and then the symptoms disappear – I cancel the appt and 2 days later they come back with a vengeance.

  11. …i would stuff pluto up gods’ ass and let him deal with it, then neptune. im actually looking for a new solar system in which to reside, …there is a higher power, and its effed up, whatever “it” is. as Woody Allen said; if there is a god, he’s probably an underacheiver. …you either get $trillion bail out or a crucifix – the next haloucaust takes out the 1% – a small sacrifice at the altar of armageddon. yet luckily, venus is in aquarius

  12. Elsa, I think you nailed it. My 28 virgo venus has been hassled by Uranus in my 3rd house for some time now, in late virgo and now 0 Aries. Transiting Neptune, which rules my 3rd house, has been inconjunct that Virgo Venus, but is now trined by Saturn 28 Libra..which brought me out of denial and into a doctors office. I do think there is some misdiagnoses going on though. Venus rules my 5th and 10th houses. My public reputation… some people think I’m on drugs or drunk :-)….and my social life have severely suffered, as a result. Astology takes the anxiety away when you can see what’s going on and why. This blog is truly a Godsend.

  13. Pluto rules my 12th House and when my 12th House/Pluto transit (in Sagittarius) was late teens/all of my 20s.
    I had a difficult childhood and Pluto in Scorpio opposed my Sun when I was a teen. Those years were hell compared to my 12th House transit.

    I’d already spent so many years feeling repulsive 12th House transit was good for me, I think. Maybe because it rules that house?

    I gained confidence by separating myself from my mother for several years. It’s really hard to put into words.

    In my 20s, during this transit, was when I came into my own. I loved those years. A lot of crazy times, damaging times, stress. I moved over 30 times while Pluto was in Sagittarius. I became stable, by consciously destabilizing myself.

    Pluto in 12th started with me having fasciotomy surgery on both my legs–crazy! I wouldn’t be able to walk or cycle like I do now without it. I lived in pain for years before the surgey.

  14. I will give a short version—

    My 12th house Pluto transit was a bit over 25 years ago. During that time I went from being what I thought was most physically attractive to most physically repulsive. At one space I spent almost a year without social interaction other than with my husband (whom I divorced during that time-but Saturn was also in Libra), newborns and parents. It was likely one of the darkest times I’ve seen.

    However, as Pluto crossed my ascendant, I achieved my initial career goal which has been a transforming power in my life…

    Pluto is my chart ruler and lives in my 10th house.

  15. I had a similar experience, though I went through being reclusive in chunks of time. Each lasted about 3 years. This past year Pluto has been about one degree off my AS, and I finally left the house (two days ago it was exactly conjunct my as).

    During this time, I gained about 40 pounds (lost the weight when it was a degree away from my as). I lived like a slob. Started breaking out in rashes on a regular basis that woul cover my entire chest, neck, and occasionally my face. And about a month and a half ago, as it approached my as, I was left with a horrible scar on my abdomin from surgery. (Saturn was also conjunct my natal Pluto exactly on the day of the surgery).

  16. omg, this is weird you mentioned this. My first house is slightly in Scorpio (rest in the 12th) than the rest in Sag. So Pluto went through Scorpio starting 1984 to 1996. Ugh. 1984 – I was a freshman in high school – can we say acne??? All through high school and than even well into my 20s – constant battle with acne and was finally uncontrol until like 1993 ish – when it freaked again. I think that was when my derm finally put me an Accuntane and it was pretty much gone for good. (I would NOT recommend Accuntane though – has lots of side effects). Funny though that Pluto was in my first house when I had all these skin problems though – hitting my ASC and 1st house and all. Very interesting to think about it. I also went through a bunch of acid peels at the time to get rid of the scars. Lots of appearance changes and transformations to my physical persona. Thanks alot Pluto. ;P

  17. @SaDiablo, everything you said (about the pluto approaching your natal DSC as well as having closed yourself in & away from the world a few years ago).

    @Elsa, sorry to hear it. 🙁 Is it looking up? Will the doctors be able to treat it (despite the nature of this transit?

    I hope I not making light of the situation by posing a d-uh beginner’s comment like “you are a Libra, but not concerned about your looks and not vain?! :P” Hope all gets better.

  18. Avatar

    Elsa, I have never suspected you were a Libra.

