Pluto in Sagittarius, transit or in the natal chart…

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The Aftermath Of A Pluto Transit

Elora suggested that Pluto in Aquarius might fix the mess left by Pluto in Capricorn on Is Pluto A Cold Planet?  That’s not how it works! I covered this in 2011, after someone said we missed the point with Pluto in Capricorn so there would be consequences. Another person also felt that Pluto in Aquarius […]

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Silba and Gray

Generations: Pluto in Scorpio vs Pluto in Sagittarius

I was talking my friend, Ben about my children. He surprised me when he stated they were from two different generations. He wasn’t thinking about this from an astrological perspective. He’s been working with middle-school age kids for more than thirty years. He’s aware of how things have evolved over the years. I never thought

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Eeyore And The Dirty Nasty Job – Clean Up After Mass Suicide At Jonestown

Regarding the soldier being sent to clean up the 913 dead bodies at Jonestown, Jilly wrote: “Gawd, what a job.” Deirdre added: “I mean really” We were eating lunch on a bike ride yesterday, I was quizzing the soldier about his experience at Jonestown. “Don’t put that on your blog,” he said. I stared because

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Pluto Conjunct Juno – Traditional Marriage Back From The Dead?

satori writes on Pluto’s Last Gasp: “It seems interesting to me that juno is traveling right alongside Pluto along the sagg/cap cusp. it’s even turned retro at the same time. might be the herald of what you’re talking about re traditional marriage. “ satori – Good catch. That is definitely possible but does not feel

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