Aries vs Libra

How Aries and Libra Spar and Challenge each other…

Mercury In Aries vs Mercury Conjunct Mars: “Why Do You Want To Marry An Assassin?”

“I’ve been writing about what I have had to realize and come to terms with as far as being with you goes,” I told the soldier last week. “Like what.” “Well for example, when we were kids we were going to get married but then you decided you wanted to go into Special Forces. So

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Mercury in Aries vs Mercury in Libra: On Death and Dying

Scorpio Moon chatting with a packed 8th house. This is the retired Special Forces soldier and I on the phone. He’s the Scorpio Moon, with Mercury in Aries. I’m a packed 8th house with Mars Mercury in Libra and death and dying one of our favorite topics. “I hear all that crap on TV about

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Mercury in Aries vs Mercury in Libra: Love of Taboo and My Criminal Mind

These are excerpts from the other night’s conversation with my ex from almost 3 decades ago, the career Special Forces guy. He has Mercury in Aries opposite my Mercury Mars in Libra. He’s a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune. I’m a packed 8th house. “Well it was just like lighting a match. And we’d both just

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