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Venus in Aries – True Stories

Venus rules love. Aries is God of War, not love. Put Venus in one of the Mars ruled signs and then it starts to cook. It gets hot. Mars likes to fight. Venus in Aries makes war of love and love of war. My sister, a Pisces, has Venus in Aries… One day, her husband […]

Venus in Aries Opposing Mars in Libra – Dealing With Anger and Projection

I had quite a few people contact me about today’s blog post, How Nice Can A Person Be, When They’re Infuriated  in combination with yesterday’s newsletter, which you can read here: It’s Your Fault I’m Oversensitive, So Control My Hurt Feelings, I Mean Your Hurt Feelings, Please, Or I’ll Hurt You. Most of the emails and questions were

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Venus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra: Stab Nicely, Y’all

I’ll stop short of calling this aspect “vicious”, because people are nice while they’re cutting each other, you know? But I’m seeing conflict and challenge, almost non-stop.  People are pushing others, or defending themselves with sharp  instruments, that’s for sure. We’re all under the gun here this week. I’m really hoping there’s no major spill in this

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