Sex Drive: Mars in the Natal Chart

I have Mars (sex drive) conjunct Mercury in the 9th house (expansive); my Mars runs free. I have a nearly constant awareness of sex and an accompanying urge to have some. My sex drive is much like a man’s (as I understand it) because I sort of scan around all the time, having the sex


Scorpio Men Who Withhold Sex

“He would put out a lot of energy, sexually and he was getting sick of it. He had all this energy to offer, but he was getting older and he questioned it. He wasn’t sure he wanted to put so much out. Why give so much energy when no one knows what you’re doing for


Astrology and Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility between all the sign combos from On Gemini and Scorpio: “Sex can be horrible or amazing. This union is best for a one-night stand…” On Pisces and Leo: “Over time, Leo will come to the conclusion that Pisces is fun for a night and that’s about it. It’s fun while it lasts. A

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