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Freak Accidents

What is your take on the astrology of freak accidents? What planets are active to trigger the freak accident? Fresh question. Thank you! Mars in combination with Uranus is the number one combination, known to cause unexpected accidents. It’s a sharp jolt.  If you have these planets in aspect in your natal chart, you’re probably accident […]

Mars Square Uranus: Danger, Accidents

Mars is currently squaring Uranus. This combination is well known to create conditions where accidents happen… fast and unexpected. The exact aspect will occur on March 9th which means this energy will be active for the next couple weeks. Mars rules metal, machinery, weapons and anything with a sharp edge. Uranus is associated with electricity. I

Mars Opposite Uranus – Come On, People! Fun!

We have this extremely potent Mars Uranus opposition. If you’ve been following along, I am not into hiding under my bed, shaking in fear, especially when there’s this first class, Mars in Scorpio, knife lying around. You’re looking at a poster from the 1970’s. You’d not expect a mouse to stand up to a hawk

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Mars Opposite Uranus – How Will You Play This?

Mars in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus with the new moon in Scorpio, looming.  Mars Uranus is tied to accidents; not soft tissue things like sprains, but accidents that involve metal and cuts. We’re talking car accidents and knives and fights that draw blood. It’s also about surprise attacks so when you read about

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How To Deal With Mars Conjunct Uranus

Mars is nearing it’s conjunction with Uranus and the node. I have not seen anything drastic occur but I do have some observations which might help you navigate. First, it’s a good time to detach and give people some space. Uranus is aspecting Mercury and Saturn.  Time (Saturn) and space (Uranus) to think (Mercury). People

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