66 thoughts on “Mars! How Do You Flirt?”

  1. Mars in Scorpio in the 9th. I usually say something off-putting, yet funny that everyone else is thinking but too timid to say out loud. I’m almost ALWAYS the one to start conversations.

  2. I have really no idea! My Mars is in Capricorn in house 4. It is in a sextile with Saturn in Scorpio in house 2. And wiht a triangle with my Sun and Mercury in house 12. I only know that I can work very hard with this Mars and I can do that the best on the background. But flirting with it???

  3. Awkwardly and poorly. Twelfth house Mars. Being quirky and making shocking observations and degrading jokes. Think it’s my ascendant. In other words, no idea and people rarely respond

  4. I have Mars in Taurus in the 5th, I do nothing, I wait for everything and everybody to come to me – or I trap them with my cooking and baking πŸ˜€ I have Venus in Aries in the 4th, she is the hunter πŸ˜€

  5. Gemini Mars Conjunct Gem Sun cusp of the 9th-10th/midheaven. Look’em right in the eye, mesmerize with wit, confirm ideology, then get down to business !

  6. I’m so bad at this. I was at a wedding on sat and was sitting near a really classically handsome man. I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t seem to notice me. It’s almost like the more I like someone the more aloof I am.

    Mars in Scorpio conjunct Uranus in the 11th.

  7. Mars in Libra 7th house conjunct Neptune.
    For me, it’s always the gaze. I look straight into their eyes and then there’s a big smile. If anything else is needed my pheromones seal the deal.

  8. Mars in Libra 1st house and its been a long time because I’m paired but it was always similar to Valerie above. But it’s in the glance. I look up, smile, look away and wait.

  9. Mars in Capricorn. I hate flirting – at least the kind of flirting that no one is ‘supposed’ to take seriously. I’ve been hurt too many times by that. Don’t want to do that to someone else. As for showing my actual interest – I wait to make sure that they are available, and that there’s at least some kind of compatibility. That takes time.

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      Me too πŸ™‚

      Flirt? Err.. no idea. But *conscious flirting usually happens after I know the other person likes me, or is interested ot were on a date, haha. I’ve messed up a bunch of times on this flirting front. So my Capricorn remembers it!

      People may think I’m acting flirty when I’m making friends (Venus in Sadge) but I’m *just making friends– that’s it! My true flirting is with a clear objective, as in I’ve got the go-ahead to flirt now (smiles, encouragement, hugs, holding hands, making jokes). I pack it in with sincere shit πŸ™‚

  10. Mars in Taurus in the 10th. I’m not a flirt. In fact, I think it’s kind of silly in a way because of all the head games and cliche moves that comes with it. If I know what I want, I don’t wait. I’m very direct about it.

  11. I haven’t flirted with anyone in a long time, but I’ve been married for a long time. In fact, I hardly ever get interested in anyone of the opposite sex anymore. If they flirt, I act cordial but I am quite cold. Must be Saturn/Venus in my chart.

    When I was younger I do remember physically smacking boys often in a playful way. Like laugh then smack them after they say something. Mars in Aries.

  12. I think of something witty to say, or show them my “homeiness” (ie show food, make something, help out, provide ‘a comfort’ in some way. Mars conjunct mercury in cancer. I used to not care much for that last part, the hominess part, but it’s just such a big part of who I am (hello cancer stellium) and I like who I am now πŸ™‚ so it’s all good πŸ™‚

      1. I think that was the example. I have the same placement. Tends to be aloof.

        Aquarius mars hates to do anything basic so if it looks too direct it feels like I’m playing in to a trope. Like I always know where I want to go (fixed) but i have to find the most interesting and socially equitable way of playing it. Almost like, sometimes, once I know you’re my β€œfavorite” or crush or what have you, I can’t give you special treatment. Even if I want to. Must seem ~cool~ about things.

        Honestly I am so annoyed by this in myself: my Venus is Gemini, Sun/Moon are Taurus, and Aries Rising – Like I would much rather be direct and playful but boy do I get weird.


        Another way of looking at it is that Aquarius Mars IS weird and needs to sort of verify your weirdness too by probing a little here and there, curious what you might be hiding but not going to probe too deeply unless they have something UNIQUE tickle their fancy. So, at the end of the day, that aloofness serves there ends because that weird streak HAS to be expressed in the relationship.

  13. Am I the only Mars in Leo here? As I got older (late 30s), I got really pushy and direct if I like someone and I also get approached a lot (especially online because the camera loves me, Libra Sun, Asc and Venus on the Asc).

    1. You should check out Tina from Bob’s burgers.. someone told me I was like her and I’m an Aquarius rising .
      She loves grabbing butts

  14. What’s the point? They probably have a partner already and why would anybody want me anyway? Just let me drink in peace. Sadge Mars/Saturn conjunct sq. Pisces Venus.

    1. …5th house Sag Mars/Saturn square 8th house Pisces Venus here…
      I sort of sidle up, give them puppy dog eyes until they notice me, and then try to talk their ears off. Unfortunately the 8th house pops up and I think I often end up shocking people. Not that 5th house Sag Mars is in any way inhibited either.
      I think I’ll be here in the corner drinking next to night_owl13. I won’t say “with” because …yeah, I wouldn’t wanna impose.

  15. Retrograde Scorpio Mars in the 6th opposing Venus, Jupiter, & Mercury in the 12th. Never been a flirt. Didn’t get the gene, I guess, but don’t much see the point of it either.

