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Trends In the Collective: Influencers (No Politics)

Influence is defined as some entity having the power or capacity to cause an effect in an indirect or intangible way.  Most everything is marketed via influencers these days, whether the person selling identifies as such or not. I think about this a lot. I have Venus square Neptune and learned of my own gullibility, […]

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Saturn In Sagittarius: News / Broadcasting / Publishing Old Style

I’ve moved smack in the middle of three small towns. Each of them publish their local news, which I read, voraciously. It’s just so interesting. I’ve lived in the Denver area for close to twenty years. The local news there is desperately uninteresting. There is very little news to it. Spin, spin, spin…till you’re sick


Pluto Conjunct Juno – Traditional Marriage Back From The Dead?

satori writes on Pluto’s Last Gasp: “It seems interesting to me that juno is traveling right alongside Pluto along the sagg/cap cusp. it’s even turned retro at the same time. might be the herald of what you’re talking about re traditional marriage. “ satori – Good catch. That is definitely possible but does not feel

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Astrology and the Proliferation of Porn: Pluto in Sagittarius

The wide variety and copious amount of pornography available these days I would also chock up to Pluto in Sadge. When Pluto moves through a sign, we see the shadow side if the things it rules. It’s the publishing (Sagittarius) of that which is private (Pluto), on a wide scale (Sagittarius). Taboo sex (Pluto) is

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