Aries vs Libra

How Aries and Libra Spar and Challenge each other…

Am I Cut Out To Be Partnered?

“I  don’t think I can do anything without a partner,” I explained to a pal. “I really can’t, I just get stuck.” “I can’t either,” she said. “And people give me a hard time about it.” “Why?” “Because they think you’re like them?” “I don’t care what hard time they give me. I can’t get

What Are The Odds You Kill Someone?

I was talking to the soldier, circa 2007… “By the way,” I said. “I have been thinking about something.” He was working on something and turned to look at me. “What’s that?” “Well you’re all the time threatening to kill people. Do you know that? At least once a day you threaten to kill someone

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