Humans Living In A Post-Truth Society?

I read this claim or accusation, almost all Americans argue in bad faith.  Specifically,  we are a post-truth society, where people say things and argue things they don’t even believe.   This was the observation of a foreigner (or a bot, how would I know?)  But this particular person/bot’s content is consistently original and intelligent. I […]

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Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust

I value communication more than most. With a packed 8th house, I’ve always had an inner circle. These are people I can talk to about anything. Literally, anything. The planets have aligned in such a way; my entire inner circle is ill, if not gravely ill. Two of them have already passed. I’ve heard of this

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Are Trust & Depth Intertwined?

It seems that depth and trust are related.  For example, a lot of people trust me – why? I think it’s because I’ve been here for nearly 25 years. There’s a consistency to what I say and do and how I feel about things.  My beliefs are deeply rooted; tied to personal, firsthand experience that’s


Taking People At Their Word

As a child, I was taught to take people at their word. I continue to live this way. This means, if you tell me something, I’m going to believe you.  This is true, even if what you say is implausible, provided you are not a known liar.  If you are a known liar, I’m not apt

Scorpio And Trust – The Vetting Process

Penny Royal questioned my complete faith and confidence in a person’s character as outlined in Care And Feeding Of Your Energy Source. This video addresses this topic. I’ve added comments below. There is always a chance for betrayal but the chance is small when you can read a person. You read them and allow them

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