    In my Pluto transit to the 12th (rising 20 cap) I have clawed my poor face apart also. AND cut my own hair, that was awful.
    I’ve gained about 20 lbs, quite my second job and started spending my days competing with the boys to see who could kill more terrorists on XBOX. Me, it turned out. Take a zen pacifist lesbian off the street and give her a virtual gun, big mistake.

    You’re right it feels exactly like a submarine! Every day I tell myself, “Today is the day I pick up another second job and knock our some debt and lose this weight and meet a nice girl.” And every day I kill way more terrorists than the boys and do my victory dance without even getting up from my chair. Haha.

  19. I was born with Pluto in the 1st so I’ll never get to experience a transit through the 12th. It’s interesting to hear about these experiences though.

    When Pluto was conj my natal Sun in Sag in the 5th house, people remarked how beautiful I looked. How I just shone brightly. I thought it was funny because I felt like I was being ripped to shreds on the inside. I felt on the inside like those of you with Pluto in the 12th are looking on the outside. Strange.

  20. Well it’s been a while but my transit lasted for about 10 years starting in 1973 from 14 to 24 years of age. I’m definitely not one to wish for the ‘good old days’ of high school or college. And looking back I see how I came into my own and have been much happier and more involved in life since that time. I felt repulsive because of a major weight gain at the beginning of the transit that remained until it was over.

  21. Hmmm. Sorry to hear about this unpleasant experience, Elsa. And sorrier yet to say I’ll soon be really able to understand this well as Pluto enters my 12th house in 2016… till 2031! I have Saturn and Jupiter in there, waiting for the visit… I already have really bad skin (have had it all my life) that I control with a hormonal treatment. But I have side-effects from it and am aware of the risk of breast cancer it entails, so that may be the time I have to stop the hormonal treatment for good and live with my acne. And with Jupiter in the 12th next to the Ascendant and Venus in Taurus, my life is a constant battle to keep my weight under control. If this is all about letting go of control, I’m in so much trouble! (Moon in Virgo conjunct Pluto. I have recently experienced Pluto square Moon that morphed into Pluto opposite Sun and thought I would die from depression during that period, so I’m none too thrilled about this. But seeing everyone here who talks about it has survived it, maybe I’ll stay on…
    Also when you’ve been through a lot already, the one reward you get is finding out what a tough cookie you are – the plutonian sense of power -and how much you can survive that others might not.
    Hang in there Elsa. You’re beautiful no matter what.

  22. Solitude seems to be very important with this placement, along usually with some affiliation with institutions.

  23. If I’ve got my Asc anywhere near correct then Pluto moved into my 12th House shortly after I turned 2. I had dreadful, really serious eczema as a small child, esp on my face though it covered a lot of my body too. I was plagued by skin rashes all through my childhood too (rosea and the like, they’d erupt for no apparent reason). I had quite a few recurring health issues as a kid, from sinus and ear problems to crippling chilblains!

    I’ve written a lot on the Boards about how traumatic my childhood was in many ways; I was the family ‘Scapegoat’ and my adoptive mother a classic Narcissist. I tended to retreat most of the time, into my books and my dogs and when I could, into ponies.

    Things got a bit better when I was around 12 as I began to have some success at Grammar School; but people in general didn’t begin to ‘see’ me clearly until I was around 16 and did very well in the first round of important public exams, and developed a bit more self-confidence.

  24. Ug, queenfluff, me too. I had my teens and early 20s with 12th house Pluto. I cringe looking at pictures of me — my skin was horrible. Pluto went into my first house in 2002, which times out with my skin finally starting to clear up. Being a teen is hard enough, I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry knowing that Pluto was mucking it up for me.

  25. Pluto has been transiting my 12th for about 6 years now. Almost within weeks of the beginning of the transit my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer – out of the blue. (Mother had died years before) What followed could only be described as total carnage throughout every aspect of my life.
    I got a wonderful new promotion – and was loathed by many of my co-workers as they had wanted it and thought they were more worthy. They made my life hell and tied their level best to make my name mud.
    I was made to go and study (for the job) a post grad qualification – through one of the most disorganised college it has been my misfortune to be in contact with. My employer was paying my tuition and agreed the situation was unacceptable – but were unable to break their contract with the college for me (though they did it for other employees in the same situation) and so I had to battle through (though I got excellent grades)
    I was going to be sued (twice – both dropped after some wrangling and did not go to court), nearly every one of my pets died and my once close family was at war with each other. Had more interaction with lawyers and accountants to deal with horrible situations than any normal person should. This was all in a three year stretch. I woke up many days in a row wondering how I would make it through. Luckily due to good genes I am far from repulsive – phew, small mercies.