  16. Mars in Sag in 5th. I flirt and then venture off – always leave them wanting more! Hiking, physical activities, etc are great ways to flirt, too – get the blood and endorphins pumping. I also talk about big ideas…and ask people about theirs! Not sure this ever works as a flirtation technique, but it’s fun for me nevertheless. πŸ™‚

  17. Retrograde Mars in cancer opposite Saturn. I just move in. Lol. Even though I’m a Sagittarius, Venus in Aquarius in the 12th, dating is painful. On internet dating, I stick my head out for two weeks and then run for cover.

    1. I have Mars in Cancer (3rd H) too, I think it’s my least favorite placement in my chart. Add to that Virgo Sun and Taurus ASC. I’m already in my early twenties and I’ve never flirted, let alone have a boyfriend.

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    I try to use some of my cappy dry humor, self deprecation, overall silliness, but show off my power and skills somehow, by being confident.

    mars in the 10th house

  19. Mars in Scorpio 5th, Venus in Capricorn 7th.
    Im not quite sure how I flirt to be honest. πŸ™‚ I have different ways and depends on the person.

  20. Mars in Libra in 6th House. I’m such a smoothie at work, smiling, happy and willing to compromise even with the dirtiest, messiest tasks. It wins everytime.

  21. Mars in Pisces in the 4th house. I have never started to flirt with someone by myself. I didn’t even notice that someone’s got interested in me. They came, they flirted and I’ve gone with the flow. I’m 45 years old, I fell in love deeply(scorpio rising and my mars makes a trine to the ASC) twice, but even those were started by them, they made the trap, hunted me like a fish, but I have never told them that I loved. I kept it for myself.Silent water signs!

  22. To flirt, I pick a fight!
    Mars in Aries.
    Often word-sparring – conjunct Mercury
    And often picking on some persona they’re projecting – opposed Neptune

  23. Through work or my daily routine (6th house). Conversations about practicalities like work projects, exercise, diet or pets etc..

  24. Mars in Pisces 12th house. Run and hide. If it weren’t for Venus/Aries 1st house would have joined a convent maybe.

  25. Venus/Mars in Virgo 8th house.
    I’ll talk to you about something weird, dark, or gross. If I like you, I’ll groom you to death.

  26. I have Capricorn Mars 2nd house in earth grand trine with Virgo Moon and Taurus Saturn. I am strategic. I observe and formulate a stategy for approach or allure. My husband is Libra Mars. He flashes a smile and those dimples are a winning combo every time. At least it always works on me πŸ™‚

    1. LOL! I love that. My IC is Pisces, I also tend to stay home and hope someone shows up on my front porch. My Mars is in Aquarius, third house. I’m not really sure what that means about how I flirt, I usually associate Aquarius with detached. But, my current crush who I would like to turn into something, is a “neighbor” in that he runs the bar across the street from my house. So if this works out, my mars in the “neighbor” house will have worked out! My Venus is in Taurus, 6th house, I feel like my flirting is more based in daily life activities, let me cook something for you, let me help you with that, in that nature. Maybe that’s how I attract rather than how I pursue. Oh wait, I just got it as I was about to post. I’ve been “on the warpath” literally, about this bar. So my aggression (mars) toward my “neighbors” (the bar) has turned into I talk to the bar manager a lot who I now have a thing for. Astrology is always right, yeah!

  27. Mars in Libra/12. I’m fiery go -getter.Makes no sense, rite? Merc in Aries is nearly exactly opposite to Mars. Mars is squared by Mer and Mars, involved in one of many T -squares.Venus somewhat loosely trines Mars, Gemini/Sadge Moon opposition. SCORPIO ASCENDING. I don’t wait about.

  28. My Mars is Capricorn, in the Third House.
    Pursuit is strictly masculine. I cannot, and will not pursue in person.
    Even if I were not socially disabled, I still would not be capable of acting in opposition to my natural instinct.
    And, I have a racial touch that smiling is a no-no. Slavs do not use smiling for flirtation, only for expressing happiness. And, Slavs do not like smiling at strangers. Further, smiles are highly risky, because they’re most likely either repulsive, or blah.
    Locking of the eyes, hiding, running away, blushing… I’m evolved for an arranged marriage elite/intelligentsia/nobility-and-royalty culture. No smiling. Be quiet. Be cute, and pretty. Flirt with the eyes, not the mouth. Be well-behaved. Etc. Cute, sneak, and intrigue are appropriate words for the style.

    Capricorn = Masculine, paternal, handicapped, restricted, disciplined, strategized, traditional, planned/arranged/controlled.

    My Sun is Virgo. Submission, slavery, servitude, chores, work, habits.
    -My Mars is Trine my Sun. My submitting sexually (and in flirtation) well-fits with my handicapped, disciplined, and controlled person. It fits, like a correctly sized glass slipper.
    My Juno is Sagittarius. Culture, race, ethnicity, religion, and expansion.
    -It’s Conjunct my Saturn. I’ve got an ideal chart for an arranged marriage. But, with no possibility of getting one in this time, and place. (It could also represent a shotgun wedding. Maybe I’ll get pregnant from someone for free instead of using a sperm donor, then get made to marry him. *big, toothy smile* That’d make me happy!)

    I’m just hoping that it doesn’t mean an older husband, or restriction from having a husband.

  29. Retrograde mars in Scorpio conjunct retrograde saturn, both in the 12th and opposing my 6th house Taurus moon and mercury. I usually jokingly act like someone offended me and get all melodramatic as they try to make it up to me. It usually gets both of us to laugh and start a conversation.

  30. Well I know a Libra Moon Virgo Sun who had 8th H Aries Mars. He was a smart flirt. He knew when the feelings were mutual. He would then decide his next step.

  31. Mars in Sagittarius in the 1st house. I am always flirting!If I don’t they do it first. Most of the times I’d say something witty or laugh at their jokes. ??

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