Mars! Anger and rage in all it’s forms…

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My Bad Temper Ruins My Relationships

Dear Elsa: All my life I’ve struggled to find stability in relationships. I’ve gone from one relationship to the other. And when each one ends, I’ve had to begin from square one: moving, changing residence, etc. I spent some three years single and extremely lonely. Then I fell in love with a guy and we

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Things that make you insanely pissed off

“Is this the hill you want to die on?” “Choose your battles.” Those phrases are commonly used these days.  They have value but I want to take a deeper look. The things that irk my husband and cause him to react are rarely things that irk me.  Many things that infuriate me don’t bother him

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Mars! How Do You Deal With Your Anger?

goddess writes: “What helps people deal with anger? I don’t get angry all that often, but one of the absolute best things I can do when I’m feeling angry is to clean the house. That helps more than anything else I’ve found, including other types of physical activity. My Mars is in the 4th, trine


People Who Bring Out The Worst In You

Most of us have met someone (and perhaps dated or married them) who brought out the worst in us, whatever that might be.  Raging jealousy, insecurity, addictive or compulsive behavior, etc. What do you think is the appeal with this?  Can you tie the astrology?

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