I’m Bugged Out By My Fantasy: Virgo with Venus, Mars & Uranus in Scorpio

Virgo vintage fabricDear Elsa,

I have a bad habit of “crushing”. It’s excruciating because I’m at a place in my life where I really don’t even have the time to date. I just bought a house and am attempting to make ends meet (knot them together, really) with two jobs, weekends used for upkeep, etc.

Anyhow, I’ll know someone for a while and I’ll find them creeping into my dreams and fantasies. I usually either have no idea how to proceed, or whether it’s a bad idea. But my heart seems to leap at people I hardly know at the slightest whim.

Any ideas?
Dear Uncomfortable,

Yeah, I have ideas. This thing that’s bothering you is not going away. It’s hard-wired in your chart. And though it seems at the moment, like a threatening thing, the energy is actually quite grand… which I think you will discover if you will learn to accept it, and ultimately give it expression.

And you’re not alone with this, you know. People have their comfort zones. They have parts of themselves that fall outside the lines they’ve drawn for themselves, or their parents have drawn for them, or whatever. And look at you.

As a Virgo with a Virgo rising, you are very comfortable working. You want to stay on task with your drudgery on an earthly plane. And all this subconscious bullshit is having a negative impact. It’s a bother to you.

But what is trying to find expression here a Venus, Mars, Uranus conjunction in Scorpio. And that is some brilliantly artistic energy. So what do you think? Do you think you want to own this, or no?

You know what they say: “If you’re falling, dive.” So this is my advice to you.

Falling in love (Venus) or lust (Mars) in an instant (Uranus) is organic to you. So the next time it happens, rather than berate yourself (Virgo self-criticism)… why don’t you explore it?

Ask yourself: why you are attracted to this person. Scorpio is involved so you are looking at the psychology. Does she look like your mother? The little girl you had a crush on in 3rd grade? What is being triggered? How is it all connected?

The point is to excavate and tap your deep feelings and ultimately to apply them in a way that empowers you and other people. And I hope you understand this and take the challenge. Because what you are trying to “clean up” here is the icing on your cake. Not smart, huh? See, the thing is, you’re a prodigious talent. Sorry about that. 😉

Good luck.

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