The Family Criminal Mind and My Son’s Scorpio Mars @ 7 Years Old

“So tell me how you think Vidroid is a criminal,” she asked. I laughed. “Well, sure. He stole that doorknob and he was slick as snot when he did it.” She laughed. “He tricked you.” “Yeah, something like that. I don’t know what he did. He manipulated me I guess and he got away with […]

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I’m Bugged Out By My Fantasy: Virgo with Venus, Mars & Uranus in Scorpio

Dear Elsa, I have a bad habit of “crushing”. It’s excruciating because I’m at a place in my life where I really don’t even have the time to date. I just bought a house and am attempting to make ends meet (knot them together, really) with two jobs, weekends used for upkeep, etc. Anyhow, I’ll

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