Aries vs Libra

How Aries and Libra Spar and Challenge each other…

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Aries vs Libra: Fighting Effectively

Libra has a lot to learn from Aries. My husband is a retired Green Beret so he definitely knows about fighting. His Aries opposes my Libra. He’s instructed me over the years. It’s been a big help. Starcrest writes on Mars & Self Censoring: “…I had a conversation with a psychologist/therapist friend the other day. […]

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Anger And Balance In Relationships

Astrologer, CF Perez, made an interesting statement about inequity in relationships. She said, when one person in a relationship gave far more than the other, the person who was indebted, filled in with anger.  Such a simple and interesting observation. I think she may be correct.

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Being Partnered vs Being Independent

I’m just off the phone with a double Scorpio client.  Yet again, I had to state my bias in counseling because it exists! My favor partnering.  With Mars in Libra, I have a drive to partner. A person tend to project their planets in Libra.  Consequently, I have to be very careful to keep in

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Aries vs Libra: Courage and Co-Dependence

Having a fairly strong Libra / 7th house signature in my chart I have always been uncomfortable with the crusade against co-dependence that began in the 80’s. How can Libra (codependent) be all wrong and Aries (independent) be all right? Masaru Emoto (the water crystal guy) writes in his new book, The Shape of Love:

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