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Investing Heavily In A Relationship (For Nothing)

Taurus is maligned in astrology as a matter of routine. Its opposite sign, Scorpio, is sexy and magnetic. The Bull is a stupid, boring, slow-moving beast. Being married to a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon, I have a lot of exposure to this opposition and my appreciation for Taurus has grown over the years. I […]

Lowering Your Expectations To Improve Your Relationships

Nina wrote: Lower Your Expectations – Is This A New Trend? “Did you advise your friend one way or the other on this?” I would like to clarify; when I used the phrase “lower your standards”, I was not thinking about “settling”. I was thinking about the idea most relationships fail because people expect too

What Kind Of Person Dumps Their Lover With No Explanation?

The man in the last advice post left his lover of two years without explanation. I called him an “empty vessel”. Several people posted to disagree with me. That’s fine. I appreciate diverse opinions. But since so many argued for this man, I thought I’d explain my thinking. If you are in a long-standing intimate love relationship

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