Criminal Minds Run in Families

My son has inherited my criminal mind. He’s seven years old. He has Mercury in Mars rules Aries (the family Mars Mercury signature) and a Scorpio Mars. And he is one crafty kid!

I was in my bedroom when he called me. “Mom!!”

“What? Are you calling me?” I shouted back to him because this is how we are. Loud, that is. We’re loud Italians.

“Come in the bathroom,” he called back.


I walked in the bathroom and he’s standing there with a huge screwdriver. “Notice anything different?” he asked, pointing at the door knob of the bathroom door.

“There’s no lock,” I said.

“Come with me,” he said. I followed him to his bedroom. “There it is,” he said, pointing at the bathroom door knob, now installed on his door. “I have been wanting a lock for a long time.”

I just shook my head. What a little bastard, you know? Did he ask? No! But how mad can you be when your kid is slick like this? I think it’s much more appropriate to be scared!

vid at 7 years oldAnd the next day I thought this through. And I can see my kid is just like me. He knows right where the line is. What he can get away with and how he can get away with it.

How long do you think he plotted? Because had he asked…well there is no way I’d have given him permission to do this.

“Hey Mom, can I take the lock off the bathroom and put it in my room?”

“No! Are you crazy?” ::smiles::

And he had to have known that. So here he is thinking, “How am I going to do this…to get what I want?” And then he just decides to go for it.

And I wanted to go to the store when I was kid, living in the middle of nowhere. And I eventually decided the only way to get there was to drive. And considering I was ten years old, I was pretty sure if I asked…

“Hey! Can I drive to the store..?”

Answer? “No! Hell no!”

So I just stole a truck instead, see. And I got away with it, just like my son got away with this door knob thing. Although I am going to buy a new lock for the bathroom and have him install it. And by the way…

How the hell did he learn to change a door knob? Same way I learned to drive a truck, I suppose. Instinct.

So what about you? Any other criminal minds out there? Tell us!

16 thoughts on “Criminal Minds Run in Families”

  1. Oh my. That’s exciting. I don’t know if I have a criminal mind, but my husband’s Mercury in Scorpio seems very investigative and he can fix anything. I’m sure there are other influences that I am not aware of that makes him so technically proficient.

    He said his Grandma (now in her upper 80’s) could completely take apart and engine and put it back together again up until she was fairly up there age-wise. She also fixed watches. He has this same instinct and apparently it skipped a generation because his parents are totally clueless when it comes to anything involving that kind of profiency. He made some comment before about his parents being glad that he didn’t use these skills to rob a bank or whatnot. Hehe…

  2. oh yeah, you know I do… I’ve been “casing” every “joint” I walk into since I was seven or so and solving most movies ten minutes in. I love a movie that fools me.

    when I was three I went through a phase of putting soap on my toothbrush so I’d know if someone else used it. that ended abruptly the first time I forgot to wash it off first.

  3. my sun is in aries. my mercury is in pisces.

    at the exact moment, i can’t remember if my mars is in aries, aquarius, or taurus.

    anyway, just had to say that though i stumbled on your blog via blogmad today that i’ll stop by again later. plus once this note is saved i’ll add a link to your blog on mine.

    it’s nice to read someone else who talks astrology.

  4. His cherub face will be a great asset to him as he pulls off numerous capers. I mean, who could get mad at that face??

  5. Meercury in Aries — he will never ask for permission to do anything. Ever! Get used to it.

    Mars in Scorpio — he is a private person who knows exactly how to maintain his space. Do not ever invade his space — or risk a trust issues that he will never forget.

  6. No, no criminal mind here. Though I would have LOVED a lock on my door as a kid, but I asked for one several times and got turned down every time. See, never occurred to me to buy one and install it myself, I just didn’t think I could. Stoopid…

  7. “Meercury in Aries – he will never ask for permission to do anything. Ever! Get used to it.”

    Um… Yeah. Pretty much. *chuckles guiltily*

  8. When I was about two and a half/three I was spending the summer with my older cousin who was five and a bit. He was always ordering me around because he was older and I was rapidly getting fed up of this.

    So one day as my puzzled and later horrified mother watched, I began to sneak up on my skinny little cousin as he sat playing with some cars. I took off my little shoes, and then crept up behind him and with all my might I bit him on the shoulder. I can’t remember if I drew blood or not but I do remember his yelp of shock and surprise and that since that day and for the next year or two he used to hide under the bed whenever he saw me coming and that his ordering-about days were over.

    And when my mother collared me about what I had done I explained it to her very easily.

    “What do you think you were doing?”
    “I was making him afraid of me. Because if he is afraid of me he won’t boss me around anymore. So I had to make him afraid”
    “But why did you come up on him like a coward, from behind?”
    “Well how else was I supposed to do it? He’s bigger than me and if I’d approached from the front he would have hit me and it would never have worked.”

  9. “Meercury in Aries – he will never ask for permission to do anything. Ever! Get used to it.”

    Oh too true.

    I have Mercury in Aries as well. I also had a Aquarian Moon Grandfather who loved taking things apart and putting them back together again. I’d sit for hours watching him when I was a kid. He was the coolest person EVEH! because he knew everything and could do everything.

    I was around three or so and Grandma and Grandpa were visiting. My Mother would make a list of chores for her Dad to do because she knew he enjoyed doing things. My Dad comes home from work one night during their visit and finds me, his three year old daughter, sitting on the kitchen counter, all alone, with a butter knife in one hand and the plugged in toaster in the other. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was “fixing it”. I got yelled at and then Grandpa explained why… something about electricity and knives and stuff not going together 😀 But I always unplugged the things I “fixed” after that.

    That was the beginning of me just “fixing” stuff. I never ask, I just do it. I guess it’s Mars in Virgo instead of Mars in Scorpio that makes the difference. But I never asked first, which is what would get me into trouble with my parents – I just did whatever entered into my head. And no amount of being yelled at could make me change 😀

  10. I’ve got one like that–a girl, though. Her motto has always been “It is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission”

  11. haha, impressive.
    I have mercury in aries and I’m more combative than anything. If mom said I cannot change the lock, she just gave me a mission.

    So in this case, I would probably announce that I have changed the lock after the deed is done. Haha. Thumbs up to the little buddy.

  12. I have Mercury in Aries, and I do think there is a certain entitlement thing, especially as a kid and teen. However, I am a lot less like that now, unless pressed. I would say and do pratically anything (also with Sun in Aries and Sag rising, my mouth got me in trouble as a kid. A great example was when I was a young kid asking a lady in the story if her eyebrows were real. That sort of thing I asked until I was about 20.

    I have now almost gone in the opposite direction and get timid, but that’s my squelching action going on. Good thing I had a Pisces moon and mars and also had a sensitive and kind-hearted streak, or I might’ve made more enemies. Hehee.

    Did someone say that ascendant is and sun placement is very strong at a young age, and moon gets stronger as they become more self-aware, or did I make that up? I don’t even know. I did hear the “if born at night, your moon sign rules rather than sun sign” thing, but not sure about the other stuff. I know it is always relevant–was just curious.


  13. those who have mars in mercurial signs and mercury in martian signs especially in the 8th house are definitely criminal.This holds true for Maradona , Messi and many sportsmen who tap this criminal instinct to the highest effect. My ascendant lord of scorpio mars is retrograde in the 8th house. I have been doing shady shit for as long as I can remember. I thought I was super intelligent and no matter what sneaky stuff I pull no one will know but then nothing escapes the eyes of god. This is the main lesson for criminal mars/mercury people to learn.

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