    I have a pretty good life these days. I feel like the person I was pre 2005 is dead and gone.
    Pluto continues to make me work hard and make sacrifices that are pretty time consuming and emotionally exhausting, but compared to what I have been through I am doing really well. I have had some real clarity in the spiritual side of my life which is great…..
    Now, I only have till 2020 to wait till it is finished!!!!

  26. Good grief, I hope some people had positive experiences! My bf has Pluto entering his 12th and since he’s 65 it’s pretty much there the rest of his life. I did find the following for the transit: “You may desire more control and comprehension of subconscious memory and intuitive processes during this period. At times you may have penetrating insights into psychology and the unconscious mind. You may develop an interest in meditation, psychological de- conditioning, or psychic healing. You are prone to have secret sexual involvement or heightened sexual fantasies. You may devote personal time and service therapeutic, spiritual, or corrective institutions, or to charitable community work.”

  27. Finding out information on this transit is hard, so this thread is helpful.

    I had Pluto transiting my 12th house between about the ages of 6 and 13. I didn’t, obviously, understand the whole astrological angle at that age. The more I think about it though, quite a few of my fears and frustrations have probably been sourced from it.

    The main thing was that my grandparents moved down to live with us as they were getting old at the time. Shortly after they arrived, my grandfather went into hospital and died of Parkinson’s. A lot of 1992 was spent hanging round hospitals. Then my grandmother got her own flat, but the process of looking for and buying one took ages, and for most of late 92 and 1993 my parents and grandmother would have to go into town every weekend to the building society, the estate agents, then look at a flat….

    My grandmother was understandably not ever really happy after my grandfather died, and there were tensions. I’ll say no more on that apart from the fact that there were some good times but there was a lot of frustration and a feeling of things dragging on for ever. I am an only child so didn’t have a sibling to pass the time with, which made the isolation harder. Also during the transit I switched schools and lost contact with all my friends from primary school within a few months – it took a few years to start building up proper friendships again on any notable level.

    The most interesting thing is that during the transit my parents and my grandparents all went into hospital for stays at some point and my grandparents both died there. And then it was my turn – I had been suffering from acute stomach pain/upsets now and then from when the transit started which made me think I was quite a sickly person. Then in 1997 [about a year or so befre the transit ended] I had a very acute bout and was taken into hospital to have my appendix removed. The stomach upsets went away after that.

    Once the transit started ending, theings seemed brighter, things started happening again.

  28. Wow. Is it really going to be this heavy-going for months, even years? I’ve got moon in the 12th at 7 Capricorn and my ascendant is 11 Cap. This feels like a big shake up. I know some good dissolving of ego and necessary exposure of disowned parts is in order, but I can’t imagine things being this dark for too long. And it comes on the heels of such an expansive and enjoyable period! All is being called into question, layers are peeling off, insecurity is raging. I wish I understood more about all this. Feeling utterly without map and compass. I guess I’ll just surrender and roll with it.

  29. Wow, I just had a true astrology reading and was told that I’m just now coming out of pluto in my 12th (Nov 20th), I had not realized that this was the main reason my life had been so messed up. I’m not repulsive or anything but my relationships where a constant roller coaster, My husband (who I loved very much) just told me that he didn’t want to be married anymore and then had an affair with my cousin and everyone I’ve been with just keeps fading in and out of my life, I honestly felt repulsive because I couldn’t figure out why this is constantly happening to me until I spoke with my astrologer, she said I also have a lot of Urainus/Pluto squares. I’m sorry that everyone had such difficulty and hope it gets better soon!

  30. what about serious endometriosis (ovarian cyst) and some serious lower back problems followed with cronical pain in leg for 3 months now 🙂 i wonder whether can this also pluto transit 12 just starting??? my skin is great so far as i stoped smoking, but i think pluto has been in my 12th for just few days so i m still smiley bubbly but more reserved def and not much associating nor enjoying being around lot of people .thanks god i m involved in charitable work in one of the first even NGos in the world and its sooo confusing mirroring the world as a whole that i hope my insane pluto transit 12 will manifest itself there the most!!! i m really terrified of what this transit will bring to me !!!!

