Dante's dream

Venus & Mars & Unrequited Love

“Some women are really hard to get rid of,” a man explained. “No matter what you do, they just keep coming…” Pining for an unattainable lover is a classic manifestation of Venus Neptune / Venus in Pisces but I don’t think this covers the gambit when it comes to unrequited love. I have Venus square

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Weird Stalker Type

Jeez, guys. I have new problem. It’s disturbing. I can’t recall ever writing about something like this though I admit it may be an old problem in new clothing. I have a (new) shadow. I was was going along, enjoying my life quite a bit.  A woman entered it, stage left.  That’s my Venus in

Mercury trickster

Mercury: Having A Tendency To Fixate On One Thing

I have a client who is driven. This is a great quality, provided a person’s energy is directed towards something productive that makes them or others happy.  If that same energy is directed in a negative way, all kinds of hell can break loose. With all focus on the one thing, my client misses everything

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