  31. ofcourse i will i m survivor started with homeopathy few days ago and constantly think this has somethn to do with it it helps cause it really really really unblocks things,that will say the remedies get u bk to exact moment where u blocked ur energy! hopefully natal pluto in 8th conjuct saturn in 9th oppose sun and my kryptonite personality and starting over always natural charm will help i might also start a blog when i figure out all the links between astro staff and what really happens during these. tumbs up for amazing work .u seem to be great bunch of people in here.glad i found you

  32. Gah! I have ridden on the back of Pluto through my 12th house for the last 9 years! A descent through Hel to say the least. My natal 12 is clear (natal Pluto in 8). It began when Pluto was 17 Sag – and squaring my natal Venus at 17 Pisces. Pluto entered 12. I shaved my head BALD. (ALways all about the beautiful, thick wavy long blond hair but was overtaken with an obsessive desire to shave it all off). Problem is that I can’t grow it back; an OCD took over and 4-5 months of growth require a trim which would be atrocious and ghastly and the clippers come out and back down to one inch. This cycle of not being able to grow hair back and feeling very unattractive turned into some serious long term depression, low self-esteem, and hermit like hibernation. It has been a very unplesanat experience. Am coming out of it now – Rising sign is 9 capricorn so I am 1 degree away . IT truly has been the death of the ego and … the journey has been fraught with dark, controlling, OCD & jealous energies ….. I believe my empathic hyper-sensitivies are much much higher then ever before in my 52 years …. Seem to pick up easily on everyone else’s energy and on all the words that are “not” being said (and then bring all the crap home with me where I hide out). So many shadowy parts of my “self” surfaced AND throw peri-menopause and menopause into the equation and … I will be so relieved when Pluto transits over to first for good. I read that all the unresolved and unconscious parts of our self come to surface with P through 12, and when P goes into 1 we can start to work it out. I do know that I have never felt nor been so powerless or helpless and out of control in my entire life. I wonder who I will be when this is over.

  33. Hi Elsa,

    Thanks for this. I hadn’t heard the ‘repulsive and reclusive’ thing before. Man, I wish I had. It explains so much.

    Virginia’s comment above made me laugh. I have Asc at 21 Capricorn so I figure she and I are going through a similar timeline.

    I hit menopause almost the exact day Pluto moved into my twelfth. Until then I was athletic, very active, happily outgoing and dating like a crazy person. Within a few months, I had lost both of my jobs, gained a lot of weight, had a hair straightening disaster which burned off my bangs and required me to cut my hair very short. Trust me, I DO NOT look good with short hair. I had to stop running because of an ankle injury. Yikes!

    Now I’m still having issues. 6 years into this transit, I’ve gained 40 pounds despite constant diet and exercise discipline. I haven’t dated in years. I have horrible hot flashes that wake me and make me irritable and uncomfortable. All I want is to be left alone. A dentist destroyed a bunch of my teeth and I’m still trying to get all of that fixed. I couldn’t eat or talk or smile for over a year.

    I certainly hope when Pluto passes my Asc some of this will be resolved. I HATE feeling like this all of the time.

  34. Pluto entering my 12th House at the age of 23, started with a routine dental treatment gone horribly wrong – the dentist left an instrument in my tooth. I walked into the dental clinic, perfectly healthy, apart from a minor toothache and walked out with a needle lodged in my upper tooth – I found out a year later there was a foreign instrument in my tooth. I suffered constant sinus infections, facial pain and though the foreign body was removed, my health continued to deteriorate. I ended up having 3 more surgeries and am still not completely healthy. I spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals. My skin broke out and I hate looking in the mirror. I feel my face doesn’t look the same anymore. I’ve been through a terrible depression, lost a parent, suffered panic attacks, phobias that never existed before cropped up from no where. Have not been able work or get married – all my friends are married – here I am still grappling with Pluto 12th House – it’s a very lonely place. Pluto will be hitting my Capricorn ascendant soon and Venus. I hope that’s when this dark journey will end! I won’t miss Pluto being in my 12th one bit!!! This is one transit that can change your life for the worse! It really is like being condemned to hell – depending on the other aspects in your chart, of course!

      1. Thank you Elsa – do keep writing about your Pluto transit experience as it moves into your 1st house. Your Pluto diaries are like a survival manual for some of us here!

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